On the Other Side

Pain. Seems like the word of the day every day in our home.  Even when you take away the cancer stuff, we seem to discuss pain in some part of our bodies around here.  I’m not writing this to say I want to focus on that, but what the thoughts do to a person.

I spend a good amount of brain energy trying to see beyond the pain.  My mind time-travels to the future, wondering if in three weeks if I will be dealing with the same pain or will it be a different pain?

I saw a meme today that said,

Image found on the internet

Well isn’t that the truth of it?

Seems like for some of us ambitious people, we are always trying to get on the other side of things.  If only I could through college, then my life will truly start.  If only I could have this baby, then I won’t feel so miserable.  If only my husband could get a better job. Then we could caught up on bills.

It always is this way somehow for me.  Stressing and worryin’ about what’s next coming down the pipe. 

I have been learning about this whole, living in the moment thing. Approaching 50 makes me question how much time will I be given.  If I make it as far as my mom did, I have 18 years. Morbid and a bit depressing? Yes, truly.  But I’m sure we have all been in this mind-frame a time or two.

Back to living in the moment, I have been purposely trying to do it. Coming from someone who’s anxious about the future, and not really depressed about the past anymore (Praise God!)… I can tell you it is very hard to live in the present if that hasn’t been your set, due course from the get-go.

I have, indeed, had moments of living in the present. They are very nice, calming, and comforting!

Join me in stepping into a conscious decision to live in the here and now. For there is one thing that is for certain in any tense; we can only be sure of the now not what’s ahead.

Have you ever tried to be aware of your mood, and tried to steer it in the direction you want it to go? It is possible. And of course with God, all things are possible.


5 Replies to “On the Other Side”

  1. Living in the here and now sure takes a lot of practice and prayers. It’s so easy to get caught up in anxious thoughts of the unknowns and what-ifs.. I’m so glad Jesus understands our humanness!

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