Amy’s Great Escape World

Hi all. Life is good here. My husband is healing well. He got the stitches removed just today. He cannot pick up anything with his hand, yet. He can bend the fingers some. He cannot make a full fist, hard as he may try. And when he does try, he says he can feel the tendon move in his middle finger. Some of it fascinates him, while some of it is pure frustrating.

He is done taking the pain medication as of today and I’m glad. If you know my story, you know that I was an addict to pain medication twelve years ago. Each day around here, the fact there were pain pills in my house started to get under my nerves. See, I knew I would probably never walk in a bar in my life. I just know that. Along with chugging a bottle of this or that…not going to happen. I also always knew that a cigarette wouldn’t pass my lips ever again, as the eyes of my heart have been opened to the absurdity of smoking. I always felt the same about pain medication. If I can avoid major injury, surgery or whatever, I could avoid pain medication. But I forgot to take into account, what if someone in my home needed them?

Many of you may take them as needed. Many of you may have them in your cupboard right now. But here, no way, no thanks. Until a couple weeks ago.

He asked me to go pick up his prescription. To ask the old Amy to do such a thing was crazy because she would either beg you for some of them or she would steal them from you. The new me (thank God) didn’t think like that when asked…but I did still wonder if he checked the bottle when I brought it to him to make sure I didn’t take any of them. Old habit of worrying if people trust you or not. Comes with the territory, I would guess.

A couple days into it, there was a thought…what would it be like to take one? Say what??!! The thought came and it went quickly, but it left me rattled. I thought I was above this kind of thinking. Better wording would be I thought I was past that.

At the end of the day, it’s simple temptation and none of us are exempt from it. What makes me the new me and not the old me is that God provides a way of escape and I trusted Him and I’m all good.

On with the good stuff of life…we took the girls to the zoo. We took our time and read about the animals, which was nice. The other times we went when they were younger was more like a race…where I chased them around for two hours.
Too grown up to sit on the turtle. Time flies
Isn’t she beautiful? God is such an awesome artist
I’ve been wanting to share this afghan I made for our pastor. If you’re interested in making it Google Nordic stripes Afghan.
Just finished this one for a friend…google The Study of Texture afghan.
Wolly worm caterpillar…the wider the band of red in the middle of their “fur” the milder the winter. His name is Bozzy and he lived in a pencil case on our porch for an hour before his great escape…Hey! God even provides a way of escape for creepy crawlies!

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  1. Amy, thanks for the update on your husband (I’m praying for his continuing recovery), the photos, and your testimony regarding your recent temptation. Praise, God! Yes, He does provide a way of escape.

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