Wayward definition: adjective. turned or turning away from what is right or proper; willful; disobedient

Must be nice to just fly out the door.

No direction for your feet when  they hit the floor.

Riding on a breeze, not a care in your sight.

I bet you’re runnin’ from somethin’ as you take your flight.


You’re not fooling me with that blase’ outlook.

I’ve been there, believe me, I wrote the book!

The wide road you’ve chosen lays before you.

But what’s in store, you haven’t a clue.


Life, this world, your flesh will take you down.

They will leaving gasping for air as you drown.

Wayward soul, what if told you you dont have to fly?

What if I told you Someone awaits for your soul to buy?


A purchase, an agreement where you will gain

freedom…as He washes away every stain.

True repentance will cause your feet to turn towards Him.

A new life He will give you as walk away from all of that sin.





I wish you could see the influence you sent my way

How you drove me as a child to the Lord’s house every Sunday.

No matter what may come I’m gonna serve Him

Even when the outlook appears very grim.

Each night I’m gonna bow my head and pray

For you, my daddy, and for God to have His way…

In your life and in your heart

Before the chemo and radiation is to start.

My prayer is that heaven has your attention

That your heart could be taken to a whole new dimension.

Daddy, in our struggles is where we can find salvation.

Where the Almighty clears away our vexation.

My wonderful father, your fear no longer needs concealed

For by His stripes all can be healed.

Until you and the rest of the family join me at the alter

Know that I stand in the gap for you all, my faith will not falter.

Vanessa- As God surely provides for this lovely ladybug you so beautifully captured, so will He provide strength and comfort for your father recently diagnosed with cancer.

Reader…you can read Vanessa’s testimony here.

If you’d like to comment on this post titled “Daddy” you may comment on Vanessa’s testimony. Link provided above.

Total Eclipse

I am my mother’s daughter, they say.

Do they know what an insult they throw my way?

Looking in the mirror to see her, brings a disgust.

From so many years of lies and mistrust.

Never caring to know me or what I think.

Caused me to digress and shrink…

into a pit of self loathing and shame.

I cringe and seethe at the mention of her name.

She made me feel like I wasn’t enough.

Looked at me in my lowest and said…”tough”

“What about me” is all that came from her lips.

In her shadow I lived in the eclipse.

It amazes me, no apology still to this day.

For all the times she just simply walked away.

Why don’t I matter? Why doesn’t she see?

That all I wanted was for her to be my mommy.

Forty-four years later my daily prayer I plead.

“Lord, show me how to be a mom, how to succeed.”

No example and a broken heart

Make it hard to know where to even start.

His answer is daily always the same;

“Child forgive her and I’ll take care of what remains.”

One day I hope to say I’ve forgiven my mother,

But truth be known, she’s hurt me like none other.

I was shown I need to write from the depths of pain and anger created by those who were to love me. I pray it helps me to heal. I’m posting these in this series in the hopes of helping others alongside of helping myself. Pardon me if they are a bit darker or angry than what I usually write. The desperation for final change takes precedence here.

Round 10


Pummeling me with your sequential blows.

How you’ve tortured me, God only knows.

One after another you’ve handed my way.

As you scrape your knife, my spirit you flay.


What other tricks do you have up your sleeve?

Lying, trying to convince me to pack up leave…

This trick may have worked in times past.

But for me, your smoke and mirror games no longer last.


Weeping may endure for the night..

So here we go…Round 10 of this fight!

Devil, here I am with yet another warning.

Don’t you dare forget that joy comes in the morning.


Tell The Story Challenge

Hi all. I’ve decided to not follow the rules again and step outside the box. I was nominated by two great ladies for the Tell The story Challenge created by The Eclectic Contrarian. When looking at their photo choices, it was clear to me to use one photo from each for one story. So I will show you both photos and put their tag under it so you can go check their blogs out as well.

But first, the rules:

Pic a image given to you, write whatever comes to you. Short, long, funny, sad….a tribute to someone, a poem, a song. Then choose some images and some nominees and keep the ball rolling.

Vanessa Williams 
Purple Rose

I search for You in this City on fire 

To see you again is my one desire.

Why didn’t I listen to that first trump’s call?

Why did my heart long to wait and stall?

They all said you were coming!

Shouting it over their shoulders as they were running…

towards you, riding on your white horse.

And now I’m left here, how do I plot out my course? 

Off you went with your bride, their lamps full of oil.

Why didn’t I listen to Your word? Why did I always recoil?

I’m alive and breathing, do I get another chance?

Or is there an enemy lurking, about to advance?

What will happen, where will I be?

Where will I spend eternity?

As I wrote this, I realized there are many views on the rapture of the church, pre-tribulation and all the other stuff. You’re welcome to share your views in the comments of where you think this man will end up in this “story” of mine, but do know I won’t argue, as my philosophy is and will always remain the same: Be ready, have your lamps full of oil and make sure you get on that cloud when Jesus comes back!

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come…Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.” (Matthew 24:42, 44)

My nominees are:

Lydia Porter….(you can do it!)


The Eclectic Contrarian 

Jeff Rab



My images…


A Final Trade

Feet dangling on the edge of a precipice of change.

Peices of my heart scattered, been rearranged.

Can this be real? Can it be true?

That pain, shame can vanish? On it’s coattails, life a new?


A heart that’s only known one way of life.

Torn, ripped, cut by a jagged knife.

A stony heart full of anger, bitterness and hate.

Traveling dark alleyways, alone no soulmate.


I heard a rumor of a sacrifice that was made.

A place where I can make a final trade.

Hand over the past, hand over the sin.

Find the water and jump right in.


An empty vessel waiting to be filled.

With a redeeming love for me that was spilled.

I heard a rumor that I can finally be set free.

Because of a Savior who came and died for me!


April: Testimony Tag

Thank you Purple Rose for nominating me for the Testimony Tag! You can find the rules to this challenge by going to Purple Rose’s link above. I started to write out my story when I realized I wrote this poem for Stu’s Alphabet challenge a while back. It’s about me, my testimony in alphabetical order. I thought you’d all enjoy that! Here’s the links to my full testimony…

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth: Part 2

The Whole Truth: Part 3

The Whole Truth: Conclusion

My Testimony: A To Z

A bird in prison was where she once dwelt.

Big dreams that didn’t fit in the hand she was dealt.

Challenging circumstances kept her under the perpetual thumb.

Dodging life’s blows kept her emotionally numb.

Everyone shaking their heads and tsk tsk-ing away.

Forever doomed is what their actions seemed to say.

Greater, grander things were in store but she couldn’t see

Hiding from society’s scorn, wondering how to ever be free.

Ignited flames of passion would fizzle out so quick.

Juggling emotions would take over, making her soul sick.

Knowing that there must be an easier way but too scared to try

Lingering feelings of self doubt listening to every lie.

Managing one more come back, one more go.

Needing a Savior to come and rescue her so.

Over and over her searching, seeking heart started to plea.

“Please show me how You could ever love a wretch like me.”

“Quickly come help and keep me from drowning.”

“Recognize the call of my heart’s alarm sounding.”

“Savior Divine come unto me, and change my family tree.”

“Transform and change me!”

Under His searching, ever watchful eye.

Victory was granted, her soul released a lifelong sigh.

Woman now where once there was a caged bird.

Xeric heart replenished with love, peace, and His word.

Yeilding her heart to the Lord from above.

Zeal and smile form ear to ear for now her heart was free to love.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I decided to nominate some of my peeps whom I am really curious to read how they became saved and where they are today

The Eclectic Contrarian 

My Kathy

Sue Love

Born Again