Two thousand two hundred and forty six lost lives were found today

Lives that never had a chance in live in any kind of way

Remains is what they are bieng called

Truth comes out leaving most appalled

For some they say it’s simply a choice

That all need to hear their side, their voice

But what do they have to say for something so heinous?

Where the line is clear, lacking any grayness?

A life is life is a life I now know

Inside a womb it was intended to grow

Sly old fox a’runnin and telling lies

Will one day meet his ultimate demise

Although they died as result of sin

The unborn will all ultimately win

And on that day their voices will finally cry out

From the bosom of Abraham we’ll hear their victory shout!

A long time abortionist died this month. On his property, 2,246 fetal remains, all medically preserved, were found. I believe those on both sides would have to admit the sheer sickness of it. Let’s pray for our country today as the realness of the number 2,246 settles in our minds and hearts.


An Update

Hi all! I wanted to take a moment to let you, my readers, know I’m still here. Things are productive and going well. Homeschooling my girls takes up most of my days and my thoughts. The creative juices just won’t flow. I tell myself that’s ok for now.

We’ve gotten into a routine with the work and what’s expected out of the other. My 4th grader cried today because she got three words wrong on her spelling test. I will, and have been, trying to work with her on letting go of the need to be perfect. A hard concept to teach when I struggle with it myself. I keep saying to her, almost everyday, “It’s ok to make mistakes.” She just looks at me through the tears in her eyes as though she doesn’t believe me. It’s as if she’s saying, “It may be ok for you, but not for me!” I just try to remind myself that with time that maternal voice will speak to her throughout her years.

We are learning so much. It’s cool how that both girls are using the same curriculum. Fist grade social studies is teaching about what fourth grade history is teaching about. Just on a different scale. I’m learning alot too. Since I never could make it to history class most of my four years of high school. (Such a rebel was I)

My first grader is doing well with the video lessons. Upon purchasing the books needed, I learned that cursive is taught first. Say what? I had a hard time deciding if I should make the switch. I was worried it would discourage my daughter more. After a week of it though, she is doing quite well. My friend sent me an article stating why they choose cursive over manuscript. Did you know that up until like 1922 everyone learned cursive first? Some schools, nowadays have even done away with it, making it hard for kids to read other’s cursive writing. Cursive first is also easier for the child because it allows more fluid and curved lines; which an untrained hand is more inclined to do. Where manuscript is rigid in its need to have straight lines and perfect circles.

I emailed my friend Kathy to ask her opinion. She helped to me with my decision to switch her to cursive. Thanks Kathy.

We’ve managed a field trip to the zoo which was fun for all. And a couple trips to the local library for the homeschool class they have.

I implemented a reward system with paper tickets that have the girls eager to do what it takes to earn them. They have a jar full of small trinkets that they can buy out of with their tickets. Tickets can be taken away too as my first grader found out this week.

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. He was romantic and booked a room and reservations for dinner and tickets to a play! We saw “To Kill a Mockingbird” The plans he made were secret. All I knew was we were going overnight and the rest unfolded before my eyes. No one has done such a thoughtful thing for me. Thank you Mike. You are a true and real friend to me. I love you.

Monkeys watching monkeys!

My cousin made this for me! She custom designs them. Leave a comment if you want to have one made.

We started the keto diet! This is taco casserole
Keto taco stuffed peppers
Comfort Suites never disappoints with their beautiful rooms
A small civic theater in Lafayette, In.
I cried at the end. 😭

I don’t usually remark about the status of my blog, but 500? Wow. Thanks to those who read my stuff. You are appreciated.

Out of the Ashes

How did it all go so wrong?

What once was a happy tune, now a mournful song

On top of the world one day, you were

The next, sitting slumped and unsure.

How does it go so quickly from this to that?

Now you’re wearing a different hat.

Turning away on the path as you slid back

to the old ways, down that same old track

A life known so abundantly

Gone in a flash so rapidly

Where freedom stood, now filled with chains

Addiction and seven others now remains

And though you’re gripped so tightly

You still have the chance to live up rightly

The ball is in your court, only in your hands

Your surrender, is all the King demands

Lift that heavy, weary foot

Walk to the altar, lay down every root

And again your house can be swept clean

And his promises and blessings will you glean.

Looking For Hope

In memory of Sept 11th, 2001 I’m reposting this poem I wrote in May of this year in response to a school shooting incident. This poem is fitting even for that tragic day 18 years ago. I do have a new poem in the works. God bless you all. And God bless those who mourn loved ones today.

Tragedy struck our town today. Never did we see it coming our way. Sirens screaming out their cry. As hundreds of responders whizz by. Innocent lives hanging by a thread. As revenge settles in, faces turn red. How could this happen? Who’s to blame? Fingers pointing, anger boiling in the flames. What do […]

via Looking For Hope — A New Life

Something New

Image found on Google

I see you out of the corner of my eye trying to hide
Thinking upon my shoulder you might get a free ride

I see you with the eyes in the back of my head

With your pitchfork of deception, your thorns of red
I heard hell’s mouth hath grown large

it let you out thinking you’re in charge

But death where exactly is your sting?

Hell, your victory, I do not hear you sing

Maybe you haven’t read the Word

That my Shepard cares for His herd

With cattle on a thousand hills

The chaos you bring…He stills!

With a set jaw and a nod of His mighty head

He calls for his angels to fight in my stead

I’d tuck my tail and run if I were you

Because my God is about something new

His Spirit Devine

Don’t be so quick to judge

It can happen to anyone…

The doctor, the lawyer

The rich, the poorer

Addiction doesn’t discriminate

Put you in an early grave, steal your fate.

Even could make you miss the Gate.

So hold to God’s unchanged hand

Set your aim on the promised land

The pill, the whap, the push, the bump…

None will get you over the hump

The drag, the puff, the bag, the line

Never will feel like His Spirit Devine

He’s the: way maker,

Manna bread baker,

Name Taker,

Soul waker,

Enemy shaker,

No mistaker,

Dust of the earth shaper!

Pics provided by Kathy Wire’s trip to the Outer Banks

My husband wrote this last week. He has been freed of addiction and has been clean 10 years. He writes from experience.


We’ve completed our second week of homeschool here at our house. It’s our first time at it as many of you know. It is definitely a challenge and there are so many moments where I think, “What have I decided to do?” Or, “Am I cheating them out of anything as far as education or socialization?” But then my husband will send me a link to the latest news headlines on what education boards across America are voting into their curriculums, and I know that I am doing the right thing.

An Ohio school board just passed a law to include the history of the LGBTQ movement into their history curriculum! Say what? I read last spring of some school boards in California wanting to include pictures of male and female genitalia to show to children as young as kindergarteners and first graders. I’m not sure if that got passed or not. I don’t know the specifics, but isn’t that enough to know that our children are becoming prey to an agenda to demoralize their characters? An agenda to make wrong, right and right, wrong.

I know the discussion can go either way in all of this as far as how far should a parent go to protect their kids. Should we hide them under a rock and when they get older they won’t know how to be in this world? Or should we put them into the schools, let their lights shine onto the lost? These are just some of the opinions out there. I can’t say as I’m ready to get on a soapbox somewhere or storm the steps of Congress on it all, but I can say it’s been a desire of mine for a long time to be a homeschool mom. I am so very glad that God healed my mind enough to be able to do it. Not that there won’t be hard days. I’m well aware. As the first four days were very hard.

The first week I had established an easy setup for my first grader. I learned very quickly that it wouldn’t be enough. She was and still is a reluctant learner. It’s not easy to teach her as she not excited about learning…at all. It was discouraging because when I have my teacher hat on, I’m ready to pour into her all kinds of new and exciting things. But she’s not wanting it. It’s like buying a gift for someone who opens it and throws it down and runs away from you. Lol.

This did bring to mind our Lord. Think about it. He wants to give each of us that abundant life the Bible talks about. He wants to step in and bring that peace we’ve been searching for. He wants to bless us with that new job, that freedom from addiction, or even heal us from our childhood. And there we stand with our arms folded, nose in the air saying “no” to Him time and time again. Mostly because we don’t want to do it His way. (There’s your freebie for the day)

I had to scramble to figure out how I was going to tailor her learning to fit her needs. My other daughter who is in 4th grade is using the Abeka program. It’s Christian based and simply wonderful. There are many facets to it. Many books and worksheets and test and quizzes. My 4th grader thrives on routine. Loves, loves learning; this was a great fit for her. But I didn’t think my reluctant learner could keep up with Abeka. That’s why I didn’t use it for her at first.

As I watched my reluctant student over a couple days, I knew something had to change. I ordered the Abeka workbooks for Math, social studies, and science for her with the intention to teach her from them. I found a book that simplifies teaching your child to read and write based on individualized techniques to hopefully cover language arts. But then!! I prayed, Lord show me what to do. The next morning my good friend called me to tell me we could use the teaching dvd’s for abeka that her daughter is currently doing! God is so good. These DVDs are going to step up learning for my daughter. She’s already watching them and interacting with them. Thank you my friend Mandy! My family is blessed to know your family.

The DVDs are of a teacher leading her class using Abeka. She engages the “kids watching at home” too. She pauses when needed so there is plenty of time for my child to keep up. Whew….what a load off. I am still engaged with helping her learn. I can hear what’s going on during the DVD, pause it, and ask my daughter necessary questions to make sure she’s understanding.

I’ll keep you all posted on our success throughout the year, if you want. In the meantime, we are going to the zoo this next week as well as the library for an one hr weekly class just for homeschooled kids.

The blessed whiteboard…where all the magic happens. Posting their assignments makes life a bit easier.
A few Abeka workbooks for first grade. They’re colorful and the directions are clearly marked. Most importantly you’ll find God in them too!

Makeshift desk out of a chair…for now.
My diligent fourth grader! Could be president one day and this picture could be worth millions!
The one con to homeschooling so far! Big, crunchy, live beings in jars in my home. Her science activity work was to make an insect zoo by putting all kinds of bugs in separate jars. Thing is, grasshoppers have taken over our yard…and now my kitchen. Ewe