Where Were You?



“Where were you the morning he died in his car?”

“Life taken, couldn’t he just have lived with the scars?”

“Where were you the day those towers fell?”

“Smoke smoldering, coming from the pits of hell”

“Where were you when children were hiding in classrooms?”

“Fearful cries filling the hallways those terrible afternoons.”


“On the side of the road I stood waiting to carry his body home.”

“From the day he was born, his time, I’ve always known”

“I was in those stairwells giving strength to the strong.”

“Then carrying souls to heaven, up and down, all that night long.”

“I was hugging those children as I wept, shaking my head….”

“Giving wisdom to those chasing the guilty as they fled.”

“I don’t delight in death. I am the Maker, Giver of life.”

“But mankind blames me as if I’m the one holding the knife.”

“If I am real to you, then you must know there’s evil too.”

“Evil with a plan to destroy and kill, undo you.”

“Free-will I’ve given you so you must choose and not run.”

“Eternal life with me or blame me for what evil has ultimately done.”







55 Replies to “Where Were You?”

  1. When we go through trials we often wonder why God is allowing this to happen to us. We blame him. We get angry with him. We also forget that he is working hard during this time to orchestrate life and death. He is with us always and we should never forget that.

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  2. Yes, yes, and YES!! Amen! God is a good and kind and gracious and loving Almighty God; Sovereign of the Universe. He establishes His love for us, tells us over and over and over of His love. How we twist Him – so cruel. Your post is Truth in Poetry. Thank you.

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  3. Great piece Amy! One we can all relate to. All of us at one time or another have questioned God and His allowing of things that take place and the cruelty in this world.

    It’s not God’s fault this world is fallen. Sin upon it’s entry altered everything in His creation!

    I see God shaking His head a lot nowadays…

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          1. Oh, Amy, I am joining you in prayer. May the Lord open doors to allow this for you and for children, that they may receive more than an education, but also a discipling/mentoring in the faith that they cannot receive anywhere else. If I had it to do all over again, I would try to do the same thing. Praying!

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                1. I had hesitated to share my desire as you were a teacher. These schools and the world’s views are becoming so dangerous for precious little minds.
                  Pray I have it in me to teach them. I’m currently researching [a little] homeschool programs


                  1. When I grew up, the public schools were very different. So that’s why I taught in the public skills when I graduated.
                    Now, it is a completely different story. If I were in your shoes, I would be praying the same prayer. I know there are free home school programs available.

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                    1. Thanks! A friend is giving me a catalog that will have a list of programs available. Main thing is me quitting work and what that will do to the finanaces. Thanks for this. I needed to hear that


                    1. Yes, I agree it will be very difficult living on one income. Maybe it will be possible for you to work part-time. Usually kids at home can complete the work much more quickly than a school day classroom schedule because you don’t have to stop for all the distractions. Praying the Lord will help you, Amy!

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          2. Hi Amy,
            Praying for you and your family that homeschooling will work out. There is just so much evil and indoctrination taking place in the schools nowadays. And it’s not even a surprise since they banned God from the schools!
            Blessings, Elfriede

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              1. Amy, Thank you for following. Before we had the website which incorporates the blog we started this blog page. I will be posting the same on both sites with a link to the website. I am not sure whether to keep both pages going or what, but I will let everyone know when we cross that bridge. Blessings to you and your family, Elfriede

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