Tell The Story Challenge

This is a repost I stumbled upon from 2019 I wrote about Halloween…

I’ve been nominated by John at The Eclectic Contrarian for this challenge. He wants a scary story but I just can’t. But I did see this creepy thing in the pictures given to me and I immediately thought of the yucky demons that prowl. So here’s my say-so on Halloween…

The Lizard Man from the swamps of sunny South Carolina! It’n he cute?? He’s real ya know….

—John the Eclectic Contrarian


Ghosts, goblins, glowing pumpkins shine bright

Spiders, skeletons, things that go bump in the night

One night you are given your reign

One night the masses go insane

Marching patio to doorstep bag in hand

Parents prodding, “Go get candy from the stranger’s hand.”

What do you tell a child as his candy shows up on the screen?

“We xray, honey because there are people so mean.”

Sweet little child dressed with white wings

But what about when they dress like these things?

Who gets the glory then?

We all know his name, Satan.

What if October 31 became a day all go to church?

Answers found, souls could call off their search

Instead of yelling Trick or Treat…

They could sing a new song to him who sits on heaven’s mercy seat!

My nominees:


Seeking Devine perspective

Jeff Rabb!!

Or anyone else who would like to join in

Here are the images I chose from the internet for my nominees. But if you want to use John’s images go right on ahead, you can find them here.

This gets the creative cells going and is just fun. What do you think the man on the train is saying to that woman long ago?? Hmm🤔

Nominate me again if you choose. It’s a pleasure to participate!


15 Replies to “Tell The Story Challenge”

      1. Great idea! Enjoy.
        We are having revival meetings, Th – Sun night. Tonight concludes. We have a friend of our pastor’s, from when he was a Bible teacher in India. We have many more in attendance than we had thought would come. And hearts are listening! 😊

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  1. I remember going trick or treating like 1-2 times when I was really little. But I wouldn’t go now days if someone paid me…. You just can’t trust people. It used to be harmless when I was a kid, but now they have changed it into something really dark…. I love your story!

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