There’s Someone

Don’t you see you’re spiraling out of control?

How far are you willing to go down this hole?

The walls are starting close in on you

They’re too thick for you to break through

You’re spinning in endless circles of defeat

Can you hear the enemy’s lies; his deceit?

How far can you allow yourself to go?

Before the person in the mirror you no longer know

There’s Someone who can stop your spiral

Someone who can stop the spinning from going viral

Replacing whispering lies with shouts of love

Peace descending upon you as a white dove

Think it not possible? Not true…

That a God like that could love you?

He created and knew you in the womb

Let Him raise you from your tomb

Don’t you see you’re spiraling out of control?

How far are you going to go down this hole?

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Something Royal

That day you went looking for what you needed

All thoughts of reason had faded, receded

You fled the register, hands full of cash

Your mind lying to you that what you did was rash

Only one way, only one way you saw

To make your gut’s teeth stop their relentless gnaw

The you you knew long time faded from the mirror

I wonder could you see Jesus standing by, always near?

Behind barbed wired walls you now abide

Caged feeling and regret by your side

No light in the darkness in a place like that

Cruelty of others ready to knock you down flat

How we all wish it hadn’t come to this

Say goodbye to freedom with a kiss

But what if…what if there is something new?

Around the bend, down the road a mile or two

Bigger than your plans or hopes could dream

Something royal; a calling flowing in your bloodstream

Your Father, your King awaits!

Watch Him as He draws His plans, creates

A course He’s plotted out for you in mind

One thing He asks is to leave the past behind

Give Him your will, pass the test

And I guarantee your God will do the rest

Daily Free — A New Life

I got to thinking about this poem that I wrote last year, may it touch someone today

I’ve taken all my cares and threaded them through my hook One strong flick of the wrist is all it really took As the line took its flight over the big giant sea I watched my sins float on the forgetful waters merrily Like a mammoth whale you rose from the water’s deep And […]

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Run to the Streets

Stress stressin you out; run to the pack

Did it take away the anxiety attack?

Long week, bills due; run to the bar

Did alcohol wash away money due on the car?

Pain comes peircing your heart; run to the pill

Who’s in charge? Where is your will?

Boss riding your back; run to the pot

You’re late again, pink slip is all you got

No job, no money, all day pain

With a handful of addictions to sustain

Eviction notice and no where to go…

Run to the streets; now your problems grow

Head hanging down low, sober feels too strange

Your sign reads “Can you spare some change?”

Where can you run now wayward son?

Two options left when it’s all said and done

Pick the One that gives you life

Pick the One that can end all strife

It’s never too late to turn to Him

He won’t hold a grudge against your sin

He’ll pick you up, put you back on you feet

He will get you off the dirty street

He will wash you white as snow

Until peace and joy is all you know

Amy’s January World

We had our first Quiz meet Saturday where our team competes with other teams. (The meet we had in Dec was a retreat where each individual child was quizzed and scored) Our church has 3 teams. Our junior team placed 3rd! This is a big win for us! My abigail did great.

Here she is with one our beginner quizzers. They both got top individual score trophies. Putting the word of God in their hearts is the main goal. I try so hard not to be too competitive….I try. Lol

My Leah who is 7 and unique is not into bible quizzing and I’m ok with that. She is shy as far as getting up in front of a crowd. She recently became interested/ obsessed with dinosaurs, thanks to the show on Prime “Dinosaur Dana”. Leah spent part of last week trying to catch a Dinosaur by hanging a string of yarn with a chunk of her pancake attached at the bottom. Her sister took the chunk and wrote a note thanking Leah for the treat. I later found Leah crying. She was upset because she was never going to catch one; a baby T-rex, imagine that! I explained that there’s no way she could catch one since they’re extinct. I was thinking I was making it better on her because now she wouldn’t be disappointed in herself for not catching one. WRONG! Now she cried even harder because she didn’t know they were extinct and that she would never get to see one at all. Lol. Beautiful imagination. We forget as adults just how our kids see things. We also take for granted that our kids already know the things we know.

Doves is going strong. I recently was given a Cricut for free. It’s an older model but does the job. I cut out each of the girls’ names and little extras. Wrote the meaning of their names on cards and had them paste it all on construction paper. We bought the frames at the Dollar store. Every girl, young or adolescent, loves anything with her name on it. And if she can make it herself then that’s double the fun!

Still working on the hula hoop loom rugs. Some girls are experts already at it, while others get to weaving and weaving before we catch a problem and have to unravel half of it.

Homeschool is still going great. Abigail has started to learn how to read music. It’s amazing to watch a young bright mind pick up so easily on things. I keep having to stop and count back the letters to remember what the notes are while she’s on the floor playing and naming them off on a little keyboard!

My first grader Leah is plugging away. She is reluctant to learn more than she has to, but even she sees how far she’s come since we started school. I must constantly dangle a carrot in front of her most days to keep her going. She has come to realize it’s the way it is and she doesn’t have to like it, but she does have to do it.

Chicken and dumpling soup

I got an instant pot for Christmas from the best mother in law in the world! This is one appliance every kitchen should have! You can do anything in it! We’ve been having chicken and dumpling soup once a week lately. It’s just so yummy. Keto diet and I aren’t talking right now, as it’s Keto fault for being so difficult! (That’s denial talking y’all)

I’m doing well with all other things. I have my moments and my days, but don’t we all? I’m still trying to learn how to slow down and not plan too much too far…still a struggle though. Aside from learning about the rest in God’s presence we all need, I’ve been learning what it means to search out my own salvation with fear and trembling. What does my salvation in the Lord look like?


Something unique happened to me this past Sunday night. I want to share it with you because the more I think on it, the more I realize we could all remember the lesson I learned.

During our song service Sunday night at church I decided to sit for the second half of it. It had been a long weekend and a long day. I sit in the aisle seat of our pew. Years of getting up and down with kids requires it. When I open my eyes there’s someone standing there looking down on me. I realize it was a woman who has been baptized and filled with God’s spirit before. I worked with her and gave her a Bible study a few years ago. I tried so hard with her. She was an alcoholic, and that pulled her back to world after a few months of her trying.

Looking back, there were times I think I wanted her saved more than she did for herself. I remember investing so much thought and worry into her. I also remember that she reminded me of my mother in the way she went at life, the way she avoided being honest with herself.

I couldn’t reach out to her much after she slid backwards because I had to protect myself from the addictive behavior. Her personality was the exact type I would’ve partied with back in the day. I had to be careful.

So here she is standing before me with tears in her eyes. She said she drove by the church and decided to pull in. We hugged several times. Then I continued to stand and sing. She followed cue. She cried on and off. She was drunk. Not falling over drunk, but enough the whole area smelled of vodka.

She would cry and cry. I’d hand tissues and hug. Then she’d stop like it was a faucet, wipe her tears and smile and sing. It was frustrating for me. All I kept thinking was, ya drove here for a reason….go get it.

When it was time for the preaching, she sat, I sat. I didn’t know what to do. I just kept thinking let the preached word wash over her. Let it break down the walls she’s put up.

I dared to look over to see how she was doing, if she needed another tissue….she was asleep! So I started amen-ing louder than I usually do so that she would jerk awake. I was afraid she’d snore, or plop over on pew, or on me. Oh Lord what do I do? Lord what was the point in her showing up if not to jump all in?

God reminded me in that moment of the times I was drunk. How I’d have a remorseful heart about something or someone. He reminded of the several hasty decisions I made while drunk. Decisions made based on wholly emotion with no thought.

She hadn’t thought it through. She hadn’t been planning on showing up. She just took a left into the parking lot. She was hurting, she was tired. A daily drinking habit is very exhausting on the body. She needed rest. And when the preached word came across that pulpit it calmed the storm in that woman and gave her rest. Something we should seek the next time we sit in church. Not so much to konk out or nod off, but that we purposely find peace in our hearts.

The church, my church, even yours, should be an oasis to those who may just need a rest. They should feel comfortable to come in and rest in God’s presence. Because maybe, just maybe one time they’ll come in after taking thought on it. And we the church need to be ready to receive them no matter what state they’re in. I am guilty of looking upon her in confusion, judgement, wondering why she showed in the first place. But when I hit my head on my pillow that night, God showed me…in His presence not only is there liberty but there is rest.

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Hole to Whole

How I wanted you, needed you so bad

But the hope of you is all I ever had

Til this day never did I get to have you

To this day there’s nothing but an idea of you

Wanting someone who didn’t want me

Surely they all see the absurdity

The instinct of a mother they all have, they say…

But what about the longing of daughter? Where’s that come into play?

All these years later I really do see

You couldn’t see past you, to see me

To terms I’ve come with my fate

To terms I’ve come; no longer myself do I berate

Someone loves me for me and I’m ok!

Someone comforts me and shows me His way

Never will He sneak away in the night

For He is always keeping me in His sight

He cares and fills that empty hole

His love for me has made me whole