The Eyes of Jesus


After a quick flight I land at your gates

Where’s the knocker, is there a bell? Who awaits?

As if my questions were spoken out loud, the mighty prophets appear.

“Do you know where you are? Do you have what it takes to be here?”

I knew, here, there is no more anger, no more strife.

Just a simple question asked at the end of a life.

I follow a prophet past the gate and as we set out on our course…

I see a light everywhere but I can’t find it’s source.

I walk by a room filled with bottles, with no walls, no beginning, no end.

The prophet says, “Your tears, every one of them, my friend.”

A line is forming of people small and great.

At the end of this line I was told to wait.

No one speaks, no one makes a sound.

But some I see walking back from the front with a crown!

God’s throneroom is where I find my turn.

A white light coming at me is warm, it doesn’t burn.

I see Jesus seated on high, behind a podium looking into a book.

I fall to my knees, I always knew that I would.

For how could anyone stand to such power, to such good?

I lift my head and I look into his eyes.

He tells me, “My child please arise.

Look into my eyes I have something to show you.”

And as I peer into eyes of liquid, of fire and storm…

Images, shapes and events begin to form.

I see my birth when I almost died.

Him standing beside the doctors as they slap my backside.

I see the painful childhood, things I had to endure.

But now I see why I was sent there, now I’m finally sure.

I see my 5 dead children playing on heavens playground.

Laughing, singing on a beautiful merry-go-round.

I turn away, close my eyes with shame.

He speaks, “Look into my eyes and see who was really to blame.”

I look into his eyes bright with fire and I see the devil taking aim.

At this time, Jesus’ eyes turn to a watery soft blue.

And I see myself, head bowed, heart changing, becoming new.

At this moment is when Jesus looks down into his book of life

“Here’s your name, here’s your crown, here’s eternal life.”


I was asked to write a poem on the eyes of Jesus. Here’s the conversation thread where Stuart and Purple Rose came to the conclusion to ask me to do it. You may want to read the original post written by Purple Rose as she’s  unfolding her life events and how Jesus saved her. I don’t think I wrote what they were looking for as this piece became personal…but when writing on Jesus’ eyes…how could one not make it personal?Thanks for reading y’all.



71 Replies to “The Eyes of Jesus”

    1. Can you see it? Sometimes I wonder if what’s in my head comes out to others of what I’m seeing. Would you fall on your knees too? I think of that song I can only imagine and I think of course I’d fall to my knees…who wouldn’t? But then there are your dancers…they might wanna boogie their way to that podium

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  1. Beautiful! We have that painting framed in the kitchen. I talked with a mother a few years ago whose son had one of those athlete heart attacks when he was in high school. He almost died, but the Lord saved him. When he came out of unconsciousness, he was telling everyone that he had been with Jesus. His mother showed him that painting of Jesus (done by Akiane Kramarik) and he started crying and said “Yes, that’s Him.” I believe in the miracle of how the Lord painted that through Akiane when she was only 8. She said God told her to paint it and that He would help her and it would help people. His eyes are so beautiful I don’t even have the words! God bless you Amy!

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    1. Ryan, to be honest, after seeing Akiane’s painting years ago, I thought, in addition to her incredible talent as a painter, she had a wild immigration: “Jesus can’t look like that…” Isaiah 53:2 says there will be nothing about His appearance that would attract us to Him, just His words…
      But, last September, just days before I got pneumonia that almost killed me, I had a vivid and powerful dream – I was face to face with Jesus, and, this is the face I saw!
      Maybe, while on earth, Jesus wasn’t this handsome, but then came resurrection day! He looked different in His post-resurrection appearances, His own disciples didn’t recognize Him. I believe this is the face they saw – the resurrected Jesus!

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      1. That is awesome Bill, praise God!!! What a powerful and blessed dream! I completely agree with you! I 100% believe that is what He looks like. That is the painting the little kid from “Heaven Is For Real” was looking at too when he said, “that’s Him.” The Lord has done a beautiful miracle and it has been confirmed over and over by believers who see Him. Praise God! Always praying for you Bill. God bless you and your family!

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        1. Thank you so much for your prayers! I forgot to mention, these are the same eyes that I saw in my dream, too. I had never seen “Heaven Is For Real” before having the dream, but, while reading about Akaine, I discovered the four-year-old boy (depicted in the movie) saw the same face and eyes. I immediately watched the movie after learning this.
          Akaine’s picture is now hanging in our bedroom and it is the picture on my computer so it’s the first thing I see when I turn on my computer in the morning and it’s last thing I see before turning off my computer at night. It is Jesus!!!

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          1. That is so awesome! This really lifted me up and encouraged me today, praise God! I have had three confirmations that her painting is what Jesus looks like: the little boy, the woman in Texas whose son died and came back, and now you! So cool! That is enough confirmations for me–the little boy alone is enough! Thank You Jesus! God bless you Bill! P.S. Thank you Amy for this great post, God bless you!

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  2. Reblogged this on Something to Stu Over and commented:
    This was going to be in my post picks for March but something has kept gnawing at me to share it today. Someone…somewhere..needs this vision Amy has so beautifully created to get into their heart!

    So, I am following the prompting of the Holy Spirit and sharing.

    May whoever God intended to see this find hope and an overwhelming sense of love from the Father.

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  3. Holding back every drop of tear, Amy. My goodness. It’s as real as the chair I’m sitting on. And after I watched a stage production of the life of Jesus and it ending with Him welcoming Peter with arms wide open in heaven and me crying barrels of tears, I just saw you, and me, before Him, with those arms open wide. Amy, all this suffering of this present time is surely nothing compared to the glory He will reveal in us…eyes on the prize….eyes on the prize!

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  4. That was beautiful!

    I love letting my mind paint scenes of how I can only imagine being in the visible presence of Jesus, coloured by what I know from His Word but viewed as through a glass darkly. I can hardly wait to see Him, and all who love Him, fully, joyfully, forever!


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  5. Amy this gave me cold chills! It’s no coincidence that I’m just now reading this post today! About a week ago, I saw this picture of Jesus, and those eyes felt like they were looking into my very soul! So, I added it to my phone wallpaper. When I pick up my phone, there He is, so calming and assuring that anything ai face that day, this too shall pass. And He will be right there beside me through it all, as He always has been! This was so so powerful! Thank you for this! It really touched my heart!

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