Update to Amy’s World

Hello all. I sure wish I could write more on here but time just doesn’t allow it with homeschooling and the other commitments. When I do sputter out a poem here and there, it feels like such an accomplishment. Then I think back to the summer and how I cranked out 3 poems in a week! The good ole days.

The keto diet is going well. The pounds aren’t coming off like they did for my husband but he has a higher metabolism than me. I have hypothyroidism and it keeps the weight on. But I feel better. Just plain better. So I’m sticking to it and reminding myself it matters what’s on the inside not what the mirrors and scales say. I don’t want a poor self-image to be my downfall in my girls’ eyes.

Homeschool is going very well. Still seeing progress. We’ve just finished the first 9 weeks. Their grades are looking good. I’m grading my 4th grader using progress reports but not my first grader. I will start grading her next year.

We have a trip to the pumpkin patch and hayride in the works for the end of the month. We have a small trip to paint pottery coming up friday. Looking forward to that.

God has been showing me about gossip. The newest thought that has helped me is that if you’re giving your opinion about someone else and their mistakes…well then it’s probably gossip. If you’re telling their business that they wouldn’t want you telling…then it’s definitely gossip. Lastly, if you saying anything about them that you wouldn’t say to their face…it’s gossip. It’s something I repent daily for.

Question to any of you daring readers….is it gossip when it’s family? So many times you ask how is Susie, did she get custody of her kids? Or how’s John doing after his drinking problem? They answer and give you the whole earful about their family member’s recent bouts. Not batting an eyelash while pouring out the juicy details. But somehow it seems people think it’s ok, because well, they’re family and they love them. They’re not judging them. I’d love to hear your opinions and scriptures…

Who doesn’t love a chuck roast in a crock pot after 10 hours? This is keto friendly…but very little carrots because they have carbs
A whole chicken oven roasted…keto friendly. My buddy Wally Fry (you’ll be missed) taught me this trick with the foil. Keeps the bottom from getting soggy. It works
Buttered cod. Was a keto recipe online. Honestly, it was gross as it called for salted butter and salt. Yuck. Pretty though. The little bread rolls are keto mug bread. Almond flour, one egg, butter and a pinch of baking soda in a coffee mugh in microwave for 90 seconds.
And our house smelled like fish for 2 days! If you see a buttered cod recipe keep scrolling
So this is our project we’re doing in our girls program at church. We have about 14 girls doing these rugs woven from tshirts and hula hoops. Some girls really took to it.
Once you put the spokes on you then weave over under in a spiral pattern until reaching the outside.
Those who didn’t do rugs got to do some hands on gluing and sticking stickers together. Girls just love stickers! This is my Leah and her ladybugs
My Abigail showing you her snack. A clothespin, pipe cleaner, snack sized baggies and what ever you want to put in them.
The internet did provide a good recipe for the girls’ snacks that night. They each colored their clothes pins ahead of time and I returned them attached to goldfish. Girls loves goldfish crackers. The grapes are to make the adult feel like they’ve provided something nutritious 😉

Don’t forget to leave your comments on gossip. I’d love to hear your takes on it and how you deal with it. Or even how do you get out of a conversation when someone is spilling a good tidbit of gossip. What do you say to get out of there?

You and Me

I guess you’ll never really know what you did to me.

All of your lies, deceit and your trickery.

Me trying to convince you my way is right

As you held onto your opinions with all your might.

Funny how every time I’d rise, you’d knock me down

Holding my head under water, in hopes I’d drown

“It’s all your fault” you’d yell and blame me

Why is it you and I could never agree?

I heard it told I don’t have the power to forgive you

I thought that meant hate would have to fester and stew…

Until the day the Messiah met us both on that road

Blinding us both, his mercy and grace it showed…

I can’t forgive me and I can’t forgive you.

Because we both are one, not two.

So here we sit; me now, me then

We except His forgiveness and let go. Amen

All images found on the internet.

Words of God’s Mercy

How does it feel every time you turn, another slap in the face?

Hit the ball, off runnin’, out before you touch first base.

No matter at what angle you hit, out in the first round

All the roads taken, even the shortcuts seemed so sound

On the edge of your bed all through the night

Biting and chewing worrying, figurin’ with all your might

A dollar here, a break there, robbing Peter to pay Paul

Who knew that your way just wouldn’t ever work at all

Plans simmered down to a thick bitter sauce

Fool’s gold you thought was pure with no dross

What you thought was right, was simply just wrong

Head hanging low, now you’re singin your bluesy song

If you know me by now then you should already know

This is the part where words of God’s mercy begin to flow.

Tough love from me? Nah, never.

Tough love from Him? Maybe. Your will He wants to sever

He’s had a plan for you since you first opened your eyes

Plans to prosper you, not for your demise.

He’s not a God who delights in death and in pain

Power, love, liberty and a sound mind are yours to gain

Give up your plans, your ideas and your life’s scheme

Give Him the bat, He’ll hit it out of the park for your team

Amy’s World

God has been so good to me…I cannot tell it all. Although my car is in our garage waiting on a part…God is still good. Why? Because God gave my husband wisdom to look under the hood and find the problem right away before it blew the engine. Now we wait for a part.

Although my little one ran a fever for 4 days and came down with pink eye at the same time…God is still good. Why? Because she has a grandpa that drove an hour to come give us a ride to the doctor the get a diagnosis and medication. He also got the girls sundeas and cheeseburgers. Yes in that order.

Sometimes we get to wanting and wanting it right now that we lose our contentment. Our ability to just be happy in the now with the now. Being homebound this week, and on fever/eye drop watch has been good for me because it allowed my world to slow down. Although I do admit I’m getting a bit stir crazy, I will always look back to this week as the week God restored my contentment. The trial I went through recently caused me to lose sight of a few things that matter the most. One being the ability to be happy in the now. Good to have that back.

I was able to cook some goodies up this week and take pics to share with you all. Cooking a keto diet is fun when I have the time. I do feel all thumbs at it because I’ve always had my “go to” dishes that I could whip up quick. Now I’ve gotta concentrate…

Simple cheese quesadilla with avacado
Low carb red enchilada sauce. Takes tomato paste, chicken broth, water and a bunch of seasonings
Look closely. That’s chicken cut up in the enchilada sauce on top of riced cauliflower. I’m making it again this week!
3 egg and cheese omelet with avacado slices. And don’t forget the coffee!
Royal treatment…riding the couch got to her by day 3!
Made my own low carb spegeghti sauce. Simmered all day…MamaMia
Spegeghti inspired stuffed peppers. Better than taco flavored for sure! I added diced cauliflower in with the meat to give it body…my husband’s suggestion
13$ 3D puzzle by Melissa and Doug! Didn’t she do a great job? All the pieces come out and she can arrange it just like a doll house
Lasagna casserole-low carb. I used the rest of my sgehgti sauce for this
Ground beef with egg stirred in with layers of mozzarella cheese. Even the kids ate it!

Angel Babies 😇👼🤰🏼💗💙 — ♡Heart Tokens♡

This is a repost from Heart Tokens blog by Renee. Read this and repost it so that many can read of the promises given by our Father for forgiveness. He will forgive even the unthinkable!

This one is for the mothers out there who have been struggling from the painful aftermath of having an abortion. For years you’ve worn that tattered coat of shame and guilt. It’s time to take it off. It don’t fit no more. Angel Babies 😇👼🤰🏼💗💙 With angel wings soft as a baby’s touch, are my […]

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Thank you Gail at Gail loves God for this nomination. She writes from many different angles and never disappoints. From poetry to just sharing her thoughts; she always has her mind on our Father. Check out her blog today.

Many of you know I’m an open book. My passion is my God and my family. I enjoy reading fiction. I’m currently reading Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate. It’s reall good.

If laundry were a hobby…I’d tell you that it’s my life’s calling to be a laundress. As it seems to take up most of my time. They say I’ll miss the days of laundry for a family of 5…I beg to differ on that!

My interests are centered around my husband and children. A couple years ago I set out to raise my girls with purposeful parenting. As I healed from many years of addiction, God showed me how many parents just drag their kids behind them while thy meet their own needs. Saved and unsaved parents do this and I was one of them. I gradually learned that in order to say I successfully did all that I could do as a parent, I needed to get involved with them not the other way around. So my hobbies and interests, for now, are…Doves-helping my girls an other’s little girls do crafts while learning about God. My other hobby is helping coach Bible Quizzing- at the church. This, I really get into as I’m competetive, which God reigns me in on…ALOT! I help keep the kids corralled in our kid’s choir practices. And I’m a homeschool mom.

You can be safe to say that I’m going to struggle during the “empty nest” days. But oh well. I also enjoy dabbling with essential oils and cooking.

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Amy’s World

Hi all. Homeschool is going great. If you’ve ever longed to homeschool, but have been scared, I urge you to rethink it. It’s been wonderful to be a part of my girls’ learning. To watch growth in reading, writing, and math is a phenomenal feeling. I tried to stay involved in my girls’ learning while they were going to public school. But it was hard to see the progress or even their struggles just by looking at graded papers. Now I’m in the thick of it. I can see where one needs help and dig in with them. This is all happening on a good day, mind you. Because there are days that are hard and challenging.

I recently went through a very hard experience that I’m not able to share as of yet. The last two weeks or so were tough on me spiritually and just tough on me as an individual. I was clearly instructed by God not to do something that I wanted to do badly. I have remained in His will. The hard part of it is over and I can look back a bit and feel peace in the fact that I listened to God….when I really didn’t want to. Even today, I can tell you that if I had it my way…I do it. I’m glad to know that His ways are not my ways. I know He has a reason to keep me protected. I don’t see the outcome. But I do see the peace His will and walking in it brings. Sorry to be elusive with you on the details. But the bottom line should always remain for us all is to obey the Lord…especially during the times when we don’t want to.

Some of you know that I help run the Doves program at our church. It’s patterned after girls scouts without selling cookies and earning badges and wearing weird vests. We have 20 girls this year! Ages ranging from 5 to 12. I’ve got some good helpers who show up and step up each meeting. We meet twice a month. We are about to start a project where each girl will weave a small rug using a hula hoop for the loom and cut-up tshirts for the material. Pretty cool. I’ll put up pics on that when we get into it. Last week we had field day games outside.

This week marks the first week of bible quizzing season as well. In our organization we have comepetive bible quizzing for children ages 5 up to teen years. The children are expected to memorize up to 200 or so verses over the course of the season. They then go up against other churches being asked questions on the verses. I’m a helper coach. I’ve been accused of being competitive…but I try not to be. Gotta rein myself in several times and remind mysef it’s about getting the Word in their hearts. Not winning….I’m trying.

Abigail had a birthday. The big 1-0

She picked frosted brownies over cake! Easy peasy
This loom is from Melissa and Doug toys. Designed for kids. Adjustable. They can make many things on it
Tug of war during field day games. Girls against boys
Girls won!!
Saw this on mom life with chiari. Loved it!
Do you have an aldi store? Well for 5 cents you can buy their bags and bag your own groceries! Then your child turns them into clothing
Keto pizza. Crust is made with 3/4 cup almond flour and 1 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese and one egg.

My favorite pic! She’s really getting into this!
Yep back to the amusement park for Abigail bday. Lucky girl