Even At The Doors

Don’t they see? Don’t they hear?

Lord, Your coming is so near

Earthquakes in diverse places

Heartache and hatred on their faces

Germs hidden away, air tight

Masks come off though during the fight

Quiet the riots dear Lord

Then may they hear Your Word

Stop the fearful webs from spinning

Show them all no one is winning

Is it time for iniquity to abound?

Has their love waxed cold; never to be found?

Will the cold hearts hear Your trumpet’s call?

Or will You tell them depart, I never knew you at all?

Your heart breaks at the beginning of sorrows

For you know they are running out of tomorrows….

Amy Blount July 2020

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Little by Little

Little by little You changed me

Bending, shaping and molding

Bit by bit, you took it all away

Smoothing edges once were frayed

Step by step, You were guiding

A new story You were writing

Day by day You emptied my regret

Upon Your rock is where I’m set

Over and over You hand Your mercy out

All day long… Your praises I’m gonna shout!

Amy Blount 6/22/2020

Amy’s Trying To Get on With Life, World

Hi all! I haven’t been on here lately. Facebook has eroded my brain! 😀 As I said before, it keeps me connected to my people. But guess what? My church is open for business starting next week! Praise God. We’ve had a huge tent set up where we had some old fashioned tent revival services last week! And will continue with 2 services this Sunday and back in the building next sunday.

With opening the church comes lots of work ahead. Got to get her sparkly and cleaned up this week. So I’ll have something to do.

On the homeschool front…I got a desk for myself! 20 bucks. And if the world ends, we can use it as a bomb shelter! The thing weighs a ton.

I also made a filing system for next year’s lessons so I’m not so bogged down with the planning. My goal is to have all their lessons planned before school starts.

Mother’s Day

Chasing chickens…because what else should a kid do?

Just for fun

Imitating the little one’s constant frown when it’s pic time

My oldest turned 26…time flies, it sure does fly

Your neighborhood friendly bank robber! (She wasn’t too excited about it, but had to wear it to see the eye dr)

Paddle boats are so much fun!

Newest blanket.

We did another birthday parade, this time for our pastor. We rolled up with about 12 cars honking while he was eating dinner! He had no clue. He was happy to see us come running up his front lawn with cards and signs.

My newest thought is this…You know how the Isrealites marched around Jericho 7 days? Each day they walked around one time and on the 7th they let out a shout and the walls fell. Got me thinking how maybe the vibrations of so many poeple marching each day may have loosened the foundations so that on that final day the shout was all it took to take it down since everything was already jarred. Now don’t get me wrong because I know God set it up and told them what to do. It’s just my humanistic, logical mind wants to reason it out. Anyway…..

I thought of marching like prayers. Yes, we build up memorials in heaven of prayers. But prayers also tear down strongholds. So on day one your quiet prayer just goes up, day two; the same. Until day 7 when your prayer becomes a shout of desperation, a shout of agony, a shout of praise, shout of help…then the walls come tumbling down.

Maybe this is no epiphany. Maybe many have likened that story to this.

But maybe someone, myself included, needs to be reminded to not give up on that prayer you’ve been prayin over and over…because each prayer is loosening the foundations of longtime addictions, weakening strongholds, cutting dangerous relationship ties. So that when that shout comes…they crumble!

Many, Many More

As a boy, the circle was drawn around you

8 years old, dad and mom knew what to do…

To keep you safe, kept you in their ring

They fought for you, no matter what the enemy would bring

As a young man you heard the call

So around yourself, your own ring you began to draw

Learning, listening, changing and growing

Keeping yourself safe without even knowing

Now joining you in your ring, your hedge

Your wife, to whom your love you pledge

Time passes and your ring grows

Allowing room for balls and bats and buttons and bows

Husband, father, teacher, friend

To those you love, you’ll always defend

Your family tucked your ring snug and tight

Thoughts of, “How could this be any more right…?”

Then a day came for you to answer the call

“Son, now it’s your turn to lead them all”

Two hundred and fifty souls and counting

To God you’ll answer and give an accounting…

And on that day I believe your family will look back see

How you made room in your ring for every single body

By Amy Blount 2020

I heard it once told like this…“A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within – his woman, his children. Other men draw a larger circle and bring within their brothers and sisters. But some men have a great destiny. They must draw around themselves a circle that includes many, many more.

This is a tribute to my pastor and his wonderful family. Happy 1st pastoral anniversary!


Perturbing thoughts, questions, ideas and plain old fashioned rants…how’s that for a title?

1. People who wear masks look at the unmasked with disdain.

2. The public in general are even more rude than before!

3. Taking your child in public is frowned upon…your starved to get out of the house, confused with the times child…

4. Time to have church at Walmart, Home Depot but not Dollar Tree. They didn’t like me without a mask in there.

5. No more friendly wave from the neighbor. We are now on opposite sides of the road and opinions.

6. Positve note: Those who were baffled with our decision to homeschool this year are now telling me how lucky we are not to be hassling with elearning and the confusion with emails and video classroom chats.

7. Hearts are turning to God!

8. I don’t envy the President. And I wish I could give him a hug…somedays.

9. I wonder what illnesses we will contend with when we all are scrubbed of good and bad germs and lowered immune systems as we walk out our doors when we finally can. Will they see then? Or just more political blame?

10. Anyone else notice the stares you get if you’re in a store chatting with someone you haven’t seen in a while? There us no fun allowed. It’s as if grocery shopping has become war. There are rules of engagement now and everyone is considered the enemy.

11. Come on America…we’re better than this. What would our founding fathers say to this behavior?


ruth 1.jpg

I am your Ruth, you’re my Naomi.

You’re such a crucial part of my testimony.

Motherless, always searching for a mother to love.

I found you and you showed me the way to the Father above.


Patient and kind, heart full of charity.

The mother I have in you surely is a rarity.

Quick to forgive, quick to understand.

Slow to anger, never do you demand.


No words could I spin to show how priceless you are.

No other mother’s love could ever reach as far.

Thank you for being what my own couldn’t be.

Thank you, thank you for your unconditional love for me.



Amy’s, Indiana is Opening up finally, World!

This week has been a hard week as a homeschool mom. I tried a new way with setting a timer for every 40 mins. I told the girls when the time went off, they could go run and jump for 10 mins. Problem with it was, that the timer would go off and a thought would get interrupted. I should have put boundaries on it and dismissed them rather than letting them fly like eagles. Once they heard the sound of the timer, their brains shut off. Lol. So back to the drawing board.

I’ve learned more than anything, with homeschooling, that what works for one may not work for the other which requires me to be versatile in my approach to each child.

I have to be completely honest that this week was the hardest and the week where I seriously thought of throwing in the towel. I won’t, though. But it was a thought….which caused me to discouraged and not come to the school day in a positive manner.

New week coming up. New hope. The Corna mess just doesn’t help as well.

Anyone else out there miss their church? I’ve learned just how much of an outlet my church is for me. I’m so very grateful and blessed to say that we’ve had drive in church the last 3 weeks. So much work has gone into it by the leaders. I don’t take that lightly.

While some of us are sitting around waiting, others are working harder than ever…in many fields of work.

Church is the other half of our lives. Seriously. Can’t wait for them doors to swing wide!

Until then…I crochet (next blanket is almost done then I’ll share the pic with you all), do laundry, try to homeschool and cook endless amounts of meals. I also get very excited to go to the store!Made homemade granola. Message me for for the very simple recipe.Tinker toys…because they’re good for boredom!Today we went to my dad’s and fished with my sister while my husband helped dad fix his roof.

Got a little bass. I gave it back it’s life. We had a nice day. Got some sunshine. Right after that pic was taken the fish flipped everywhere and I screamed!

The Vincent Ehindero Award

This award is new 😊 It was created by Vincent, a young man, who lives in Nigeria.

I was nominated by friend and bro in Christ, Stu. Gracias my friend! I haven’t done many awards lately, but Stu’s questions (as they always are) were too good not to answer!

Here are the guidelines:
1. Thank the person that nominated you with a link to their blog.
2. Make a Post of the award (with photo)
3. Post the rules.
4. Ask 5-10 questions of your choice.
5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them.
6. Follow Vincent Ehindero @ vincentehindero.wordpress.com (to qualify for a free blog promotion and shout out) and more blogging opportunities.

Here are Stu’s questions:

1. What do you feel is your greatest achievement in life so far?

The things I want to brag on are really God’s achievements, as I could never be the mom or wife that I am without Him… Think of all the good you’ve done, and try to see you doing that without God.
2. After this Coronavirus shut-in is over, how do you feel the world will interact with one another?

I already feel a different spirit in the air. When I’m in public people are different. I’m hoping the tension and the frantic, frightened feeling will leave the air once civilization goes on with life. But I believe as well that many hearts are looking Up and sending prayers up that never did before.

The handshake, I’m afraid is gone. The pat on the back…probably gone too. Sad, really. But if all that stops and people start to pray and seek God in its place, I’ll take life without those things to see revival for sure!
3. When the virus mutates again in a year or less, because it will…just like the flu does, would you take the chip if it had the cure built in? (The chip is a reality now for those who do not know)

See told y’all, good questions!…my answer is no. I will not take a chip. I’m not a lost dog that needs tagged. I don’t need branded. I have a seal applied to my heart. I know Whose I am!

2 Corinthians 1:22 New International Version
set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.

Can I get an amen in the house? (Lol…I need out of my house so bad)
4. This is not a prideful question it’s just something I am curious about. What do you like most about my little ole blog?

Stu’s World, with all its Roman Numerals, is my favorite. I like it so much I stole your idea and even got you to make me my own Amy’s World logo!

I like your honesty. Blatant honesty.
5. What is the most odd acting or exotic pet you have ever owned?

I had a set of two pet mice 20 something years ago. Funny thing is we had a crazed mouse running through our livingroom right in front of us all just last week! I kept my feet up and squealed. My husband took his bb gun and waited it out and got him! I know so cruel…but the highlight of our week!
6. What scented candle is always lit in your home?

No candles since I’ve discovered essential oils! I diffuse lemongrass, ylang ylang, and peppermint together during the day. And at night Clary Sage, fennel and vetiver…
7. This is a request more than a question. Would you be so kind as to post your favorite sunrise or sunset picture? We all could use something to brighten our day😊

Y’all get 2!

These next pics are for my friend Renee, just because I’d like her to remember her influence on others is greatly appreciated and not taken lightly. God sees your devotion to others, Renee

This is open to anyone daring enough to answer Stu’s awesome questions. His questions remain the same for you!

Soup of Truth

Scattering like bugs on hot cement

People frantic, can you hear their lament?

Fear has taken control, a driving force

Determined lives now thrown off course

Seems as though they run to find a truth

Willing to listen to sputterings of the uncouth

Fingers of blame pointing to all four winds

As the soup of truth gets more and more thinned

What do You have to say about it all?

What do You tell them when they call?

I’m sure love and forgiveness are first on your lips

Do they know they can guzzle from your well, rather than tiny sips?

In the light I see tiny dust particles swirling

As truth is lifted off its shelf, twirling

I hear the slow creaking of a Book being opened

A place where they can always put their hope in…

A map, a guide to light their way

If only they heed what Your words say…!

Behold I am doing a new thing, it shall spring forth

I will bring you out of the wilderness, you’ll find true north

Our Guide, our Truth, and our Way

Is coming soon, humble yourself and pray

Faces and Facets of Pride

Kathy really hit the nail on the head with this post. Pride is multi-layered with many dimensions; nevertheless we must ask for forgiveness when we recognize it in ourselves. See which category of pride you find yourself.


image from google When I think of pride, I often visualize a long-robed Pharisee, parading along as his followers fawn adoringly in his presence. He’s soaking up the attention, loving the power he has over others as they hang on his every word. He goes home at night, fully satisfied within himself that he is […]

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