Have They Any Clue?

I’ve come to wonder just how You do it all

From the rising of sun to the beauty of fall

How You could be here healing her complete?

Yet, over there, protecting them from the deceiver’s deceit

How can You guide a surgeon’s hand?

And yet You’re counting every piece of blowing sand

Do they know just how powerful You are?

Do they know that they’ve gone too far?

Have they any clue what You have in store?

Like a thief in night is what You said before

Clueless and foolish really are they

As we enter the time of the feet of iron and clay

I feel sorry for them who’ll be caught unaware…

When You come for Your bride in the air

Looking up they’ll finally see why

We always said there’s one thing you cannot buy

Hey Y’all


Click this link belonging to a young lady Vanessa, who is talented beyond belief in photography. Get behind her and build up her following. Support her in prayer and encouragement as well. She is phenomenally talented.

My favorite pic is the close up of the frog…what is yours?

Mighty Messiah

When will you come in and save the day?

Or does evil get more time to have its way?

I’m running, running with open arms

Begging, pleading for You to sound Heaven’s alarms

Ready the horses! Light the chariots’ fires

It’s time the world is released from its sinful desires

Call in your army, Your angels of war

Show us all what we’ve been waiting for!

As Your mighty glory rains down on all

But who will turn and hear Your call?

The just, the righteous and the saint

Finally will run, not grow weary and faint

Our young men have dreamed their dreams

The sun is bursting at its seams

Can You hear us down here calling below?

As we allow the heavenly language to flow…

Mighty Messiah come in and save the day

Mighty in battle have Your perfect way

Joel 2:28-32 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.

31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord hath said, and in the remnant whom the Lord shall call.

Amy’s World

To stress or not to stress…that my dear is the question.

To my poor mother in law who has heard all of this already, I’m sorry you now have to read it too😀

I’ve learned something significant about stress over the last month; particularly the last 2 weeks that I’d like to share with you that may help one of you.

As soon as school started, my world around me opened up at the same time. My responsibilities that had been on hold due to the virus, were now all on the table. My schedule went from slow to busy in zero to sixty. I also lost two friends in that amount of time which I’ve shared with you all. Your comments to my poems and thoughts were so kind and helpful. Truly, thank you. Sad to think I ever wanted to walk away from the blogosphere! Glad y’all didn’t kick me out either!

About a month go I would get to the end of the day and be somewhat confused with my speech. I’d look at something, point at it, and simply have no word for it. I’d stumble through a sentence trying to bring to my lips what my mind was telling me. My mind was going faster than my mouth could handle. Then I’d tell myself, Amy, you sat for so many months waiting for life to get going again. You’re here, appreciate it, and keep going.

Honestly, I wonder how many of us deceive ourselves in this manner. Like it’s ok to be overwhelmed because you wanted this, now you’ve got it.

Or I wonder how many of us get our plates so full, yet feel as if they’re still half empty because we aren’t achieving the exact dreams we had planned. So we keep piling and piling trying to fulfill something that may never be in God’s will for us anyhow. That rant right there will be better explained at another date.

The icing on the cake of stress came 2 weeks ago today. I got in my car and started out for the next store but I somehow lost some time. I didnt close my eyes. I didn’t go off the road, I simply blanked out and don’t remember most of the street I was going down. But when I came to, I did not know where I was. It was all foreign to me. This is a road I travel frequently. I said out loud, “where am I?” And within moments I got with it and made my way to the store parking lot. I knew, just knew it was from stress. But I allowed fear and my overactive imagination to tell me other things. What if it’s dementia/alzheimers? Runs in my family. Oh my goodness what if it was a stroke?

Good old fashioned stress. My mind just completely had enough.

I slowed down from that next day on. The days go by so slowly these past two weeks and have been so helpful. I could slowly feel the tension leave my body over a few days time.

I guess what I want to pass on to you is that stress relief is possible if your mindful about it. Because stress can have some pretty hard effects on you.

I also want to leave with you that if you’re like me, you want to be everything to everyone. But at the end of the day you lose yourself in the daunting, exhausting task of trying to please others. I’ve done this for so many years. Number one, it’s not possible. Number two, that desire comes from a place inside that is lacking something that needs to be resolved.

Pleasing God should be enough for each of us.

This guy came as a fossil intact that you mold clay around. Oh wait, Leah said it’s a girl
But now she has wings! Lol
New Year’s day here in Indiana. Ice storm that cancelled our plans. Another day to just slow down
Power lines full of ice.
Rained ice all day followed by pretty snow. 2021 here we come!

Our Heart Surgeon

Swallowing this big lump down my throat

Keeping my heart’s song from singing a note

Coming at me like big crashing waves

Grief has a way of making us its slaves

Good day, all well, going fine

Next moment walking a thin line…

Between the past and the now

Sighing, I have to get through this somehow

Like parting the waters and the calming the seas

God steps in and carries the you’s and the me’s

“Never do I delight in loss of life

Take up your bed, follow me, end your strife

I will hold your heart in my hands

Pumping life back in as the muscle demands

Until the wave has reached shore and gone back out

I will hold you, strengthen you as you shout

And when it’s over and the wave has left

You’ll stay safe with Me in my cleft

Amy’s World

Since I’ve last wrote an update, many things have transpired. But isn’t that how it is for most of us? If you take the time to look back at the last few weeks you really can see where you’ve been. So many of us are plowing through our lives forgetting to stop and look back and take inventory. Especially with all that’s going on in our world, I believe we are all in the huge race to 2021…but do we actually think 2021 will be better just because there’s a new year? I’m not being pessimistic, just realistic. I caught myself yesterday standing looking at Jan 2021 pinned to the kitchen wall thinking, maybe it will all be over…

It’s what our humanistic minds are trained to do. Look for a way out. Find a way of escape. Oh well, there’s only One who really knows what tomorrow holds.

Speaking of a way out, I was given a chance to be a light to a young addicted woman. Hooked on one of the strongest drugs, heroine, I could feel her hope and her hopelessness as she opened up via text to me. I felt small and unequipped in truly helping her. What I mean is, I have experience with drugs and addiction under my belt, but what could I truly say to someone to get them to just open their eyes and stop? What could I give her that’s concrete? Bottom line is the Word of God. I gave the scriptures that helped me. The rest is up to her. It takes alot to get to this point in helping others. So many times we want salvation and freedom for others more than they do for themselves.

One of the scriptures I gave her…

I turned life off for myself a couple of days ago. Forced myself to just stop. I had some alarming symptoms of stress happen to me and I knew I needed to just slow down. It was so hard to just sit when I could be doing this or that. In the long run, I feel much better. The words I want to say are coming to me quicker than before.

Do you ever wonder what God thinks of all of our running around, buying gifts, and putting on big meals during this time? Do you ever wonder, like I do, if maybe we should put more of this effort in celebrating Easter than Christmas? Just sayin’. I know there’s alot of significance to His birth, but His birth was for one purpose…His death and resurrection. What if we planned for a month ahead for Easter? What if we gave presents then? What if school was off for 2 weeks and family drove in from other states to enjoy a big fancy meal?

I guess my post should say Amy’s Rambling World😀

Glad for a break from school. This calendar is the coolest, from Melissa and Doug toys. Magnetic
If you look closely you’ll see that that’s a ladybug my Leah painted! Alive. She is such a cool kid.
Hey Kathy here’s 2 of our cats! The left is Tiger she’s at least 8 yrs old and not enthused. The left is Donald for Donald Trump! He’s orange lol
https://www.blessingsbyme.com I got the idea from this blog by Michelle to make snowflake ornaments from clothespins. Our Doves loved painting them

Have a Merry Christmas blog world!

End of Days

Can you hear it? The rattling sound?

The call of many feet gathering around

Listening to the voice of many waters

Instructing what happens to the earth’s sons and daughters

“The thousand year day is at hand

The day I will return to their land

I’ve waited as long as I can

For all to hear of my salvation plan

Earthquakes in divers places

Times of peril, mankind now faces

Knowledge increased

Hatred and anger have not ceased

Nation against nation, the insanity

I’ve heard their cries of calamity

Time was given them to heed and to hear

Of the time of My coming drawing near

Ready the horses, clean my horn

Time has run out, no one left to warn

Meet Me in the east as we split the sky

As the end of days now draws nigh

1 Peter 5:6-10


Are you sober? Are you vigilant, keeping an eye on your six?

Your adversary has plans to put your soul in a tangled fix.

Walking about, seeking whom he may devour for his next snack.

Can you feel the hot blows of the lion as he breathes down your back?

That big ole nasty cat likes to play many games

And he knows each and every one of you by your names.1 Peter 5 8_9.jpgUpon whom can you cast all your cares?

Disapproval, anger, sin, financial affairs…

Humble yourselves and let the Lord be your remedy

For not one of us is exempt from this prowling enemy.

Each time you let God fight and be the strength to see you through…

After ye have suffered a while, the God of all grace will make you

perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.


By Amy Blount Jan 2019

For my dear sister, Kerry who asked me to write about this scripture.

The Who You Are

The who you were is not the who you are

Take a look around you’ve come so far

To become who you are

The who you are is not the who you were

Back when you knew better; you knew for sure

Just exactly who you were

The past can be something better left behind

Or it can be a place we need to go back and find…