My February Post Picks

Hi all. I’ve been slacking on my post picks as of late. I have no excuse. I have a couple I’d like to share with you and urge you to read and follow these writers if you do not already.

Jeff Rab always has a nugget in his writings that we need to grab onto and hold tightly. Road Rage wrote just days ago will definitely have you nodding in relation as he shows us the two different types of people out there. Also read Pull up Your Pants I tell you, Jeff lucked out the day he decided to tell someone this and walked away without a shiner. Lol

Then go over and read Ryan Callahan’s post from today(Monday) I’m not adding the title or it will give it away! What I would like to say is, Ryan hits home what this blogging community coupled with God can accomplish. Praise God for his wife! You’ll see.

Lastly, I’ve had the pleasure of reading a series of true events written by a woman named Purple Rose. She has decided to step out  and write and reveal things that have happened to her…without being explicit. She has a way of taking you back there where she was and what she dealt with. As you read each piece you can read between the lines and see healing and confidence taking place. Mr. Godfather Part 1 is where you start.

Thanks to you all for always reading and liking and commenting on my stuff. I’m always looking for new ways to be inspired, so if you think of a scripture or a life situation that you’d like me to write/rhyme about, send me a double dare and see if I’ll take it. God bless


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