Question #4 Liebster Award


One way to describe You, to put my finger on the spot

Is to point out all of the things You are not


You are not a computer; algorithms calculating

You are not a caffeinated coffee percolating

You are not the almighty dollar investing

You are not the majestic eagle up high nesting


You are not a roof over a head protecting

You are not a government agency detecting

You are not the finest car; turbo engines racing

You are not the hottest band; your followers chasing


You are not a drug; the pain dissolving

You are not a renowned scientist; theories resolving

You are not the latest and greatest iPhone ringing

You are not a Hollywood superstar your praises they’re singing


You are God, You are all around

You are God, only Your mercy can be found

You are God, only You know it all

You are God, only Your grace cushions our fall


You are God, only You have all power

You are God, Your coming, only You know the hour


I was nominated for the Liebster award by Stu. He asked his nominees several questions but one stuck out. And if you know me, I have a tendency to break the award rules some. I’ve decided to answer only question 4. Describe God. Thing is, how do you describe God? Chew on that for a day and let me know what you come up with! I decided to describe what He’s not. I also added in the 3 things I know for sure that He is. omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent.

So my nominees are open for this one. With an open invite to anyone daring to answer question #4. Describe God. Let’s get a good conversation going by commenting below more things He’s not or more things you know He is.



When are you going to come?

The battles have already begun.

So many ugly sights

Ideas that begin the fights

images (15).jpeg

The harm we bring our way

Getting more disgusting each day

Not wanting to admit to what we are

The behavior is getting more bizarre


Thinking we have some upper hand

On mankind; upon your lands

Boasting superior intelligence

Spouting pure belligerence


And all the while your nostrils flare

Knowing the way we treat you isn’t fair

Like a disappointed parent you look on with love

Wondering to yourself how we miss your giant hand above


If only we would open our eyes and see…

Upon Your promises we can stand firmly

If only we would open our eyes and see…

You love each and every one of us unconditionally

20180811 (1).jpg




Eternally Stocked


Can’t get ahead? Feel like you’re not enough?

Wondering how did life’s journey get this tough

Afraid to look up, chin in your chest

No eye contact for you know you’ll never be the best.


That wall you face forever stays planted

Closed to you, your admission never granted

No getting around it, slumped in defeat

Head in your hands, now you know you’re beat


Can I share with you something more?

Can I show you Someone you’ve never known before?

Can I lead you to One who will fight for your soul?

The One who gave His life to pay your toll


Maybe you did know Him at one time before

Turning away you walked out that door

Can I show you the door is never locked

His shelves of forgiveness are eternally stocked


So get up out of your stupor of defeat

There’s a new Way, new day for you to greet!

Turn your back from the old and face the new

As God makes all the new changes in you



Devotional- A New Love


“Was that a snicker I heard? Did a part of a smile just go across her face?” I asked myself these questions in the half of a second I had in a conversation with a friend a couple weeks ago. I’m pretty sure now, looking back, that she was snickering at me for my overprotective-mother-nature. (Don’t Google that phrase as I just made up a new clinical term for us ‘helicopter moms’)

Tonight, as I write this, I dropped my 9 year old daughter off at camp. It’s left me with some new feelings and emotions. Being an expressive person, I have recently shared my thoughts and feelings on leaving my innocent child in a new building, new bed, and 2 1/2 hours away! I’ve gotten more snickers and looks like I’m absurd, than usual.

As I drove away from her today my heart got heavier and heavier. Thoughts of “what if” swirling around with thoughts of “I’m forgetting something. Oh yeah, my daughter!” I shared my thoughts with my friends and family in the car: as I did I realized something…

I thought it’s been fear and anxiety plaguing me the last couple days. And yes there is some there, but not an unhealthy amount. But there is something so much bigger, grander.

If you know my story, you know I have 5 children in heaven. Two at my own decision. I’m forgiven and you can read about that all here. Today, God has shown me how love has grown in me. He’s healed my heart and opened it to freely love! The more I walk away from my past and keep it under the blood; the more my heart heals and sees things, everything differently.

In order to live in the world and be like the world, one must have a cloak around their hearts. You must get street-smart quick and learn to roll with the punches, no matter how hard they hit. If a person can’t do these things they usually find their comfort in anger or hide in addiction. The heart is not allowed to love freely. Not the way God designed it to love. Not even a mother can feel the full extent of love when being bogged down with addiction or shame or regret.

When God lifts and clears anger, shame and addiction, the walls around the heart slowly fall down and the heart is exposed to a new feeling. A raw emotional feeling. God showed me today that this is where I’ve been the last year or so…in a place called a new love.

It isn’t fear that stops me or holds me back with certain things concerning my children. It’s love. Because of a new love, I will fear this evil world enough to keep them from being to big of a part of it. Because of a new love, I will keep an eye on where they are and who they are with. Because of a new love, I feel a pressure that time is ticking fast for me to pour all I can into them before they take off on their own paths.

Snicker if you will at my overprotective-mother-nature. Think to yourself how absurd I look to you. But I dare you to get close because this new love could rub off on you!



screen-shot-2016-03-24-at-10-35-03-pm.jpgUnstoppable work is what you are doing in me.

Unquenchable spirit is what I feel flow through me.

Undeniable is Your majestic Power in our lands.

Unfathomable is your forgiving grace for your peculiar people.

Unexplainable are Your miracles performed every hour.

Unchangeable are You Oh Lord!

Understandable is it to know I can’t alone carry this load.

Unwantable are those things that so easily beset me.

Unable am I do it it on my own.

Unstoppable work is what you’re always doing in me.

Unchangeable are you Oh Lord!





Grandma, Grandma

Grandma, grandma let me in!

Let me show you how I can twirl and spin!

Grandma, grandma open the door!

Let me show you how you don’t have to tie my shoes anymore

Grandma, grandma put on your glasses!

Let me show you how well I’m doing in my classes.

Grandma, grandma come and sit down

Hold me and hug me, turn my frown upside down.

Grandma, grandma please let me stay the night

Be there for me when I awake in a fright

Grandma, grandma come and teach me something new

Teach me grandma, how to follow God and be just like you!607fb5c58fa7b33d83966cb11bd79e02.jpggrandmother-grandson-praying-together-their-christian-devotional-hispanic-family-practising-their-faith-jesus-133575131.jpg