Tell The Story Challenge

I was nominated this time y’all! By Stu. This is the photo he gave his nominees.



I have known knowledge, known good and evil.

I have witnessed the spirit of man in an upheaval.

One simple thing they were told not to do.

One request that could’ve changed the stars for me and you!

Leave me and my fruit alone and go on your way.

You humans want, what you want, come what may.

You had it all, communion with Him.

But that was severed from the result of your sin.

Facing his Creator he pointed to the wife.

“She is the cause of all of this strife!”

“The serpent in all his shinienes made me do it.” She replied.

Connection instantly cutoff, the bond on which they relied.

I watched them walk past me, heads hung down low,

Leaving the garden where milk and honey flow.

I often wonder if He put me here knowing they couldn’t resist

So he could see just how high He would be upon their list.

He is the Creator so I’m sure He knew all along

What it would take for Him to right their every wrong.

On a tree similar to me, he was hung and died that day

Bringing back that connection severed by man, He washed their sins away.

Here’s a little extra for you. I’ve always thought this was funny.


I’m opening this one up to anyone who just has to write and tell us what’s in the box? Or how it got there?








35 Replies to “Tell The Story Challenge”

                  1. It’s not a necessity to participate. I would like to see what you could do! But I’m not gonna be mad if you don’t participate. πŸ™‚

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                    1. I had planned on to, in fact I have a few nominations I’m tugging from last year. I’m just terrible at organizing myself! I’ve been doing better but still working at it. Last mother’s day my sister gave me a book that gives me a few words each day so that I can make short stories from there….I still have not used it! So please excuse my scattered brain 🧠! I will eventually get my life together 😁! πŸ‘

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  1. Because I’m going through Genesis right now, I am particularly drawn to this. Nicely done, Amy. A story of glory and of pain, of sin and hope and redemption. I’m thinking along similar lines for the other picture Stuart put up.

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      1. The other tree.
        We’re going over today to visit our friend who just got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Thank you for your prayers. We’re praying God speaks to and encourages his children (he has 10) to also visit. Don’t know or understand the family dynamics, (he’s a kind and gentle man), but God works in and through families.

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  2. Yaaay, you got a nomination. πŸ˜€

    Sorry, I have not been able to do mine, my husband and I are on a season of spending intentional time with God and it means I have to put my blogging aside for a bit. I’ll get to it soon.

    I don’t know how many times I’ll tell you this: your gift is amazing.

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