The Pieces of Me Part 2


Like a jigsaw puzzle that takes much time.

So is the putting together of this heart of mine.

Because these fragments weren’t ever once fused.

They don’t know their point of origin, their path confused.


So off I went on my own little quest.

To get to know me, make my own nest.

On that journey I found out what not to do…

as drugs and alcohol only cause pain; they aren’t the glue.


Taken to the floor, to that bottom rung.

Realizing time is ticking, I’m no longer young.

Here is where the Master smiled upon me.

And where you find me in my life’s story.


Like a dream, a vision came to me this very night.

As the Lord showed me an awesome sight…

The pieces of me scattered on top of wavy water.

Scooped up into the arms of the Father.


One day I’ll make my nautical journey to that other shore.

Where I finally be me, broken and shattered no more.




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