Devotional-Seeking His Counsel


I saw the man standing in his driveway looking to the sky as my girls and I drove by last night. I kept my eye on the sky as well, as there were dark ominous clouds off to our left. But he was looking in the opposite direction. The direction we just came from.

Minutes later we arrive home safely. Just some wet rain to run through on our way to the door. My husband had been home and shows me a video he took of the sky in the farm field next to our home. It was a huge cloud forming into a rotating cloud. My girls and I drove past minutes before that became a tornado taking down power lines and tree limbs. That tornado took its course from there reaching the town north of us.

We know how Jesus spoke to the storm “peace be still” and we use that analogy with the “storms” in our lives. But consider this as well…

Jesus can detour storms from coming along your path. He can keep you from troubles that you might have had to face had you left on your journey 5 minutes later. That’s why seeking His counsel on your day is important. Maybe we don’t necessarily need to ask what time to leave and whether to take a right or a left. But we do need to ask Him about our major decisions before we jump in or we could be in the path of a “storm” that rocks our lives to the core.

The bible in Isaiah calls Him Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, Ever Lasting Father and The Prince of Peace. He is called a counselor so that we may remember to seek His counsel on our lives for He and only He knows what’s coming down our paths.

I recently heard this quote from a preacher that rings true…”What you don’t seek counsel for from Heaven each day, Hell is authorized to counsel you about.”

Here’s a still photo. My girls and I were off to the right of that on the highway. Below is the video he took. 

Devotional Series 6/23/19


It boasted that it was the TV series to watch. I was so pleased to stumble upon it on Netflix last week. It had everything I look for in entertainment. Romance, historical events, and even time travel! This was the show I was going to settle in and become a part of. You know those books or movies that stay with you. Well this was it for me! Until….the first romance scene was over the top! I closed my eyes tight and hit the home button on my remote. First thought, “So much for that” Second thought, “Maybe that’s only scene with that much nudity”  I pushed play and continued to watch the show for the next several nights.

Man oh man…on it went. Wonderful storyline. Left you thinking during your day about the damsel and will she ever get back to her time. But the love scenes were almost X-rated. I mean nothing was left to imagination. I’d fast forward through all the while peaking through my fingers as my hand covered my face.

giphy (4).gif

Ever heard that song be careful little eyes what you see? What goes in the mind, if it settles there, will then find its place in the heart. It’s been proven over the ages with mankind. And when something finds it’s way to the heart, it is very hard to remove. That is why taking each thought captive is crucial. And in this case taking what is sent to you through your eyes captive is important as well.

Do you find yourself in a position of teetering in the line. A defined line; your toes are on it and you heels are still back where they should be. That’s not a place God wants for us. That area of the line is an area of confusion and uncertainty. If you find yourself there today, step back and ask your Father to forgive you.

I gave up the show. The woman will be forever lost in the 1700’s in my mind. But that’s ok because the non-fiction relationship I have with my God and pleasing Him has to take front seat than any fictional story ever could.


Devotional Series June 21, 2019


She stood there and stood there. Her eyes drooping and tired. She even at one point drifted off for a half a second and jerked back to attention. My little almost 7 year old has a very strong will. One that we come up against daily around here. And though I make it sound like a bad thing; it’s quite the opposite. For when she becomes 17 and the drugs are being passed around, I can easily see this girl with her arms folded stating something like, “I’m not doing that nasty stuff and you can’t make me.”

But tonight was a different story as we also are faced with the task of bending her will without breaking it. (Something I pray for the Lord’s wisdom on daily.) Tonight she refused to rinse her mouth with fluoride. She was scared. And while the jury may be out on it’s uses and benefits, the point was and is that she needed to do what her parents told her to do. No coercing could get her to change her mind. So I made her sit in a chair until she got sleepy. Then I asked her to stand. She refused for 40 mins to do the simple task we were asking of her. This stand-off, if you will, got me thinking of us and God’s will.

How many times do we stand outside of God’s will with our arms folded, our feet hurting and our bodies tired? How many times do we think our will makes more sense? How many times have we stood there knowing we are defying His calling, ignoring His voice because we simply don’t want to do what we’re told? Or maybe it’s fear that keeps us from doing what He’s asking of us. Aren’t we essentially being like little children testing our maker?

During our calm reasoning with our child, we would every so often gently ask her, “Are you ready to go in there and do that?” She finally realized that no matter what she said or how many times she begged, the answer was the same…”Are you ready?” And finally she said yes. Her and I went in the bathroom and she swirled, swished and spit. She looked up at me and smiled. All of her agony was over…for the night. We will see about tomorrow.


Is God asking you, “are you ready?” about something? Have you been at a stand-off with Him? Remember, He is our Father and knows what’s best for us…even when we think we have all the answers.


One Mightier!


Crumbling to the floor

I don’t wanna feel your pain anymore

You freeze me dead in my tracks

I wish life was full of take backs


For I’d reverse all that you did to me

Then I could’ve had a childhood lived free

We know reversing the past is not possible

As I’m faced with another obstacle


Your job always has been to be my adversary

Trying to beat me down and keep me weary

On and on your torrential winds blow

As your seeds of trouble and doubt seem to grow


Whatever, though, you throw down to block my path

All of your chaos and it’s aftermath…

will be met by One mightier than you’ll ever be

One who came to set me free!



Heart So Heavy

Joshua-1-9 (1).jpg

Dear heavy heart why are you so low?

Can’t you see Him next to you wherever you go?

Dear heavy heart please don’t fret

Don’t you see all the plans He’s ready to set?

Dear heavy heart you think you’re back is against the wall

Can’t you see He’s about to set you in high places to stand tall?

Dear heavy heart do you still search for what you’ve lost?

Do you know that it’s been found by the One Who paid the cost?

Dear heavy heart why do you weep all the night?

Do you know joy comes in the morning light?


Dear heart so heavy I know your world feels out of control

But never forget Who made the vast seas and caused the thunder to roll

Finally, heavy hearted one…

Do you know your heart can and will be light?

Just remember to let our Lord and Savior will step into your fight.


Healing Ancient Wounds


Lord, how do we get around all of that?

How do we turn away from anger and wrath?

Feelings and pain that run so deep

Tossing us through nights of no sleep


Ancient wounds scraped open time and time again.

Memories relived, taking us back from within

Remorse for not getting past this pain years ago

Makes a heart feel tossed to and fro


Rising above them and ourselves can be the only way

And remembering what the Almighty has to say

Love thy Lord with all thy heart

First is where we all must start


Harder yet still is the toughest asked of you and me

To love others the way we want them to love us openly

Can we do this? Can we succeed?

To kneel down in prayer for our enemy and intercede…?