The Lifter

Coming up for a breath of air

Wondering if I look worse for wear

How did I let it get here again?

When exactly did it begin?

Doing good, happy smile, bright

Gone in the morning after a long dreary night

Of worry, regret, confusion; pain

Does God look upon me in disdain?

That dark cloud returned upon my back

Ready to unleash an anxiety attack

Depression is it’s clinical name

Seratonin draining is it’s game

Maybe it’s an old enemy with a new face

Trying to take my feet out of their place

But wait! There’s a rock upon which I can stand

A Gentleman, Comforter, take His hand

He’s got an answer for me, always will

He whispers, “I’ll lift your head, child be still”

No Man Cannot Hinder Me

Swallowing all of my despairs

Once a gain I fake it and put on airs

When you gonna ride in and save my day

When my feet lose grip and give way

That will be the day pain will dissolve

Sun become blackened, the earth no longer will revolve

No one will get in our way as we gallop upon the clouds

To a land where the redeemed will be allowed.

Fare thee well all! Today I’ll finally fly

King Jesus came and split that eastern sky

In that great gettin up morning

A final goodbye to all the mourning

When I get to heaven, gonna run the street

Peering into every face that I meet

There’s a few I really wanna see

A beautiful few gonna bounce on my knee

No man will get in my way

On that great beautiful day

Ever had a song in your heart? Sing it all the time. You love the song, the words and the catchy tune. But for some reason, unbeknownst to you, you didn’t have a clue what it really meant. Then one day it just clicks. That’s what happened today.

The song is Ride On King Jesus. I had even googled it awhile back. It’s an old song the African American slaves sang during their time of hopelessness. Their minds had to stay on the day King Jesus came riding on in to save them. And no man would get in their way when he did come back for them.

They say “In that great gettin up morning, fare thee well” some of our days may feel like this. I’d rather it be today jesus comes back, than live with this pain. We’ve all felt that way. But imagine the joy it must’ve put in the hearts of the slaves; this was where their hope lived…

If I was there . . . — Alethea’s Mind

This is too good not to pass on! Wrote by my friend Tosin. If you don’t follow her yet, you will after this read. God bless…

If I was there, Jesus, in your days What would be my name? Where would I have stood? Would I be Mary who gave you birth? Or Herod, who sort your death? Would I have travelled like the wise men? Or held the sword across a child’s head? If I was there, Jesus, in your […]

via If I was there . . . — Alethea’s Mind

Tell The Story Challenge…Again!

I was given 3 images to choose from and 3 words to use in a story or writing style of my choice. My 3 words were




I was to tell them in alphabetical order but you know me and the rules! Honestly…I couldn’t get the ryhme any other way.

Thank You John at The Eclectic Contrarian for putting this challenge together. I hope my nominees try it out.


When you sent Him away to your son in law

Did you know what would become of Him at all?

Annas did you know, you would be a part of evil

From the depths of hell there’d be no retrieval…

Thinking you were above all

Nose in the air you thought it was your call

Nothing you could do that day

Would really have made things go your way…

Ciaphas, you thought yourself so keen

Leading the mockery of the Almighty king

Give us Barabbas you all did shout

His chosen people denying him with no doubt

You all thought yourselves clever

but his words you could not sever

Destroy this temple, in three days I will raise it up

For I must drink of my Father’s cup.

My nominees:




Or anyone else just needing some fuel to fire their writing. This is a great way to sharpen your creativity.

Your 3 words to put into a story or however you’d like are:




Your images to choose from or use all 3 are:

(Note: You could even do a devotional)

What’s Right

Image found from Stu’s daily inspirations

Stumbling and tumbling you went out that tavern door

Not the first time your face hit the floor

Waking empty handed in a pool of sweat

Images of last night fill your mind with regret

Memories of begging God to save your life

as a stranger held you hostage with a knife

Taking your keys, your wallet, your car

No one willing to come get you out so far

Walking home for miles and for hours

Slowly sobering with each step as the moon towers…

over you as you realize this is the last time

That you go running to the booze and the wine

Is this your rock bottom? Is this finally it?

Or will you find another barstool upon to sit?

You begged God, he listened, spared you

Ball is in your court, what ever will you do?

Give Him what’s left and He’ll give you what’s right

The eyes of your heart will be opened, Oh what a sight…

you will behold when you see His will for you

He’ll erase the past, the old and fill it with new!

Amy’s World

The weeks are running into each other around here. I find myself content in our daily routines. I can see my girls are starting to become more settled into their home life than ever before.

Not having to rush each day to pack lunches, do homework, sign this sheet, fill out that and then get them to bed early to rise early…it’s so nice not to have all of that on our minds. Sure there are other engagements and responsibilities but life has slowed down so much that we look forward to busy days. And we look forward to quiet, calm days as well.

For instance, today was to be the coveted fall party at our pastor’s home where we all bring food and candy, sit by the bonfire and even take a hayride. It was canceled due to beautiful Indiana rain and cold. My middle daughter was so devastated. She was so bummed. She had the whole party planned as far as what she and her friends would do. I told her (and don’t even judge me) “when life throws you lemons, make lemonade” I know it’s so cliche. She looks at me and says, “Ooo I want lemonade”

So we played a riveting game of yahtzee followed by almost two hours of coloring. After that both little ones hung their heads upside down off the couch and laughed so hard as they imagined the ceiling on the floor and thier dad walking by on the ceiling. So good for their little brains. They said that it was a really good day after all. I told all three girls that in a month or so this will be one of them days we’ll look back on and wish we were back in it.

I like the slow life. The less hassle life. And I am watching my girls change because of it… for the good.

My newest thought…You know what’s better than reading a good novel? Writing a good novel. And that’s what I’ve set out to do. So you may not see me posting as much but I do read most that I follow.

Keto advice of the week. I miss crunchy food. I feel like a three month baby eating mushed up food with no CRUNCH!

Field trip to paint pottery. We all had them glazed and are waiting to pick them up. We had fun!
Keto “graham cracker crust” use more almond flour than coconut flour. Like 3:1 ratio
Keto cheesecake. Cream cheese, sugar substitute, almond flour, eggs, vanilla etc.
Digging out a pumpkin. Nothing more fun on this earth
I helped her on this one. Supposed to be happy but them eyebrows I gave it made it look downright mean
She did her own from start to finish! Didn’t she do great? It’s a dog named Callie
Take these and crush them up and mix in with almond flour
Then bread your chicken with it. These are oven fried chicken legs. They were crunchy, thank you Jesus!

Tell The Story Challenge

I’ve been nominated by John at The Eclectic Contrarian for this challenge. He wants a scary story but I just can’t. But I did see this creepy thing in the pictures given to me and I immediately thought of the yucky demons that prowl. So here’s my say-so on Halloween…

The Lizard Man from the swamps of sunny South Carolina! It’n he cute?? He’s real ya know….

—John the Eclectic Contrarian


Ghosts, goblins, glowing pumpkins shine bright

Spiders, skeletons, things that go bump in the night

One night you are given your reign

One night the masses go insane

Marching patio to doorstep bag in hand

Parents prodding, “Go get candy from the stranger’s hand.”

What do you tell a child as his candy shows up on the screen?

“We xray, honey because there are people so mean.”

Sweet little child dressed with white wings

But what about when they dress like these things?

Who gets the glory then?

We all know his name, Satan.

What if October 31 became a day all go to church?

Answers found, souls could call off their search

Instead of yelling Trick or Treat…

They could sing a new song to him who sits on heaven’s mercy seat!

My nominees:


Seeking Devine perspective

Jeff Rabb!!

Or anyone else who would like to join in

Here are the images I chose from the internet for my nominees. But if you want to use John’s images go right on ahead, you can find them here.

This gets the creative cells going and is just fun. What do you think the man on the train is saying to that woman long ago?? Hmm🤔

Nominate me again if you choose. It’s a pleasure to participate!