Who is in Control?

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You are neat as a pin they always say.

Liking everything “just so” all going your way.

Your words are carefully sculpted, you meticulously choose.

Your winner mindset helps you to never lose.

Like a conductor of your life’s symphony.

You believe you’ve had some kind of epiphany.

Gripping the wheels so tight with white knuckles.

You drive your life’s train…until your rails buckle.

The straw that broke the camel’s back has finally been drawn.

Blindsided, dumbfounded, curled up and withdrawn.

Never were you meant to be the pilot; the captain of your ship.

Your carefully plotted courses now laying tattered and ripped.

Never were you meant to have all the answers rolled up in your back pocket.

Your life wasn’t made to be passed by faster than a rocket.

I see a Savior high upon a hill

Empty arms opens waiting for you to fill…

He is your Captain, your Conductor, your Co-pilot indeed

Let Him embrace you and care for your every need




14 Replies to “Who is in Control?”

  1. Because we are not perfect, none of us can have a perfect life. God, in His loving grace, will bring us to the point we need, to help us realize that, and look up.
    Lovely way to bring us God’s truth. Thank you.

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  2. There’s been times I’ve had to let Him out the boot/trunk! 😂
    But yes, ‘Lord let’s go on an adventure! You’re driving!’ 🙏🏻

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