A Final Trade

Feet dangling on the edge of a precipice of change.

Peices of my heart scattered, been rearranged.

Can this be real? Can it be true?

That pain, shame can vanish? On it’s coattails, life a new?


A heart that’s only known one way of life.

Torn, ripped, cut by a jagged knife.

A stony heart full of anger, bitterness and hate.

Traveling dark alleyways, alone no soulmate.


I heard a rumor of a sacrifice that was made.

A place where I can make a final trade.

Hand over the past, hand over the sin.

Find the water and jump right in.


An empty vessel waiting to be filled.

With a redeeming love for me that was spilled.

I heard a rumor that I can finally be set free.

Because of a Savior who came and died for me!



April: Testimony Tag

Thank you Purple Rose for nominating me for the Testimony Tag! You can find the rules to this challenge by going to Purple Rose’s link above. I started to write out my story when I realized I wrote this poem for Stu’s Alphabet challenge a while back. It’s about me, my testimony in alphabetical order. I thought you’d all enjoy that! Here’s the links to my full testimony…

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth: Part 2

The Whole Truth: Part 3

The Whole Truth: Conclusion

My Testimony: A To Z

A bird in prison was where she once dwelt.

Big dreams that didn’t fit in the hand she was dealt.

Challenging circumstances kept her under the perpetual thumb.

Dodging life’s blows kept her emotionally numb.

Everyone shaking their heads and tsk tsk-ing away.

Forever doomed is what their actions seemed to say.

Greater, grander things were in store but she couldn’t see

Hiding from society’s scorn, wondering how to ever be free.

Ignited flames of passion would fizzle out so quick.

Juggling emotions would take over, making her soul sick.

Knowing that there must be an easier way but too scared to try

Lingering feelings of self doubt listening to every lie.

Managing one more come back, one more go.

Needing a Savior to come and rescue her so.

Over and over her searching, seeking heart started to plea.

“Please show me how You could ever love a wretch like me.”

“Quickly come help and keep me from drowning.”

“Recognize the call of my heart’s alarm sounding.”

“Savior Divine come unto me, and change my family tree.”

“Transform and change me!”

Under His searching, ever watchful eye.

Victory was granted, her soul released a lifelong sigh.

Woman now where once there was a caged bird.

Xeric heart replenished with love, peace, and His word.

Yeilding her heart to the Lord from above.

Zeal and smile form ear to ear for now her heart was free to love.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I decided to nominate some of my peeps whom I am really curious to read how they became saved and where they are today

The Eclectic Contrarian 

My Kathy

Sue Love

Born Again




Then Who?

Have you ever been deceived?

Hurt, pain, anger is all you recieved?

But when you look back, you know you made the decision…

that ultimately led to a scar on your heart, an incision.


Bible says the heart is decieteful, who can know it?

Listening to it can take you through some grime and grit.


What about those who hurt you for no good reason?

Gathering their weapons, aimed at you in treason.

The hurt, the offense in your mind as you keep reliving…

Will your heart deceive you into not forgiving?


If not the heart to listen to, then who?

Who should you allow to direct and guide you?

I think the answer is abundantly clear.

Draw close to God, and to you, He will always draw near.


My Son

In Loving Memory of Caleb Pletcher 1994-2019

Day your were born, my heart was filled with so much pleasure.

The love that filled my heart, no one could measure.

My precious, bouncing baby boy…

Each step, each milestone, filled my heart with abundant pride.

I helped you when you needed me with each new stride.

My precious, growing big boy…

As you went along teenage years, I knew I had to let you learn on your own.

Humor and patience is what I felt as you puffed out your chest, thinking you were so grown.

My precious, handsome young man…

Son, you left way too soon, but know mama loves you and always will.

The humor, the pride, the pleasure and love will remain until…

I get to see you again when my race is won.

My precious, ever in my heart, my son.

Love forever, Mama

Tell The Story Challenge II

The Eclectic Contrarian has created and nominated me for this fun challenge the rules are as follows…

Present a picture, then tell the story of the picture. It can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Nominate at least 3 people. This really gets your gears rolling. Be as creative as possible and use your imagination! Let’s see what kind of awesomeness can come from you!

Picture I chose…


No choice but to stand on this chair.

Water has invaded my world everywhere.

All that I love have been lost in the worldly flood.

My friends, my family, my blood.

You proclaimed your love and set out to prepare.

Add on to your father’s home. A new place for us to share.

On this chair I stand without spot or wrinkle.

Knowing anytime you’ll return soon in a twinkle.

Though I stand alone, I will not get down from this chair.

Soon you’ll be back and with you I’ll be caught up in the air!


Did you know that in the bible days when a man was engaged to be married, he left his fiancee at her parent’s house to wait? He would go to his childhood home and build onto it for his wife to be. When he was done, he would go for his bride. The bride didn’t know the day or the hour that he would return for her, so she stayed readily available each day.

Maybe you feel alone today. Maybe you’re the only one saved in your family. Know that God, our bridegroom, has gone to build onto His Father’s house. He went to prepare a place for you.

When He is finished, He promised to return for His bride, (us). We must be ready everyday. And if we have to climb up on a chair to get away from the snares of this evil world…then so be it. Whatever it takes. And while we (the bride) wait, we’re given more than the women did in those days. We are given the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us until that wonderful day.

My nominees:




Heaven’s Reef



Photos for my nominees to choose from:



This last photo was a screenshot of a photo Leola had on her blog that she took. I think it’s unique. Thanks Leola!

No, Not You

The fiery darts I’ve watched come your way, leaves me astounded.

How do you get knocked down so much but yet stay so grounded…

in God? Never once did you turn your back on Him.

While your heart would break, your light of faith would not dim.


If anyone I knew had a right to point and blame, it was you.

Crumble to the floor, lay in pity and stew.

But, not you.

No, not you.


And yet here you are again, blindsided, shocked and hurt.

But anger, hopelessness somehow you’re able to avert!


If anyone I knew had a right to throw up their fists, it was you.

Jaw set, ready to rumble, letting anger brew.

But, not you.

No, not you.


And if I asked you how do you do it, I know what you’d say…

“If I don’t keep my eyes on His love, I also will lose my way”




In Me!


My oh my have you been busy today.

Throwing everything you could think of my way.

When you weren’t whispering your lies in my ear.

You were telling me false stories raising my blood pressure with fear.


Chaos here, pandemonium there.

You never even gave me time to sit in my chair.

Like dominoes falling, so are the issues landing on my plate.

No worries, for I know it’s you who did orchestrate…


These problems to distract me, to hide me away.

From the revival going on around me. Pardon me if I may…

But I see you with the eyes in the back of my head.

Forever looming behind me, trying to get ahead.


I don’t have to listen to a single lie from your fiery lips.

For from the fountain of youth is where I take my sips.

The Spirit that raised Christ dwells in me. In me!

And with it, I’ve been given authority!


You old goat, you toad

Time to flush you down the commode!

Whatever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven above.

I bind you Satan. There’s no room for you for my heart is filled with Christ’s love!