The Pieces of Me Part 1


The pieces of me are scattered on the floor once again.

How to put them together? Where to begin?

No foundation, no healthy start.

Makes a child grow with a broken shattered heart.


Abandonment leads to mistrust and pain.

Why did they leave? Alone I remain.

Out the door they’d go and leave me behind.

Couldn’t they hear the brokenness in my heart? In my mind?


Because of them I’m left with a puzzle, a mystery.

My identity became jumbled and jittery.

Who am I? Where do I stand?

Do I have an opinion? Do I have any demands?


The pieces of me have laid for many, many years.

Lately feeling rushed before all of me disappears.

Ever felt left behind? Ever felt neglected?

Not cared for, not useful and rejected?


Never been taught to love yourself for no one loved you?

Ever heard the repetative lies that seemed so true?

How do you get yourself out of such a pickle?

Put yourself back together and no longer be fickle.


The pieces of me still lay scattered, tattered on the floor

Tomorrow I’ll show you the Master, come back for more.


Hey all! I won’t be back tomorrow with Part 2 as my daughter and I are going on our final Quiz trip of the season! Our state finals! Keep our travels and our competition in prayer. Part 2 is still in my head yet.


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