What’s Your Cause?

Seems like everyone these days has a cause

Like sounding trumpets, they shout without pause

From, save our planet for it is warming

To, look at the same sex couple, aren’t they charming?

And although standing for what you believe used to be the way

Now they kneel for the flag to have their say

Shouldn’t we stand for what is right, what is good?

Sadly, the lines are blurred and misunderstood

How does all this nonsense settle with you?

Each day reading and hearing something new

Time speeding, rumors of wars, weird weather

Vaccines, plagues, hatred too hardened to sever

Are you ready to stand for a cause with your Savior?

Are you ready to stand against evil and not waver?

Will your feet stay planted on solid ground

Or will they betray you when you hear that sound….

Of the end of days as He predicted

He hears the hearts of the afflicted

What will be your cause on that Earth shattering day?

When Jesus comes to take His bride away

Amy’s Wonderful World

Hi all. Been busy as usual. I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog posts. After I took my blogging break and decided to come back,I went through the blogs I followed and sorted through them. This enabled me to clear out my daily incoming emails. It also allowed me to be able to read the blogs I wanted and not be over-run by so many in my feed. Stu, my friend, I’m glad to see you up and going again. I know you never really stopped, but rather slowed down. But to me that slow down was like…Hey wait! Where’s Stu?

Charity, I’m glad to have you back as well, being the wonderful encourager that you are. Renee! Something about every post you out out shouts optimism, sunshine and rainbows… and of course, hearts.

Kathy I love that you’re still cranking out unique recipes each Friday. Golly jeepers, just where did you get such a cool idea from?🤔 All kidding aside, your outlook is always positive and uplifting! I’m sure I’m not the only one that appreciates that!

Bruce, I appreciate your steadfast truth. I also just love when you write from the heart and experiences.

There are many other blogs I’m following as well. Go check em out, here they are:





Ok y’all, I know you want pics of my exciting life!🤪 Actually something wonderful happened! A couple weeks ago the girls and I watched Heaven is for Real. A movie about a boy who goes to Heaven during a surgery. The girls and I talked for quite a while after. Then last Sat night I get this from my 8 year old.

She sometimes gives me these letters rather than ask a question

Yes it says can I get baptized tomorrow!

Don’t tell my husband I out his picture up on here!🤫 Lol. He gets shy about those things!😏

I told my Leah, when she was asking about the water and how long she be under, that the water would feel like any other water. She had once asked me if there was blood in the baptismal, Jesus’s blood. It was hard for her to understand the significance at that time. So I knew she wanted to get baptized but needed a new direction of thought. So I told her that the water would be warm. That it would feel the same and that nothing would really happen in that moment….not here on Earth! I told her about the party that would happen in Heaven. How the minute she came out of that water, Jesus would be opening a book in heaven. I got Revelation out and read it to her just so she would know I wasn’t giving her some fairy tale. I explained to her that her name would be written in the Book of Life.

When she stepped into the room where I helped her dry off and change she said, “Jesus is having that party now. He’s writing my name in that book!” How I pray that thought excites her as much as it did that day for the rest of her life!


Image found on the internet

Always doin’ the right thing

How they love make fun as you sing

Always stickin’ to your word

How they snicker and call you absurd

Always standin’ up to heed the call

As they sit back and wait for you to fall

Always runnin’ to the aid of the hurt

While they figure a way to steal your shirt

You see, your standin’, your stickin’ and your doin’…

Makes them angry and want to see your ruin

But after so much, you wonder why is it this way?

Because evil has always fought good since that fallen day

Chin up dear helper and friend

For into the battle, yes He did send…

You and your good ways to always remind others

That on this earth, we should always be brothers

So keep doin’ what’s right, always show them the truth

Keep stickin’ to your word with wisdom and cooth

Keep runnin’ to always help the hurt and the lost

Keep doin’ the right thing no matter the cost

For God your Father always awaits the day you bring them along

To Heaven to join the choir’s eternal song

A challenge for you reader. I find the word always to be a way to make things worse. It can also make things or the way we see things better. Your challenge, along with mine, is to see how much you use always in your day talk. And when you do ask yourself, “Am I using always to magnify the negative or the positive?”

Step In

Image found on internet

Wondering about Your miracle Power

How it feels like a love shower

Each and every time You step in

Heal, lift up, save the lost in sin

Perfect and upright are You in every way

Lord step in and save our day

For evil climbs to reign, tries to conceal

To strip away this county’s founding ideals

Hate abounds at every turn

In their passions and lusts do they burn

Although the adversary thinks he has us beat

One day we’ll see his back in retreat

And when we catch up, knock him down

We’ll wonder how this puny tyrant ever had us bound

Amy’s Jan/Feb World

Hi’ya all. Been busy, busy around here. I think often of how women my age(47) are becoming grandmothers. I wonder how it must feel for them. Most women I know just love it. I see how women were mostly designed to have children earlier on. At my age, I have a 26 yr old, 11yr old, and an 8 yr old. Some days are plain, mentally exhausting. It is getting easier as the girls are more ready to wheel and deal with me to get what they want, rather than the good old fashioned fits they used to throw. I do realize I have their teenage years yet…

Hands down, I’d never trade it for anything.

Anyways, I believe I’ve moved on from grief finally. There were some weeks there I didn’t think I’d ever feel like me again. Now it is replaced with a longing to see my friends again. I feel alot more level headed. Thanks to those who prayed for me and to those who commented. I love this community of people.

Crochet blanket I finished from Vanna White pattern book. Who knew Vanna was so artsy. I always imagined her in fancy clothes eating bon bons all day
Our quizzers were able to quiz after an emotional week of wondering is it cancelled, is it not? Abigail did so good!
While I left unfinished cookie dough in the kitchen, my husband made huge cookies with it!
Scrunchies I made. Use any hair tie and crochet right onto them.
We have snow! Here’s their cool snow fort their dad made them
This is what they do during recess. No other kids are as lucky!
Putting in a new bathroom in our basement. Here’s the before pic. I’ll share our progress as we go along
Ever seen something so funny? First of all, neither of us have such big lips! And secondly, my ability to climb a tree left me with my 20’s

We are studying 5th grade science. We just learned the planets along with the moon and the sun. It amazes me how God set the Earth in just the right position. He is so broadly awesome in His creations.

Our pastor preached a wonderful teaching sermon a couple weeks ago. He talked about how when mom or dad pass on, how their adult children fight over the sugar bowl or something that was special of their dad’s. My pastor talked about what if we had a such a powerful relationship with God that our children wanted that when we are gone. That our legacy would be our walks with God. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

At Last

Hush child, quiet your cries

I know ‘ya been listening to those lies

You’re so much more than what you hear

Come closer lend me your ear

Let me tell you of somewhere to go

Where can set your cares down and know…

That you are safe and free

To lay it down and just finally be

From one wrong to another wrong

On the run you’ve been for so long

Wouldn’t you like to just breathe?

Wouldn’t you like more than a reprieve?

There’s a place I know where you can go

In His presence I just know…

your cries can become echoes, memories of the past

As you lay your life in His hands finally at last

Memorials in Heaven

Pray for this little girl Nevaeh, that answers concerning repeated seizures would be found this very day.

I heard it once told of memorials stacked up high

Every prayer on top of the other up in the sky

To pray and pray again; send them on up

Even when there’s no answer; never give up

Do I have a tower up there with my name on it?

I’m sure the Lord does with it what He sees fit

But today I asked him to go to another’s tower

I remember her prayers that she would shower…

Upon Heaven for each and every saint…

Her prayers she prayed for the heavy and the faint

For today my pleas don’t seem to be going through

A little girl needs You to do the work only You can do

So go to the memorial set up by a departed friend

Find the prayers she prayed for this child weekly she’d send

Answer each and every time she’d cry out her name

And send Your Holy fire, Your purifying flame

New Beginnings

Climbing up out of despair

I can smell the crisp fresh air

Walking away, not a broken bone in sight

I swear I saw an angel lift off in flight

Or was it Your luminous glowing Light

Wrapped around me as my car took flight?

Such kindness; such love-could I ever repay?

You literally saved my life that day

A new chance; a do-over You’ve given me

A new beginning is all I see!

Those bars held me in so many years

Daily I heard their snarls and jeers

And for a season I played along….

With the politics of the inside- all wrong.

Til the day they beat me to the core

My dignity seemed gone forevermore

But survival came as You reached in

My heart you grabbed up my sin

A new chance; a do-over you’ve given me

A new beginning is all I see

Growing up in poverty and daily shame

Scornfully looked upon by those who knew my name

Knowing I couldn’t beat the statistics, I relented

There’s no God, the idea was cemented

Until the day I heard Your Holy Word come forth

From a preacher’s lips, my eyes looked North

And I saw Your miraculous Hand reach down

And surround me with a love so sound

You gave me a new name; a new song

No longer living in the dark; in the wrong

A new chance; a do-over You’ve given me

A new beginning is all I see!

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away. Behold all thing become new. 2 Cor. 5:17

Why I Choose to Stay Home With My Children

Being a stay-at-home mother just doesn’t get the appreciation that it used to. Seems like with the women’s movement during the 20’s thru 50’s, many women now almost get looked down upon for staying home in a domesticated role. Not everyone sees it this way of course.

Being a good mom was all I’ve ever wanted to be. Some of my fondest childhood memories consist of pushing my doll in a stroller. Or waiting impatiently to get my first Cabbage Patch doll equipped with her very own birth certificate! I also have memories of taking a 2 liter pop bottle and transforming it into my “child”, until it became too heavy and awkward to lug around. 😏

I choose to stay home for the simplest of reasons. To be there for my children. To mold them and shape them into what I believe they can become. Good mothers and wives themselves one day who will love God.

My days look somewhat like this…

I wake to a tapping on my leg, mommy, mommy she did this, or she did that, while the other runs in my bedroom yelling, I didn’t mean to. These days make it hard to get out of bed. But nonetheless, life must be dealt with and duties won’t do themselves. We have breakfast. We pray. We start our school day. During their lunch/recess time I either do laundry, vacuum, or prepare part of dinner. Most days I do all three. Once they come in from outside, we go back to school. Once school is over it’s time to put the meal on, fold another load of laundry, and dishes after dinner. Some evenings we go right into church evening service, or Doves(a girls scouts program at church) or Bible Quiz practice at the church. I get to crochet in the evenings and put the girls to bed. Then we do it all over again.

It seems as though I may be complaining but I’m not. Except for laundry…I’m pretty sure I was put on this earth to wash, dry, fold, hang up, and put away.

Stay-at-home mothers make many sacrifices. The household income is less for one. Which then makes the purchase decisions difficult at times. I have to remind myself quite often, when seeing a working mom pull up in her new SUV, that I have made a decision to better the future for my children. This thought wasn’t always there for me as I would try my hardest to keep up with the other competing moms. But this school year something inside me is changing. A resolve in my spirit. Here’s an example of my mental dialogue that maybe you, a struggling stay-at-home mom, need to adopt: Look at that nice car so and so just got! Oh well. Being home teaching my child how to care for herself is more important. I want to be the one to teach her the things a budding young girl needs to know. I don’t want her “friend” showing her how to shave or telling her about sex and how it’s not that bad once you do it the first time.

I know what you’re going to say next. We can’t keep our kids away from every influence out there. And you’re right. But I can be the one she gets her first information from and I plan to give her the truth. I can beat those other influences to the punch. I can teach her, guide her by gaining her trust.

Why do I choose to be a stay-at-home mom? Because my children need me. I enjoy seeing their progress in school and with life skills.

There’s so much more to this life than brand name foods and clothes. There’s so much more than fancy new cars, remodeling your home every two years, and picture perfect family photo Christmas cards. For those women who can juggle all of that, my hat is off to you. But for me…my goal is preparing my children to make it to heaven. This goal is a daily uphill battle that this mom struggles with each day.

One more thing for you moms getting through the day feeling like you may not have done it the best it could’ve been done….I know how you feel. You feel like there’s no escaping your job. Most people punch a time card and then walk away from their jobs. They leave their machines or their desks behind in a building somewhere. But for us, our jobs surround us daily. Even when the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, there’s still that sink of dishes beckoning you. There’s still that rug that needs swept.

I was recently, and inevitably will be again, feeling this very same thing. So my husband and I went to a hotel for two nights. I didn’t do much of anything but veg out and just relax. A night away is not enough when you get to this point. Because the first night you’re still unwinding. 2 or 3 nights and you’re a new person!

The kids deserve the best you that you can be.

Stay tuned for what changed my mind to become a homeschool mom and how a school day looks like from my perspective.

Be On The Lookout…

Wow that sounds like a good poem title. 🤔

In the meantime, be on the lookout for a series I’m going to write titling it :Why I Choose….”

I’ll talk about being a stay-at-home mom, what a devoted wife should be, and a homeschool parent. Ill share why I choose these paths and how they are similar and how they are different from one another.

Many of you that read my writings are retired and have been down these roads yourselves, but many of you know friends and family in the midst of these roles. Please share with those that may need some encouragement and understanding.