Following the Crowd

Yesterday my husband had surgery.  He came through just fine.  His pain seems tolerable. The next few days could be different as the numbing trauma wears off and his body is faced with the reality of what has been done.

Something odd happened to me that I want to share.  When they came to take him out of the room, I was able to go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat.  This is not a hospital I am familiar with, so I did what I was told.  Go straight down this hall, around the elevators, and the cafeteria and vending machines will be on the left. Praise God, because I was hungry but didn’t want to eat in front of my husband. He was starved from fasting for the surgery.

So, I took the hall straight while they wheeled him off to the right, to the operating room. I wanted to cry. I wanted to wallow and meltdown right then and there. I didn’t, but the urge was strong in me. I guess this is what they call swallowing back tears.

I got to the cafeteria but it was closed. There were the tell-tale gates blocking me fron entering. Next to it was a small room with vending machines in it. While choosing my second item, a bag of cookies to wash down my multi-grain chips, the door to the room I was in closed all on it’s own. It did not slam but just ever so slightly close. The PA came on as a recorded woman said, “Fire alarm in the MRI” that’s what I heard. And small white flashing lights blinking close to the ceiling.

The other way out of this room led to the closed cafeteria. I started that way. I saw doors leading to the outside in the cafeteria. I walked toward them, but did not go out of them. My next thought was my husband is in surgery and there’s a fire in the building somewhere by the MRI. What do I do?

I went to the door that automatically closed on it’s own thinking it was locked but it wasn’t. I opened it and in the hallway were staff members walking all in one direction but no one was in a hurry. Most had masks on and I couldn’t see their faves but I knew they weren’t in a hurry by their body actions. “What’s going on?” I asked. They said to come with them. So I filed in with my wallet, my chips, and my phone in hand.

One of them said, “We don’t know if it is a drill or an actual fire.” We were walking through the corridor to the stairs. We started to climb the stairs! We climbed three floors. Being overwhelmed by the day of my husband having cancer removed and not knowing how to be there for him, I went up the stairs! When we got to the top there was a group of workers surrounding a man with a fire extinguisher and they looked at me and said, “It was a drill. Do you know how to get back where you were?” Overwhelmed and taken back I just looked at them all. The two nice women walked me.back down the stairs.

Then it hit me, the alarm and the voice on the PA was saying, “Fire alarm return to MRI” had I heard correctly I may have figured it out. Seems to me the crowd would have known. But in the end, safety and the not knowing for sure compels you to react as if it were real.

I couldn’t clearly hear that voice, and because I couldn’t, I went with the crowd in the opposite direction that I should have!

When we are not lining up with God in our daily prayers, we cannot hear His voice. That can cause us to line ourselves up with the path of least resistance causing us to walk into danger rather than running away from it with all of our hearts.

I think I will always remember the moment I started to climb those stairs so blindly. It will be a learning moment that my brain will process to use for the next time…

Thank you to you that have been praying for him. The doctor told us, if you had to get cancer, this is the one you would want to get. He said it is completely curable and that he may have been cured just with the surgical removal yesterday. So we wait and see what pathology says on the tumor. If for sure cancer, he then has blood work and scans to see if it has spread.In the meantime, we stayed prayed up!


20 Replies to “Following the Crowd”

  1. 🙏 Amen. Such a blessing to hear your husband is doing well, i hope the pain stays away for him! Thank you so much for sharing your adventurous day with us…God bless you and your family! 😀

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      1. Oh wow. Here I was, praying for you and your husband at the time, and I had no idea.

        I’m just thinking of all the time I have spent in hospitals, as a nurse in nursing school, as a patient, and as the wife/mother/daughter/granddaughter/sister/friend of a patient — and never, not one time, was there a fire drill!

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        1. Oops, I take it back — as I was telling my husband about your experience, I remembered that once, when he was having surgery on his knee, there was an alarm in the hospital. But they did not announce what it was for, and the alarm stopped very quickly. We did not evacuate. It was strange! I think someone had set off the alarm accidentally.

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        2. Yeah really. Weirdest thing. Some of them had to have known because I asked mike how was the fire drill, and he was so confused!
          I wish I would’ve at least followed the crowd that knew it was a drill lol

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  2. God is gracious Sis. Over the last four years I’ve had a small bit of kidney cancer removed, quick and fast. Then a couple of years later, about 18 months ago had neck cancer. Chemo, radiation and then surgery and I was to be honest ready to go home to be with the Lord. The radiation was by far the worst. Yet God, in His unfailing grace let me know He wasn’t done with me just yet! My wife and I have been married 50 years last March, I’ll be seventy in August and God just keeps giving the grace AND the mercy and strength to persevere. Until then, I keep doing what He’s asked me to do. So, I’m tickled to here your testimony and how it relates to hearing from the Lord. He speaks to any who will listen in so many different ways, but he DOES definitely speak to us! As far as your husband, will put him on my prayer list. We serve a God who certainly knows what and WHY He does what He does!! God Bless! 👍💗🕊🙏

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    1. Thanks so much! He is doing well. Although he is not the sit around kind of guy so he’s been getting into trouble for wondering around and trying to do things. I let him open a jar for me. He loved it lol

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  3. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”
    I’m grateful that God gave you ears, my Amy, and that you listen to Him so well. You learn from Him and worship Him. I love that.
    Grateful, too, for the good news about Mike and surgery.

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