Until That Day

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Bible says nothing new under the sun.

Can’t help to wonder, what about this one?

Boys allowed to call themselves girls.

Grow their hair out into long, soft curls.


Girls shaving their faces with their dads…

Fathers patting their heads as if they’re lads.

How do I explain this to my child?

This world has gone absolutely wild.


People storming the courthouses with opinionated signs.

Thinking it’s ok to go against all of  God’s designs.

Taking a life into their own hands.

Before that life has a chance to make it’s own demands.


The days of were Noah were more evil than these.

Not much longer of God’s wrath can we appease.

I imagine God on his horse, trump to His lips.

Minutes away from the sound of apocalypse.


But until that day how do we cope with all that’s around?

On every side there is trouble that surrounds.

How do we keep us and ours from being ensnared,

From the lies and confusion, how will we keep them spared?





49 Replies to “Until That Day”

      1. Yes it is! I think it’s our prayers for our loved ones that has to be the only reason God hasn’t came back yet. I’m praying hard for my girls right now! And oh the enemy is fighting, even as I’m saying this. 🙏

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        1. I’ve realized I don’t have much time left to leave an imprint on my girls’ lives concerning salvation, morals and everything in between. I’m going to homeschool them this coming year. I pray it helps.

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            1. The stuff our kids face now is so much bigger than what we faced. The cutting, the drugs and the availability of drugs, the sex everywhere. Scares me so. They say to me your girls will lose out on social skills if I homeschool and I say…I don’t want them socializing with most of society anyway.

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                1. Haven’t gotten that far. But I lead our Doves program at the church where tmwe have 16 to 20 girls that we do crafts and such with them. And my 9 year old is bible quizzing and is meeting new kids from churches around the state so I’m hoping that will be some interaction for them. I will look into the association you mentioned. So far I’ve been compiling their curriculums. Whew who knew how much goes into this but wimm be worth it

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                  1. Yes there is a lot. But aocial skills can still be learned as long as they interact with others their age. You have thought this through pretry good Amy. Pulling kids out of school is not easy. But it really seems like a necessity now. As you said things are much different than when we were kids.

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              1. Amy, I’m telling you from a mom who has had to deal with other moms thinking they know better, do what you NEED to do for your children’s sake! I wish I had! I can’t go into detail, but this is a timely post for me concerning one of my children. Say a prayer for me please! I’m praying for God’s Will to be done! And will be praying for you to make the right decision concerning yours also! 🙏

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                1. I will say this…God is on the move in His way too. My sister, a lesbian of 46 years tells me she is no longer a lesbian and will not go back. She wants to be saved and keeps expressing it. It’s a slow Process but is very very possible! She’s about to be healed completely I just know it!

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                  1. I did. I quit my job as a public school teacher so I could concentrate on my son. I was a single mom, living on savings and the grace and leading of God. I used abeka, and we liked it very much.

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                    1. Oh wow! What an awesome testimony. I’m using 4th grade abeka for my 9 year old. She’s a self-starter who excels greatly. I’m using ace paces and mcruffy phonics and reading kit given to me for my 1st grader-to-be. She’s done kindergarten twice and seems to be falling behind. I think one on one is going to help her tremendously.

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  1. Amy, one of my favorite Bible teachers, Chuck Missler, said that the most important thing we Christians can do in order to not be deceived is know the Word and what it means. He called it Hermeneutical hygiene. I hear so many things today that sound plausible, but when I go to the Word, I find they are not true. Someone says something or takes a verse out of context and builds a doctrine. Great Poem, God Bless.

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  2. It’s scary, Amy. I’m sure you know how I feel about it through some of the posts I’ve written. All I can do is trust God who kept me from a path of destruction, to keep the ones He has given me, and I daily bombard them with doses of the word, let it sink there like a seed that God will water and cause to grow.

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  3. Praise the Lord, Amy. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Never changing, He is continually bringing His sheep into the fold. His kingdom is growing in ways we are not able to see. Through decades I have learned that when we see the power of the enemy so visible, we can be assured it is because our Lord is working. Praying for you and needs of those who have commented. Blessings as you encourage others.

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  4. I appreciate these thoughts though I do t have the same concern you do about “protecting” my child from them. My daughter is well-adjusted and loves God boldly while being exposed to all sorts of humans. Just as Jesus didn’t limit His exposure, we should be a light instead of being so concerned with how to explain things to our children, who don’t notice the things we do. Maybe that’s why Jesus said we must become like them to enter the Kingdom?

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  5. Good and thought provoking questions there, Amy. I am the mother of four and the grandmother of 14, and it is scary what all kids are exposed to these days, and the things that are being promoted in public schools from K-12. Innocent minds are being corrupted. So many children exposed to porn, handed internet devices they carry around in their pockets from which they can enter into a whole world of evil. I pray God intervenes to protect the children. We need revival.

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  6. You wrote so clearly what I am currently striggling with. I found you through another blogger, someone I have come to call my brother in Jesus Christ and very thankful to have found.

    I can’t help but acknowledge this as God at work. Bringing His people together. Thank you for allowing yourself to be His vessel.

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