No Man Cannot Hinder Me

Swallowing all of my despairs

Once a gain I fake it and put on airs

When you gonna ride in and save my day

When my feet lose grip and give way

That will be the day pain will dissolve

Sun become blackened, the earth no longer will revolve

No one will get in our way as we gallop upon the clouds

To a land where the redeemed will be allowed.

Fare thee well all! Today I’ll finally fly

King Jesus came and split that eastern sky

In that great gettin up morning

A final goodbye to all the mourning

When I get to heaven, gonna run the street

Peering into every face that I meet

There’s a few I really wanna see

A beautiful few gonna bounce on my knee

No man will get in my way

On that great beautiful day

Ever had a song in your heart? Sing it all the time. You love the song, the words and the catchy tune. But for some reason, unbeknownst to you, you didn’t have a clue what it really meant. Then one day it just clicks. That’s what happened today.

The song is Ride On King Jesus. I had even googled it awhile back. It’s an old song the African American slaves sang during their time of hopelessness. Their minds had to stay on the day King Jesus came riding on in to save them. And no man would get in their way when he did come back for them.

They say “In that great gettin up morning, fare thee well” some of our days may feel like this. I’d rather it be today jesus comes back, than live with this pain. We’ve all felt that way. But imagine the joy it must’ve put in the hearts of the slaves; this was where their hope lived…


14 Replies to “No Man Cannot Hinder Me”

          1. We were, then we moved to TN for 2 years, and then we moved back to SC 3 months ago. 🙂 We actually moved every year the past 4 years – 1 move to Ohio, 1 move to TN, 1 move to a second apartment in TN – 1 move back to SC. So, we are ready to stop moving.

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  1. 💕 💕 💕 Yes I have listened to a song before and did not see the meaning till one day it just seemed to click. There was one we sang for a while in our choir that said, “I hear you singing over me, you are mighty in the midst of thee, you rejoice over me a victorious shout.” I could not get what the significance of God singing over us meant. I prayed about it and had a dream. And then, God showed me in other ways…. I have never known what it was like to sit in my earthly fathers lap while he sang to me. God showed me a picture of Himself singing a lullaby over His child. It’s a feeling of being loved…Mothers mostly do this, but to know the LOVE of the Father in this way just touched me! That’s how much He loves us! ❤️

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