Requirements of a Grandmother


A grandmother’s heart has to be made big and grand.

So she can fit each little one in with room to expand.

A grandmother’s arms have to be made sturdy and strong.

So they can comfort and hug away every wrong.

A grandmother’s lap has to made readily available and clear.

So she has room for any who are needing to be near.

A grandmother’s mind has to be sharp and conscise.

So she can keep track of whose turn it is; who gets the next slice.

A grandmother’s prayer life has to be feverent, availing much.

So her little ones are covered with the Almighty’s touch.

A grandmother’s walk with God has to be consistent that never sways.

So her little ones will walk in her footsteps all of their days.


Written by Amy Blount Jan. 2019


42 Replies to “Requirements of a Grandmother”

  1. I absolutely love this! I was blessed with such a Grammy! I am very sorry that you weren’t ❤️
    If it weren’t for her love and faith (that she expressed even at times when I wanted hear her reject the Lord)I believe I would not be writing this to you right now ❤️
    Thank you, Amy! May you get a chance to be that Grammy that you didn’t get to have ❤️
    Love in Jesus!

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  2. This is amazing!
    I had a very distant relationship with my paternal grandmother, whom was called home a few years ago.
    My maternal grandmother has been in my life since I was a tiny one.
    This is frame worthy Amy, absolutely amazing! You are oh so talented with your words! Love it 🥰💕

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                  1. I’d have them available for purchase on Etsy. Make a sample and print it on card stock in a pretty color, take a picture and sell it. The ‘grandmother’ poem is absolutely amazing! I’m sure it’ll do well.
                    I buy my pictures for my families DIY shirts I make, for our Disney trips on Etsy and it’s send to me by pdf format – so easy.

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  3. This is especially appreciated by one who has been a grandmother three times.
    The next step is great grand parenting. I’ll have to put your post on my refrigerator in case I forget by then.

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    1. My mother in law is everything this poem says to my children. Even my daughter from a previous marriage never gets overlooked by her. I hope I can be a good grandmother when the time comes. How are you Kathy?

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      1. Aww, I am so glad you have such a warm blessing and role model.
        We are going through some rough patches in our neck of the woods: friends and relatives who may not be with us much longer; their and our health issues. We are “troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair,” as Paul says. 😊
        Thank you, dear friend.

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