Real Neat Blogger Award

Thanks Stu for this nomination. This is a new one to me and I’ve been given to some good questions to answer. Read Stuart’s blog today to get godly help and insight into overcoming addiction.

Here are the guidelines:

1. Put the award logo on your blog.

2. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.

3. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.

4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog etc.)

6. Ask 7 questions for those you choose to participate.

My Questions from Stu…

1. What is the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

I’ve had some real weird dreams. Most of the time I’m driving a car with no steering wheel. Or digging through shoes or clothes but I cant find what I’m looking for. My favorite dream was when I was little and I found myself sitting Indian style on the ground. I begin to go upward.  Flying but with my legs still criss-cross applesauce the whole time. I have a pulley above my head with cords and a handle for each hand. When I pull on the right I fly left…when I pull on the left I fly right. It was the best dream.

2. If money was no object, where would your dream vacation be?

I always wanted to go where the sand is white and the water is blue. Then I’d love to stop in Venice, Italy for a gondola ride through the streets of water. Then to Jerusalem where I would see the Gate Beautiful and Mount of Olives…(preferably on the day Jesus comes back!)

3. How do you envision Heaven to be?

I’ve written a few poems on heaven and how I see it…here they are…

What A Day

Whimsical Thoughts

The Eyes of Jesus

Dear Mama,

4. If money didn’t matter, what would your dream job be?

Funny thing is that I would always, always answer this with….I’d be a LSW, therapist, counselor. But this past year God has healed me of shame in such a major way. My dream job/ministry would be traveling and publically speaking to women who have had abortions and are now saved and not able to get beyond the guilt and pain of what they’ve done. (Stu this was one of your questions asked to you and I didn’t realize it until after I answered it. But I’m keeping it here as I like this question and my answer.)

5. If Jesus came back today to walk among us for a few months, how would the world treat Him?

I think the doubters would scorn him and maybe even try to crucify him again. The greedy, takers would try to monopolize on him. Maybe try to get him in Hollywood or a book deal, etc. I think the philosophers would get together with the medical people and try to capture him and dissect him. Lastly, I think us belivers would straighten up real quick. Lol

6. What’s your least favorite thing about adulting?

The moment when I can’t relate to a child. When there’s just no way of remembering how I was at this age or that stage. Which causes me to feel distant from that child and not be able to relate and help.

7. When shopping and walking around with your head up, do you at least smile to those who are walking around you?

Yes. Not as much as I used to. Before this year of change and healing in my heart, I looked for approval in every set of eyes I could. Not so much now but I like to be friendly.

My questions for my nominees:

1. What are some of your blogging goals?

2. What would be the first question you’d ask God when you get up there?

3. Where do you go when you’re feeling way down? Your bed? A friend? The fridge, etc?

4. What’s your advice for a struggling addict?

5. If you could lead one ministry…what would it be and why?

6. Paste your favorite post of yours here and explain why it’s your fav.

7. If you could go back in time, who would you go see and what would you say?

My nominees are:

Jonathan Archer

Little Miss Vanessa Williams


Purple Rose

Linda Lee




That Blessed Day

For my friend Heather who lost her mom today. 

Here we go again more loss knocking at your door.

Just when you didn’t think you couldn’t take much more.

Loss, grief, death…it all means the same.

They left and you are here to remain.

Why does it seem death comes more to some than others?

Sisters, grandmas, sons and mothers.

With each loss you’d think you would become immune.

But the cries coming from your heart carry the same sad tune.

I wish I had answer for you, something concrete.

But really none of us will truly understand until we fall at His feet.

And when that blessed day arrives…

He’s gonna show us the answer to each of those lost lives.

And while your mama dances with Jesus in the big blue sky.

Try to remember that this is see ya later…not goodbye.

In Loving Memory of Florence 1936-2019


Narrow Way


Another mile on this road of yours…looks the same as the last.

Each step you take, mark you make, just like the one in the past.

Here you are again, nothing new under the sun.

But for some reason, you think this time you won’t run…

to the same old things, same old ways.

Away from Him, away just like the old days.

A little advice from one who did as you

There us only ONE way to start a new.

Found not in a bottle with a child proof lid.

Not found in an auction or another bid.

There isn’t a human, relationship that can bring this kind of joy.

A happiness better than a drink, drug or the latest toy.

Jesus said broad is the way that leads to destruction.

But narrow is His gate and He will not leave you without instruction.



Abundant Life


A deep belly laughter from a wholesome joke…Abundant Life.

Satisfaction with yourself over a tough task….Abundant Life.

Looking into your loved ones and truly seeing them, their desires…Abundant Life.

Waking each new day with excitement, not dread…Abundant Life.

Feeling a peace that passes ALL understanding down in your gut…Abundant Life.

Knowing when ancient temptations come your way, saying no is easier than it ever was…Abundant Life.

Saying no and not feeling regret…Abundant Life.

Looking forward to death with no fear…Abundant Life.

What does abundant life look like to you? Please comment as I’d love to hear more examples!

A Well That Overflows


An xray would show the gaping wound inside your soul

Right in the pit of your stomach; a bottomless hole.

Something always missing, something just not right…

although you’re always fitting in at first sight.

But looking underneath evidence shows, you’re lost.

You’re hurt, broken, not counting the cost.

What do you put in that hole to fill it up?

Magic pills, money, thrills or frothy ale overflowing your cup?

No matter how much you put in, no matter the drug.

It’s always like someone has pulled the plug.

I know Someone who can help. Who can make you whole.

I know Someone whose in the business of saving souls.

He can pour into your life from His well that overflows.

That gaping wound, that dark pit will be filled with a Spirit that knows…

How to heal you, fill you from a river that never runs dry

Lifting your heading, giving you a confidence to look all men in the eye….

So that you may find another who within their soul lies a bottomless pit

And you can show them how your Savior is the perfect fit.


Who is in Control?

images (10).jpeg

You are neat as a pin they always say.

Liking everything “just so” all going your way.

Your words are carefully sculpted, you meticulously choose.

Your winner mindset helps you to never lose.

Like a conductor of your life’s symphony.

You believe you’ve had some kind of epiphany.

Gripping the wheels so tight with white knuckles.

You drive your life’s train…until your rails buckle.

The straw that broke the camel’s back has finally been drawn.

Blindsided, dumbfounded, curled up and withdrawn.

Never were you meant to be the pilot; the captain of your ship.

Your carefully plotted courses now laying tattered and ripped.

Never were you meant to have all the answers rolled up in your back pocket.

Your life wasn’t made to be passed by faster than a rocket.

I see a Savior high upon a hill

Empty arms opens waiting for you to fill…

He is your Captain, your Conductor, your Co-pilot indeed

Let Him embrace you and care for your every need



The Eyes of Jesus


After a quick flight I land at your gates

Where’s the knocker, is there a bell? Who awaits?

As if my questions were spoken out loud, the mighty prophets appear.

“Do you know where you are? Do you have what it takes to be here?”

I knew, here, there is no more anger, no more strife.

Just a simple question asked at the end of a life.

I follow a prophet past the gate and as we set out on our course…

I see a light everywhere but I can’t find it’s source.

I walk by a room filled with bottles, with no walls, no beginning, no end.

The prophet says, “Your tears, every one of them, my friend.”

A line is forming of people small and great.

At the end of this line I was told to wait.

No one speaks, no one makes a sound.

But some I see walking back from the front with a crown!

God’s throneroom is where I find my turn.

A white light coming at me is warm, it doesn’t burn.

I see Jesus seated on high, behind a podium looking into a book.

I fall to my knees, I always knew that I would.

For how could anyone stand to such power, to such good?

I lift my head and I look into his eyes.

He tells me, “My child please arise.

Look into my eyes I have something to show you.”

And as I peer into eyes of liquid, of fire and storm…

Images, shapes and events begin to form.

I see my birth when I almost died.

Him standing beside the doctors as they slap my backside.

I see the painful childhood, things I had to endure.

But now I see why I was sent there, now I’m finally sure.

I see my 5 dead children playing on heavens playground.

Laughing, singing on a beautiful merry-go-round.

I turn away, close my eyes with shame.

He speaks, “Look into my eyes and see who was really to blame.”

I look into his eyes bright with fire and I see the devil taking aim.

At this time, Jesus’ eyes turn to a watery soft blue.

And I see myself, head bowed, heart changing, becoming new.

At this moment is when Jesus looks down into his book of life

“Here’s your name, here’s your crown, here’s eternal life.”


I was asked to write a poem on the eyes of Jesus. Here’s the conversation thread where Stuart and Purple Rose came to the conclusion to ask me to do it. You may want to read the original post written by Purple Rose as she’s  unfolding her life events and how Jesus saved her. I don’t think I wrote what they were looking for as this piece became personal…but when writing on Jesus’ eyes…how could one not make it personal?Thanks for reading y’all.