For Linda

This is dedicated to Linda at Amazing God Stories…follow and read her last five to ten posts to see how God is speaking into her life.


A storm blew into your neighborhood one crazy day.

Throwing your roof, your plants, your plans every which way.

Many houses, families devastated in a New York minute

But Panama City is where Michael hit his limit.

Right in your backyard he stirred up a mess

Leaving you frazzled; hands, life full of stress.

With each step, each repair you feel like you’re sinking.

But at every turn, God leaves you wide eyed, blinking.

He leave you trinkets so special and priceless to you

And messages on stones…”Don’t worry, I love you”

There’s no place you’ve been that He hasn’t already stood…

And in this storm He’s showing you that all things work together for our good.

P.s. y’all…I absolutely love, love the line I stole from Lauren Daigle’s song…there’s no place I’ve been that You haven’t already stood. Think about that. He’s already been in Linda’s storm. He’s already stood in the hospital rooms, roadways, funeral homes, and even our schools that have become battlegrounds for our dear children.


3 Replies to “For Linda”

  1. Oh wow, Amy. No one has ever written a poem for me like this. I am so touched by your words, especially the part about God already having stood where I’m standing. I know you got it from Lauren’s song but it was you who thought to include it in your poem. And I love how you changed “Don’t worry. Be Happy.” to “Don’t worry, I love you.” Now when I look at the stone, which I do often since I keep it right next to my keyboard, I see God’s love written all over it besides the reminder not to worry. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me this poem!

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