Hi all. I’ve been writing my “stuff” down in a beautiful journal given to me for Christmas. Going back and recording them for my kids one day to thumb through. With the last two posts I’ve done on the things we do or say…I thought this post may go well. I hope you enjoy.


Words, syllables running together. Each a beat long- singing a different song. Some bite, sting, pierce the soul- rambling and blending into a pool of regret. Where do they go? Down a drain to ever be forgotten? Words that soothe, lubricate the ego- swirling and twirling proud. Are they bottled in beautiful jars to be […]

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Someone Who Knows

Ever known someone who thought they were an unwanted soul?

To be loved and cherished was their ultimate goal?

What they only became was deflected, dejected and rejected.

When deep down inside they yearned to feel protected.

And although they put on a sour, “I don’t care” face…

Using harmful words to put people in their “place”…

Somewhere in the regions of their hearts,

was this longing desire to be a part…

Of your world, of your life.

But their words always came out causing strife.

Dear rejected, dejected soul, we can’t read your signals that you’re throwing our way.

What your heart wants and what your words say, one another they betray.

But there is Someone who knows your heart and sees your your true mind.

He says, “You’re not unwanted by me. Leave that negativity behind.”

“No longer do the waves of your mind have to be tossed to and fro.”

“For I will give you peace and I will give you rest and so you can grow.”

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Jesus Said…


My and Peter’s question has always been the same.

How to forgive another whose hurt comes down like rain.

Pelting you over and over with harmful words.

Adrenaline a’pumpin as your insides get stirred.

And before you know it you’re on your own little tirade

Counteractive words, shameful words, make it look like a trade.

Back and forth, as you and another barter and bicker.

The hurt and pain piling up, becoming thicker.

You ask yourself, isn’t there an easier solution?

But it’s not easy to walk away from the pollution.

Seven times seventy is what Jesus said.

Four hundred and ninety times to forgive when you’ve seen red.

Seventy times seven to forgive another for what they do.

Four hundred and ninety times to ask them to forgive you too.


Chosen Souls

potential.jpgWhere do souls begin and where do they end?

Or does the beginning and ending simply blend?

Maybe there’s a glistening pool in Heaven, with souls floating a’flutter.

Each a fire, a light, swimming wildly like a boat with no rudder.

Each waiting their turn to go down below to begin their new start.

The Lord knows each light and can tell them apart.

And when it’s time, He scoops up the chosen soul and holds it tight.

He says, “Go, free-will I give, try to do what is right.”

From His mighty lips, He gives the child a windy blow.

Sending the child to the family He’s chosen, for He knows.

And when that soul has lived and has learned, and its time is finished.

Does the fire go out? Is the light diminished?

Or does that light keep burning  bright somewhere else for all to see…

That a life lived for God will bring a light back to eternity?

Written by Amy Blount Jan 2019


The Gladius

Here’s the last repost l’ll send out. This one is a reminder of how we need to arm ourselves for the upcoming year. Always be diligent in your awareness that we are not alone in this world.

Ephesians 6:12(KJV)

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.



With each step I take there’s a distinct sound. Metal upon metal stomping the ground. My getup, to some, may look a fright. The reason for it, is what’s creeping after me in the night. I wear a helmet to protect my mind….reminding me my salvation is one of a kind. To keep my heart […]

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A Letter To Time

Another repost for you about time. With another year under our belts and a new year approaching, I thought it would be fitting to read a letter to time I wrote this past year. I kinda told time off…as if I had the right. Lol. Happy New Year to you all! May God’s Blessings be upon you for He is the ultimate holder of time.

Dear Time, Time…how you tick so slowly as we anticipate your passing so we can get to another goal. How you linger, snickering at our impatience. Time…how you fly. How you soar, dip and spin wildly in the air. Time…how you race at speeds unknown. How you chase shadows of yesterday and pass them by […]

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Wounded Soul Survivor

Here is another repost of a poem I liked alot that I wrote this past year. I wrote it for a woman I didn’t know much on wordpress but I read her writings and they just broke my heart. Though when it’s read now, I think we could all relate to it at one time in our lives or another.

Dear broken soul, Where does it hurt the most? Where is the crack? Did someone hurt you with words they could never take back? Is it your heart that aches deeply day and night? Or was something seen that took away your sight? Dear wounded soul, turn your eyes to the sky. There are answers […]

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