Another Titleless Poem!


A snow storm may be in the forecast of your future days.

Icy cold stares, mean words coated within a frozen haze.

Can you weather it? Are you sure you can be strong?

To be hurt by someone you’ve loved for so long?

What about a torrential rain threatening to flood your streets?

Bills, past due coming down in heavy sheets,

pounding at your checkbook’s door, demanding your every dime.

Will there be enough money, will there be enough time?

What about when you hear the winds of change blowing into town?

Unexpected death, anxiety, fear, threatening to blow you down.

Will you be able to bend with the wind and not break?

Or will those winds blow strong pulling up your stake?

Do any of you think on these fears?

Entertain these thoughts Satan whispers in our ears?

Am I the only one who momentarily freezes in fright,

while the deciever has me in his sight?

Then as if snapping out of a trance, my head pops up!

Remembering, I know the Peacespeaker and He fills my cup.

His love can thaw any icy stare.

His mercy will teach words can be spoken with care.

Guiding us to cast our nets on the other side of the boat.

To show us that with Him, our finances can stay afloat.

He can say to the winds, “Peace, be still”

Erase doubt, anxiety and fear…not by our might but by His will.

I was sharing with another blogger Biblebloggergirl about how I asked you all for a title to a poem a while back. I thought I’d do it again. I have a few ideas for this one but would love to get your input. See if you see what I see in this little poem I put together. So comment what you think it should be titled and I’ll announce the winner (who wins absolutely nothing but a bit of notoriety) in a day or two.


42 Replies to “Another Titleless Poem!”

  1. I love how you address modern day issues in your poetry. These are things that we all go through at one time or another in our lives – things we need to turn over to God and be still and wait for his answers. As to titles – HELP ME, LORD 0r PEACE IN TRIBULATION?

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  2. “Winds of Change” seems to capture it all. This is my suggestion.

    Beautiful poem, Amy! It really speaks to my heart, and I am sure it does to others, too, for we all face “winds of change” from time to time which challenge our faith in Jesus Christ and which test it to see if it is genuine.

    I know I sometimes still feel afraid until my Lord reminds me of all his promises, and then I am at peace. Thank you so much for how you taught us to turn to our Lord during these times and to know his peace.

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  3. Beautiful poem with powerful imagery, Amy! You have such a way of capturing real life, raw emotions and flowing words! You already have so many awesome suggestions for a title written in the above comments. I can only add on to their ideas – The Peacespeaker

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    1. Thanks Melissa! And thanks for the compliment. May God bless you. Oh by the way my kindergartner knows 16 out of 47 sight words. So she’s getting there. She seems to be doing good and progressing alongside of her peers. I’ve even seen some work where she’s making words with her letters. (I know you know what that means)

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      1. Yes, yes, yes!!! I know exactly what you mean. She is making the connection between what the letter sounds like and how to form it to match up with what she is thinking/sounding out. So exciting! And what great news to hear about the 16 sight words she has mastered! Yay to both of you! Before long, she may be writing powerful poems just like you!

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  4. another great piece of writing Amy………you did such an amazing job putting into words what so many people worry and think about with such amazingly strong sentences and then give us hope through God. bless you.

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