Blog Status

As you know, I haven’t wrote much these past few months. It seems as though all I’m really doing is updates on our busy lives and nothing that substantial. I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book, even tried a chapter. It was more than I could handle as far as a plot and keeping the characters straight. I set it back down and told myself, maybe one day.

Writing poetry has been fun but not much comes to mind as before. It was beginning to feel like a ‘have to’ thing, instead of the fun it once was.

I have made a couple life long friends on here and have even joined an email prayer line which I’ve enjoyed and relied on many of times. But sadly, I’ve decided to stop writing on here. I have to print my poems from here before I delete my blog. So you will see my blog and may search it for a while, but I won’t be writing anything new.

I recently unplugged myself from Facebook and I can say I felt a withdrawal from an addiction I didn’t realize that I had. Not saying I’m addicted to wordpress, but rather that ‘have to’ feeling I get when I think of it really gets under my skin. I have many commitments in my life right now.

This decision gives me a feeling of relief.

For those friends that I have connected with, you know where to find me. Email city!

Thank you for reading my stuff and commenting positively every single time. And thank you for your uplifting stories and faithful posts in a dark time in our world.

Amy’s World

Hi all. A big thank you to those of you on the prayer email line that prayed for my family and me. I’m grateful to have a place to go to request prayer!

Since my last Amy’s World post, my family and I came down with Covid-19. Sadly, many in our church came down sick. I wanted to share our experience with you.

I felt a tickle in my throat, no more than a dryness that I couldn’t clear away on a Wednesday morning. By that evening I knew I was sick. I went to bed with the headache and fatigue, but I woke in the night to extreme chills that chattered my jaw. I had a low grade fever for only a day while I rode the couch and bed. With getting sick the days were weird. One day I felt I was 75% better and the next I’d be knocked down again. It became discouraging a couple of the days, but I kept reminding myself that it could be way worse.

While enduring this, each day I’d hear of another and another in the church who were sick and had tested positive as well. It became frightening at times, but I had to remember, my God is bigger. I also reminded myself that they were most likely experiencing the same symptoms as me and that I have been sicker than this covid and we would all be ok.

But my good friend and mentor, Sue, or Sister Fisher to many, did not make it. She was 66 yrs old. She suffered with lupus and a muscle disease for many years. I’ve seen her fight and beat pneumonia before. I’ve seen her fight bouts of dehydration leading to hospitalization and win.

She was sick with covid for a week and half, give or take a day, when the shortness of breath sent her to the hospital. She died a week later. Man does it hurt. She was a good mentor to me for many years. When I first got saved, she helped me so many times.

She’s been gone almost two weeks now. And it still hurts. She was a friend to me. We shared recipes, we swaped favors, and told each other secrets. I learned many life lessons from her life and her stories she would share.

Now she’s gone. Our church is on the mend. Everyone is out of quarantine and getting on with their lives. Wanting to put the whole thing behind them.

I’m starting to hear little comments like, “Why did your church open so early?” “Weren’t you all wearing masks?” “Well now you know how dangerous this thing is.”

My answer in a nutshell…we all know the risks each time we leave our homes and go to the store, or the dentist, or our jobs. There’s nowhere to point the finger. But then again, man has been pointing a finger at God blaming Him where blame isn’t due. So why not look at the church during this time, and put the whole blame on one individual institution?

My answer is, I’m going to keep on serving God. Attending church is the ultimate help I need to achieve my goal of serving Him. If you can go to Walmart and buy yourself a steak, then you can go to church and be fed your daily bread as well. Just sayin…

I feel at times, a relief. We got the virus, it wasn’t that bad. We made it through. Now we don’t have to fear it so much and we have antibodies…I hope.

She’s Ready

In Loving Memory of My friend Sue July 9, 1954- Aug 31, 2020

I stood there watching as heaven’s door opened with a wide swing

Angelic hosts were sent; a mission from the King

Instructions clutched tight in their hands

His decree, His written demands…

“She’s ready, she’s finally free.

She’s ready, I need her here with Me

She fought the good fight, she won the race

Now she will eternally rest her eyes upon My face”

Words cannot describe how her eyes shone

As God’s soldiers brought her home

Looking down she saw her body, brand new

Her hands, her arms no longer bruised and blue

A robe so white, pristine, and clean

Placed upon her shoulders by her loving King

“Daughter, daughter…are you coming? It’s time!

For you have fulfilled this plan of mine.”

And with her chin held high, she turned, looked at me

Through a smile she said so lovingly…

Do not cry your tears of grief and loss

For disease and pain, they are no longer my boss

And with a quick bound of her agile bare feet

She turned and ran down the golden street

Amy’s Still Alive World

Hi y’all. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? It seems inspiration to write has left the building! My dear friend at BornAgain encouraged me to share with you all what’s been going on.

All is well. We are are all physically well here. Back to church and my husband is still working. Only one who has been on a stand-still is my oldest as her day services have been closed since March. I have been trying to keep her as busy as I can. She is a big help around here.

We’ve taken a few trips to a near by amusement park over the summer, our yearly trip to my Aunt’s camper and many trips to a state park 10 mins away from our house.

I’ve spent many hours preparing for school. We started last week. I have taken another girl, Abigail’s age to homeschool along with my two girls. It’s been a blessing as she brings life to our school days. To watch her face light up as she gets the academic attention she’s needed. Having her here each day gives my girls someone to play with…and someone to fight over. All of you that had siblings growing up know what I mean.

We did alot of baking cakes over the summer. Both girls baked a cake for Leah’s bday. They loved it.

Abigail has a pet chicken named Bessie. It comes to her when she calls its name. The chicken will perch on her arm. The chicken rode on the big wheel too! Don’t ask.

Abigail wove her own purse with her loom. And leah made her own doll out of scrap material and yarn.

More pics with Bessie-boo the chicken.

Paddle boats for weary legs

Pontoon boat rides and sunburns!

Car shows…where the girls got bored at one point so they fought over each cool car yelling, “Mine, I claim it!”

Let’s see if that works…”mine!”

Nope not in my driveway…😟

Not that chicken again!!

See that rollercoaster behind us? They need a sign that says…for the physically young, not the young at heart! Seriously, fun!

Real stuffed lion at a restaurant. Leah named it Patrick.

My husband’s version of mask protection. I told him it bothers me I can’t see people’s faces if they’re smiling or not. With his rendition…everyone smiles!

We let a zucchini get real big on purpose….guess who ate it?

Yep that chicken!

Here’s our schoolroom. We are doing almost 5 hrs of hard work a day. It’s been intense. I’ve designed the day like a dance it seems. I’m working out the glitches, but for the most part I’m well pleased with what I’ve come up with the teach 2 in 5th grade and 1 in 2nd grade.

God bless

Even At The Doors

Don’t they see? Don’t they hear?

Lord, Your coming is so near

Earthquakes in diverse places

Heartache and hatred on their faces

Germs hidden away, air tight

Masks come off though during the fight

Quiet the riots dear Lord

Then may they hear Your Word

Stop the fearful webs from spinning

Show them all no one is winning

Is it time for iniquity to abound?

Has their love waxed cold; never to be found?

Will the cold hearts hear Your trumpet’s call?

Or will You tell them depart, I never knew you at all?

Your heart breaks at the beginning of sorrows

For you know they are running out of tomorrows….

Amy Blount July 2020

Images found on the internet.

Little by Little

Little by little You changed me

Bending, shaping and molding

Bit by bit, you took it all away

Smoothing edges once were frayed

Step by step, You were guiding

A new story You were writing

Day by day You emptied my regret

Upon Your rock is where I’m set

Over and over You hand Your mercy out

All day long… Your praises I’m gonna shout!

Amy Blount 6/22/2020

Amy’s Trying To Get on With Life, World

Hi all! I haven’t been on here lately. Facebook has eroded my brain! 😀 As I said before, it keeps me connected to my people. But guess what? My church is open for business starting next week! Praise God. We’ve had a huge tent set up where we had some old fashioned tent revival services last week! And will continue with 2 services this Sunday and back in the building next sunday.

With opening the church comes lots of work ahead. Got to get her sparkly and cleaned up this week. So I’ll have something to do.

On the homeschool front…I got a desk for myself! 20 bucks. And if the world ends, we can use it as a bomb shelter! The thing weighs a ton.

I also made a filing system for next year’s lessons so I’m not so bogged down with the planning. My goal is to have all their lessons planned before school starts.

Mother’s Day

Chasing chickens…because what else should a kid do?

Just for fun

Imitating the little one’s constant frown when it’s pic time

My oldest turned 26…time flies, it sure does fly

Your neighborhood friendly bank robber! (She wasn’t too excited about it, but had to wear it to see the eye dr)

Paddle boats are so much fun!

Newest blanket.

We did another birthday parade, this time for our pastor. We rolled up with about 12 cars honking while he was eating dinner! He had no clue. He was happy to see us come running up his front lawn with cards and signs.

My newest thought is this…You know how the Isrealites marched around Jericho 7 days? Each day they walked around one time and on the 7th they let out a shout and the walls fell. Got me thinking how maybe the vibrations of so many poeple marching each day may have loosened the foundations so that on that final day the shout was all it took to take it down since everything was already jarred. Now don’t get me wrong because I know God set it up and told them what to do. It’s just my humanistic, logical mind wants to reason it out. Anyway…..

I thought of marching like prayers. Yes, we build up memorials in heaven of prayers. But prayers also tear down strongholds. So on day one your quiet prayer just goes up, day two; the same. Until day 7 when your prayer becomes a shout of desperation, a shout of agony, a shout of praise, shout of help…then the walls come tumbling down.

Maybe this is no epiphany. Maybe many have likened that story to this.

But maybe someone, myself included, needs to be reminded to not give up on that prayer you’ve been prayin over and over…because each prayer is loosening the foundations of longtime addictions, weakening strongholds, cutting dangerous relationship ties. So that when that shout comes…they crumble!

Many, Many More

As a boy, the circle was drawn around you

8 years old, dad and mom knew what to do…

To keep you safe, kept you in their ring

They fought for you, no matter what the enemy would bring

As a young man you heard the call

So around yourself, your own ring you began to draw

Learning, listening, changing and growing

Keeping yourself safe without even knowing

Now joining you in your ring, your hedge

Your wife, to whom your love you pledge

Time passes and your ring grows

Allowing room for balls and bats and buttons and bows

Husband, father, teacher, friend

To those you love, you’ll always defend

Your family tucked your ring snug and tight

Thoughts of, “How could this be any more right…?”

Then a day came for you to answer the call

“Son, now it’s your turn to lead them all”

Two hundred and fifty souls and counting

To God you’ll answer and give an accounting…

And on that day I believe your family will look back see

How you made room in your ring for every single body

By Amy Blount 2020

I heard it once told like this…“A good man draws a circle around himself and cares for those within – his woman, his children. Other men draw a larger circle and bring within their brothers and sisters. But some men have a great destiny. They must draw around themselves a circle that includes many, many more.

This is a tribute to my pastor and his wonderful family. Happy 1st pastoral anniversary!


Perturbing thoughts, questions, ideas and plain old fashioned rants…how’s that for a title?

1. People who wear masks look at the unmasked with disdain.

2. The public in general are even more rude than before!

3. Taking your child in public is frowned upon…your starved to get out of the house, confused with the times child…

4. Time to have church at Walmart, Home Depot but not Dollar Tree. They didn’t like me without a mask in there.

5. No more friendly wave from the neighbor. We are now on opposite sides of the road and opinions.

6. Positve note: Those who were baffled with our decision to homeschool this year are now telling me how lucky we are not to be hassling with elearning and the confusion with emails and video classroom chats.

7. Hearts are turning to God!

8. I don’t envy the President. And I wish I could give him a hug…somedays.

9. I wonder what illnesses we will contend with when we all are scrubbed of good and bad germs and lowered immune systems as we walk out our doors when we finally can. Will they see then? Or just more political blame?

10. Anyone else notice the stares you get if you’re in a store chatting with someone you haven’t seen in a while? There us no fun allowed. It’s as if grocery shopping has become war. There are rules of engagement now and everyone is considered the enemy.

11. Come on America…we’re better than this. What would our founding fathers say to this behavior?


ruth 1.jpg

I am your Ruth, you’re my Naomi.

You’re such a crucial part of my testimony.

Motherless, always searching for a mother to love.

I found you and you showed me the way to the Father above.


Patient and kind, heart full of charity.

The mother I have in you surely is a rarity.

Quick to forgive, quick to understand.

Slow to anger, never do you demand.


No words could I spin to show how priceless you are.

No other mother’s love could ever reach as far.

Thank you for being what my own couldn’t be.

Thank you, thank you for your unconditional love for me.