Amy’s Lonely World

Aren’t I pathetic? Lol. My two kiddos went to church camp for the next 4 nights. What torture it is for the parent. As much as we parents long for a break, we forget that that break comes with a price. Four nights away from my children. Ah sweet relief….so you think. But to have them 2 hrs away can be hard for a mama. All the things that could happen roll through my big imagination.

Luckily they live stream the morning and evening service so can get a glimpse of them. Makes it easier.

We will be going to Branson, Missouri this weekend. We will compete among 75 other teams at a national level for our bible quizzing team. I’ll try to blog our progress and the sights and sounds of the land of Missouri.

I learned something yesterday from my ever so wise mother in law that I’d like to share with you.

She said the bible speaks of baring one another’s burdens. We were talking about how God has been helping me to remove myself from listening to other’s problems. When I say that, I mean in a daily aspect. Having someone or a couple someones, texting or talking to me about their lives, their burdens. Recently, I put myself in a situation where I ended up hearing way too much of a friend’s life, daily. This friend does not call on the Lord and doesn’t really know how. She doesn’t seek His face. I got bogged down over time of hearing these things but not really seeing any results in her situations. She wasn’t seeking advice either, but I’d give anyway.

I have been in the set of mind that I’m to help others. Sometimes at the cost of my family. Spending time saturating myself on the phone or whatever to help other individuals. I’m a fixer as one mentor always called me. I didn’t see anything wrong with that…until this recent friendship.

Back to my mother in law. She says, “You know where it says in the Bible that we should bare one another’s burdens? I don’t think it means to have to hear other’s burdens daily. We aren’t meant to have to listen to their daily minor life struggles. I think it means that we have a Christian duty to help those in real need. A family without food. A person needing a ride.”

Y’all, this statement took a weight off my shoulders! Growing up like I did, where I was the parent and my mom was the child, made me a confused child and adult. It’s called becoming parentified and it is hard on a child. The roles are reversed and the child grows up parenting anyone around them.

Lastly, I will be doing some revamping to my blog over the coming months. I will be slowly taking down posts of my childhood and adulthood struggles. As I do, I’ll repost each one before I take them down for a last chance to read them. Comments aren’t really necessary but if you just can’t contain yourself in a positive manner, then bring ’em on!

One of the latest throws I made for a friend. Gave it to her on the 4th of July.
Bernat blanket yarn makes a beautiful throw, if you’re willing to use a huge needle. It’s a workout on the hands.

24 Replies to “Amy’s Lonely World”

  1. I can’t contain myself. 😉 You know I can’t.
    I totally agree with your mother-in-law’s thoughts. I have a friend like that. Once the friend has insinuated herself into several minutes or hours of one’s day(s), how does one gracefully exit? I get that we are to carry out the Lord’s work as He brings people to us; and that He lets us know when that work must cease or change. At this point, I think the course of action is to gently lay the awful truth on the line and let God handle the response.
    FOUR days! Milk this, baby. This is tiny little training to let go with the full peace of knowing they are in God’s wonderful hands. Peace, my Amy.
    Love the throws.

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    1. Well thanks Kathy. I am certainly trying to see this as a break and a reminder if what’s to come when they become functioning adults. As I intend and pray they will become. Still so quiet here.

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  2. From experience I can ditto what your mother in law said. My daughter says I have this sign on my forehead, “tell me your troubles”. I had to learn who to let tell, that sign on my forehead is only for those who will heed my biblical advice. On some a good listen is enough, maybe even a second time. But if they come to me with the same story over and over, third time I will be asking them why they did not heed the advice I gave them. Listen again…advice them to trust the Lord. If they come one more time with same theme I will be telling them not to come again. some want to just unload and unload and unload and unload, they really do not want help. We cannot carry their burden, only the Lord can. One thing I have learned, the devil and the flesh also brings people to us. Not all come from from the Lord. I had to create a box to listen in, a box the Lord can set for you. When it’s out of that box I know its not of Him. When Jesus said, come unto me all you who are weary and troubled He did not mean, come unto Betty or Amy or whoever. One way to stop that is on the second time, just say, let me pray for you. I have had women get mad when I shut them down with prayer. Save your Godly advice for those who will listen and do.

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  3. Love the Afghans but love your mom in laws wise words!! I’ve been you, Amy, and I agree with everything she said!!
    Can’t wait to read your updates on Branson!!

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  4. Amy, I understand. Though the kids do not stay with me when they go to camp I’m like lost. No communication except for before bedtime is a killer for me. And both of mine trip over their own feet so I am always worried something will happen.

    Enjoy the quite time. It will not last long.

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