The Job of Job

The what of what? This post has been speaking to me over the last few days, but I couldn’t find the words until this morning.

Recently my sweet mother in law said that she just knows that there is something more to the suffering she and our family have endured. Before I came along she had buried her own son, her first grandchild along many of her brothers. She endured other things that are not mine to share.

We talked about how some seem to float along life without the huge waves of grief swallowing them. How some seem to not struggle and juggle hardships the way others do.

I have always told myself that those like myself that have been ‘through it’ need those who haven’t to look to for strength. Like coming from addiction and pairing up a friendship with someone who has never even smoked a cigarette. How does that even work? I think those who have never done those things are an inspiration to those of us who have for the hope of our children’s futures. I can point that person out of a crowd, bend down to my child and say, “See him? He never once drank alcohol, never once smoked a cigarette. Isn’t that great?”

But what about those who suffer for no reason? No self-inflicted wounds. Just hardship. Why?

Think if the many men in the Bible. Think of Moses and his staff. His courage and leadership. Yes, he was scared at first, but he ended up being used greatly. David and his mighty men. David was brave from the beginning. Sure he was small and ruddy, but David did great things, so much so, that almost all of the Psalms are about him. Peter, Paul, Abraham, and all the others that pop into your mind…..But what about Job? What was his job (place) in the big scheme of things?

Job was living a good life, trusting in the Lord, doing what he was supposed to. Just like that, his life was stripped down to nothingness. All he knew and lived and cared for was wiped away in a day! That all happened in the first chapter of the book! The rest of the book of Job explains his thoughts and conversations with those around him that were prodding him to give up and die. At the end he gets back what he lost, but like my devotional pointed out today…he didn’t get back the sons and daughters he lost, just new ones. He would surely grieve those children who died the day he lost it all. It wasn’t the happy ending many would like to think because those individual children were living breathing people he could no longer hug and commune with. That feeling of loss would be with Job for the rest of his life no matter how many more children he would have.

Sorry to be such a downer, but the question remains, what was Job’s job in the Bible? I think it was for those of us that don’t get to skate through life without pitfalls at every turn. His story of loss reminds us to simply love God, even when it doesn’t feel like God is anywhere to be found. His job was to show us that God doesn’t kill, steal, and destroy as many would like to believe.

Maybe Job was the greatest of the men in Bible. Think about it. Moses was tongue tied, smote the rock when he should have talked to it, and didn’t get to see the promise land. Abraham didn’t wait on God’s promise and listened to the bad advice of wife and got Hagar pregnant. David wanted another man’s wife, in so much, that he had that man sent to the front lines of battle. Peter denied Jesus three times, even after being told by Jesus that he would do so.

Wonderful men of Bible, yes. They had their place, their jobs to do so we could look back on their success and failures and learn. But with Job, I think his story, his job, was to teach us that in hard times we shouldn’t mope around blaming God, we should worship and believe our way out of those times. And when we do….our job will be a living story, inspiration for the next generations that are watching us. Because I am sure our children and their children are watching how we Jobs make it out of hardships.

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Thank you for praying for husband. His results came back positive for cancer. The outcome looks very positive. Pray it has not spread and that we can be like during this time and be an inspiration to our kids.


21 Replies to “The Job of Job”

  1. Have you ever seen the movie “God’s Not Dead”? Very moving & worth watching! Anyway one scene in particular has stuck with me more than others. A very wealthy businessman visits his mother in a nursing home. She has advanced Alzheimer’s. He says something to her along the lines of, “I don’t understand anything. You have done nothing but love God & worship him yet here you are, in this state. I have lied, stolen & cheated to earn my money yet I’m living this comfortable life. I don’t understand why this happened.” His mother had a moment of clarity & said something like, “Satan blesses certain people so they feel they don’t need God. They become wealthy & successful & take all credit for it. They reject God because they think they don’t need Him.”

    I really believe that being a human being means either the devil blesses you so you are blinded to your need of God or he causes problems because you DO recognize your need of Him. Not that every single bad thing can be blamed on the devil, but some I think can.

    I hope this doesn’t sound trite or minimizing since I don’t mean it to. I just believe this is exactly why some things happen as they do.

    Praying for you & your hubby! ❤

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    1. I don’t think it sounds trite at all. When i was an addict, the devil would line things up for me. I found a baggie of pills on the ground. The exact kind I was addicted to. I found a baggie of pot in a couch right when I ran out. I would win on lottery scratch offs at the right time. The day I decided to quit pills, was the day I was involved in a bad motorcycle accident and was put back on pills. I did not need God because my addiction being fed by the devil.
      Yes, not all bad comes from him. Some is our own consequences.
      Thanks Cynthia for reading

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  2. I think everybody has a job.
    And I agree with you that each person’s job is different, and God uses everyone in a different way. Different personalities can learn different things from different people.
    Love your insight on this!
    🙏🙏🙏 you and family

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  3. I loved what you wrote here. I agree that our job is to worship God and cling to him through our trials. And I like what you pointed out here about Job that even though he had more children, he would still have kept grieving over the ones he lost. We forget that part about his journey.
    Praying for your hubby and for you all to carry this trial with the grace that comes from the Lord and be a great example to your children.

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  4. Every time we think we have it figured out, there’s an exception – someone who has seemingly done everything right has an undeserved calamity. I know one such person, and what started as a nightmare has ended in the most extraordinary act of God I’ve had the privilege of seeing first-hand. (I’m waiting for her to give me permission to tell her story. 🙂)

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