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Hi all. I haven’t been writing much on here lately as many things have happened, which seem all at once.

My husband had his operation. They removed the tumor. He had a CT scan done to find that it has spread to a lymph node. We are currently waiting to see what course of action will be taken. God is so great in His ways because he is being sent to the top doctor on testicular cancer. This type of cancer is rare but Lance Armstrong had it spread all the way to his brain before knowing he had it. This doctor came up with the type of chemo and treatment to cure Lance. We go soon to see him and find out what he thinks should be done next. Radiation and/or chemo…So God is still good all of the time. I am in awe of how far cancer treatment has come.

In the midst of this, my faith took a beating. I came out ok and did not relapse or anything that dramatic. Just more of the way my thinking was going. Hard to smile, sit back, and say, “God’s got this” as so many may brag to be able to do. I cannot brag of such feats for I was a worried and angry mess. I am now doing better.

I finished my memoir! I had a fellow blogger friend offer to read and edit my book. She did a wonderful job. What a blessing to have her do such work. Thank you again, my friend. It has not been sent yet as I have someone doing the cover and I have my pastor reading it and writing a letter to the editor for it as well. I am grateful for the memoir to keep my mind busy on those not so pretty days we have had.

Homeschool is under way. As our world gets darker and our children are targeted in that darkness, I am ever so grateful I chose to homeschool. My children are protected from the madness that is hitting our children at an alarming rate.

We also made it to vacation in Tennessee last month. We found a great Airb&b on Cherokee Lake…and made our way to Knoxville to see the family and get fed right!

From time to time, a line or two will pop in my head for a poem but seems to take a sad twist that is better left unsaid.

My beautiful mother-in-law became a great grandma last month!
Pigeon Forge on the Island…we ate at Paula Deens.
Our beautiful view at night

Our beautiful view by day.

Thank you to all of you that have been praying. Thank you to Stu and your email prayer group. I am so grateful for it and those who participate in it.


26 Replies to “Amy’s World…”

  1. So much beauty & joy among the hard times.. seems that always happens! I’m so glad for you that you have had that to enjoy! Praying for your hubby & you too! And a big congratulations on finishing your memoir!!! That is wonderful!

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  2. Such a beautiful post filled with encouragement. You’re right, sometimes it’s very hard to do all the believing and faith when life takes an unsavoury turn. But in the end, God turns up and gives us strength to go through it all. Beautiful pictures too. Your baby is cute

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  3. Thank you Amy for helping get the prayer group started. It has been a blessing😊

    Sorry about the cancer spreading but thankful of whose hand’s your husband is in. Continuing to pray in that area.

    Also, very happy you were able to get away before “school” started. It really looks like you all had fun.

    Congratulations on the memoir!!!

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  4. Sorry to hear that your husband’s cancer spread to the lymph nodes. Praise God for the great doctors he has looking after Him. May the Lords healing hand be upon your hubby.
    Lovely pics Amy. And congratulations on completing your memoir.

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  5. You DO have a beautiful mother-in-law! Beautiful family pictures. Really glad you all got to get away to enjoy God’s creation like that.
    Wow- big congratulations on finishing your memoir! Good for you for sticking it out and letting this be a work of God in your life and others’ lives.

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  6. Hi Amy.

    I’m sorry to hear about what’s going on with your husband, but I’m glad that first of all God is the Great Physician who is capable of healing and restoring your husband from head to toe.

    May he guide you all and give you peace and comfort. In addition, I thank God for using doctors in their efforts and expertise.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures also!🙂

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