Faithful Shepherd

They’re wondering where You’re at in all of this?

Will they just spiral into a dark abyss?

Did you have somewhere else to be?

Or were You watching while sipping Your morning tea?

So many think of You as some cynical king

Sitting back waiting for us to kiss Your ring

Hurts to even write those words…

For I know You are the faithful Shepherd who herds

I know you’re not wielding your gavel in hand

Wanting, waiting to judge all; every man…

I know your heart aches for ever lost soul

Hoping they would let you play your role

Of King, of Lord, Father of all

Majestic in splendor, will they hear Your call?

By Amy Blount 2020

Amy’s Quarentine World

  • From what I can tell, Indiana has a way to go before reopening. I’m grateful for homeschool as it gives us a sense of normalcy. But the toll is starting to hit each member in my household differently.

My Abigail, 10 yrs old, came to me few nights ago saying she’s scared about all that’s going on. That she really wants to go back her normal life. It was hard to see her tears. She’s my resilient one…but nonetheless she’s living in unprecedented times. I reassured her. We talked about some of the things we’ve learned in History these past months. How the women and children who stayed home while their husbands and fathers went off to fight in the Civil War.

I had her imagine what it would’ve been like for a girl her age living on a beautiful plantation one day and the next, her home being transformed into a hospital for the wounded.

I tried not to downplay what we’ve all been dealing with in these present days, but I did want her to see how blessed we are with our TV’s, warm homes, no war, phones that connect us around the world.

The quarentine is now taking a toll on my adult Autistic daughter who struggles with OCD. You may say you’re OCD about the toothpaste cap or your silverware drawer and many do deal with a smidge of it. What Lexi deals with is on a different level.

She’s been doing so very good too these past 9 months or so. We finally got her meds just right and then this hits. The hardest part of it is her endless desire to just find a way around it. “If I don’t have to worry about this mom, then I won’t feel like this.” No reasoning, long talks or anything helps her. It’s just a matter or time. It’s a thing she has to endure until it let’s up and use her coping skills til the end. These episodes have lasted weeks in the past. This whole being home, not going to her day services is taking a toll. She will now start to count how many times she pushes on the door to make sure its closed. She will hand wash way more than any of us are doing. She will think for hours about how a tiny grain of something was on her tongue when she had a drink of milk and wonder what it could’ve been.

Sadly, I watch and try to explain to her, but to no avail. So come on Indiana! Let’s get them numbers down.What else has been going on, you ask. Well I’m on Facebook all of the time because I’m wanting to see the faces of the people I rub shoulders with. I want to joke with them. I want to see their pics and what they’ve been up to.

We had drive in church last Sunday and will have it again every Sunday until we can worship inside. The coolest thing this past Sunday, was seeing a man and wife sitting in their lawn chairs in their driveway listening to our pastor! A couple who lives across the street from the church, who has never stepped foot in our church! So cool. Oh and the honking for clapping was just too funny. We also got together and had a drive by birthday parade for our pastor’s wife. It was over so quickly but put a smile on everyone’s faces. Was good to be a part of.Homeschool outside! This was the other day. Tonight we are getting 2 to 5 in of snow!Drive in church. Just being in that parking lot made me feel betterEaster anyway! Kept our group to 10 people and had a nice meal. Had the traditional ham. Anyone else have a ham?What happens when leah doesn’t get attention from mom during math.Egg hunt…because we needed one!I have an awesome church. I sure do miss the ministries I’m in and just the good fellowshipI love to crochet. Doing this has really helped me keep my head on straight…most days!What have you guys been doing to stay busy? Are any of you in states that will open?

Calling The Called

Will the church be the church in a time like this?

Or will it leave the lost swirling in a deep abyss?

Will the church be the church, hold out its hand?

Or will it leave the lost, wandering the desolate land?

Will the church be the church and take the lead?

Or will it be absent leaving the lost thirsty, in need?

Will the church be the church run to the front lines?

Or will it leave the enemy to his own designs?

I’m calling the church, I’m calling the called

Will we step up or leave them apalled?

What will they see when they see you and me?

Will we be something they want to be?

Comforting Chicken and Dumpling Soup

A newlywed in my church is on the lookout for recipes, so I got to thinking I’d do a recipe post with pics. Plus it gave me something to do! I hope you try this and enjoy it Kailey! Sure miss worshipping with you.

The recipe I made was for a family of five and leaves plenty leftovers, that stay good for up to 5 days in fridge.

To cut this recipe in half for 2-4 people without using a whole chicken, use 2-3 lbs bone-in chicken of any kind you like. Split chicken breasts or chicken thighs would render some good broth. You can also use boneless chicken but would need to double the boullion in the recipe to give you a tastey broth that may almost compare to bone-in.

Chicken soup Ingredients

1 whole chicken

7 to 8 carrots sliced (however many you’d like really

3 to 4 celery cut (however many you’d like)

1 onion…diced. I used yellow onion, but red or white would work

3 teaspoons Chicken boullion…Better than Boullion roasted chicken base is awesome, but you can use boullion cubes as well.

1 teaspoon minced garlic

Ingredients for Dumplings

1/2 cup butter

1 cup milk

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp nutmeg (optional-but makes all the difference in taste)

1 cup flour

3 eggs

Directions for Soup

Cover chicken in pot with water an inch higher than the chicken. Bring to a boil, then back heat down to med/high. Boil chicken until meat is falling off bones. Keep an eye that the water doesn’t evaporate or you’ll lose your tastey chicken broth.

Meanwhile, cut up veggies in any shape you’d like.

Once chicken is done, pull chicken from the pot to cool and pour in your veggies, add water if needed. Your veggies should float freely. Remember you’ll want enough water/broth for the chicken and dumplings going in soon.

Add in 3 tsp boullion base or 3 boullion cubes. Add about half teaspoon of pepper. Because you’re using boullion, which is highly salted, you will not want to put any additional salt in your soup.

Pull chicken off bone and toss into the soup. Cook this all on med/high to help veggies soften and flavors to mix

While that’s cooking make your dumplings…

Directions for dumplings

If you’re making a large pot of soup I reccomend to double the dumpling recipe, as I have here, so you have enough that no one fights over them!

In med sauce pan, melt butter, milk, salt and nutmeg over med heat. Milk boils fast so don’t walk away!

Take off heat. Add flour. Mix until the mixture pulls away from the side of the pan and resembles mashed potatoes.

Add in egg one at a time and mix in with a fork. Note: If you’re doubling the recipe, add 2 eggs at a time or you’ll be there all day mixing.

Turn your soup up to high, wait for a boil and drop spoonfuls of dumpling batter in the soup until all is in the pot.

Put your soup on lowest stove setting and cover with a lid.

Wait about 10 mins and dinner is ready!

Amy’s Inside World

Hi all. Just feeling like writing tonight. Sharing some thoughts that I know most of you can relate to.

I can count on my fingers the amount of times the kids and I have left our over the past two weeks. The weather in Indiana is yucky, rainy and usual for this time of year. The thought I had on that…well with the weather yucky, it’s a blessing in disguise because it keeps more people in their homes.

Stock piled with doubles and triples of the essentials. Big frequent meals all in the name of we have it, we bought it, we need to eat it type of thinking. Except the next thought is, what if they close the grocery stores? No food. Don’t eat it!! Hour later, stomach growling one of them long, slow, bored sounding gurgles….Eat! They won’t close the stores…they’re essential.

My thought pattern goes something like this throughout a day…

Wow my family and I have done pretty good. No major arguments. I love these people and I couldn’t imagine being stuck in this situation with anyone else…to

Did I really just hear him make that sound again? Ugh these kids…I need out of here….NOW! ! !….to

What if one of us gets sick? Did we take too many chances going for what we thought were essentials?….to

When daily life gets back to normal I’m gonna do this…to

I kind of like this break from all the have to’s…

God, protect us. Keep us.

If I overwhelmed you, I apologize because that’s not my intent. Neither is it to bare my feelings so I can have you all diagnose me with anxiety. I just believe that the majority of us, have these thoughts. Have these feelings.

A friend of mine called to check on me today. Called to hear my voice. It was nice. Really nice. I got to thinking recently about not hearing from this person or that person. I even caught myself saying that times like this will show you who your true friends are. And some of that may be true…I did have the thought or maybe God was telling me; those who you think have abandoned you that don’t really care may still care; they may just be going through alot and having alot of these same thoughts. These thoughts may be paralyzing them with fear to just get through each day.

If you’re having these fleeting thoughts but you’re not paralyzed with the fear…then check on your people. Not just the people inside your inner social ring but go to the outer ring of your social circle and check in.