Amy’s World 2023

Link to my ebook!!

Happy New Year! I have been away from blogging for quite some time. My memoir is done and available on Amazon! A print paperback will be available for purchase within this coming week. I originally sent my book to a publisher hoping they would pick it up but they unfortunately turned it down. I stumbled upon Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing from a friend and found it to be the best way to self.publish without any up front cost to myself.

My husband is cancer free for the time being. He will require scans every 4 months to make sure it has not come back. Homeschooling is underway. I can hardly keep up with my Abigail and her math. I thank God for online classrooms that have a teacher who can explain algebra when I can not.

Many of you who had followed my blog over the years know my story. You know how God set me free. If you know anyone struggling with the consequences of past sins…send this book to them. If you happen to read it, please leave a review.

I hope and pray you are all doing well!


24 Replies to “Amy’s World 2023”

  1. Wonderful to hear about your husband, you’ve all been on my prayer list, and will continue to be. Wonderful to hear about publishing, will check it out. Happy New Year, may the coming year, bring peace and prosperity, happiness!

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