A New Level


Time again to let you know you  won’t succeed.

Though, many skeptics might disagree.

I’ll always prefer the glass half full

Against your grain we will always pull.

Funny how you try to be unique;

Yet you’ve stolen every technique.

Emulating the sound of God’s voice

We know that your lies are merely noise.

We are diligent, we are sober, we are alert

of your way to always needle in and pervert…

our thoughts, our words and our actions.

We know your game, you won’t get your satisfaction!

So we will take into captivity every thought

And we will season each of our words with salt

We’ve been given the power to tread

upon serpents and scorpions, anything in your stead.

So move on out you nasty old devil

We are taking this fight to a whole new level.


Written by Amy Blount 2019


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