Oftentimes we are looking for something to fulfill a need or a want. We humans are so good at fixating on something and going after it. Whether it be a medal for a sport, an award for an accomplishment, an atta boy for a good deed….the list goes on.

For many it’s about material things. A new car, new house, the newest clothes or newest technology. The usual mental talk is usually the same for everyone…”If only I had that house, then life will start.” “If only I had that job, then I’d be getting somewhere.”

I posted a story about a man who had a near death experience where he came out of his body and stood over it. He described as demons from hell were trying to pull him down, which they thought would be easy since the man had always been an atheist. At that moment a warm light fills his space and grabs him away from the evil ones and nurtures him.

He is shown his life almost like on a big screen in front of him. He is now surrounded by angels and he can feel what they feel. One of his meetings with a student shows up on the “screen”. His lack of sincerity to the student causes him to feel disappointment in the hearts of these beings or angels that are holding him up showing him his life. When his achievement in a shotput competition is brought up, he feels indifference from the angels. There are no positive or negative feelings. What he thought was significant in his life did not seem to matter. One night, when he was younger living at home, is shown on the screen; he sees his sister in her room very upset. He goes to her and wraps his arms around her. Then he feels warmth and love coming from the angels.

What if we went about our daily lives, the best we can, remembering this? Have you really grasped the idea, the thought, that what God wants from us is love? Our love for Him, yes of course. But love one to another as well. It is the golden rule after all.

I know how simple this is. How universal and almost antique it may sound. But if you put that aside, you’re left with the realization of it. Less time chasing things, dreams, and plans and more time just simply being there for others. Loving them. Reminding yourself daily of God looking upon you as you make that choice. Will you serve self or will you serve others?

Coming from a family that did not show love or express it, I can say that this concept isn’t something that comes easy to mind. Think of those “out there” raised in similar and even harder circumstances. Every man for himself is the motto these days. You do you and I’ll do me, is another. And don’t forget, it is what it is. These sayings come from hardship. These sayings are ingrained into society. On t-shirts. On memes being pumped through all the social media outlets.

If only we could all experience what that man experienced with the angels. And for the sake of argument, let’s say he didn’t have the experience. Let’s say he was hallucinating or the brain’s response to trauma came up with his story. Even if… is still such a good take away.

I feel this revelation or thought has been the missing part to something God has been speaking to me about. I know we are all learning new. Always changing and growing. But since I read that story, my heart asks me, “Did that thought come from love?” “Is this a way to show someone love?”

Hold the door for the next person coming into the store. Even if they have a foul look on their face. Even if they don’t say thank you, I bet God is saying thank you. Put the grocery cart back in it’s little parking lot house. Shake a hand or two at church, even when no one is coming your way to shake yours. Let the lady with 2 items go ahead of your loaded cart, even if she’s the lady that comes in every week and talks to herself.

Love is action. It is NOT being a doormat. Boundaries can be put on love. You can show love in ways I mentioned without being taken advantage of. There are many people that see your action of love and try to monopolize on it. They think if you’re willing to do this or that for them then they can cash in on your generosity. Just remember, the Bible speaks of getting wisdom by asking for wisdom. As Him, He will guide you and protect you.


16 Replies to “Love”

  1. Oh girl, can you hear me clapping all the way over here? 👏🏼 👏🏼 I am also amen-ing! Well-said! I totally agree! LOVE is so powerful! You have inspired me to write a post about my own journey in this!

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  2. Yes, yes, YES! I’m reminded of that little quote God gave me a couple of months ago: “It’s not about me. You will do Your work in me as I do Your work in serving others.”
    What I didn’t tie into it was the LOVE aspect! We do His work BECAUSE we love Him (and we love Him because He first loved us 1 John 4.19). He does His work in us BECAUSE He loves us. His work in us is HIS LOVE.
    Love it! 😁

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  3. I like your everyday examples of ways to show love, such as in the grocery store. I have a few that were part of my New Year’s resolution one year, not wanting something vague like “be more thoughtful of others.” I needed something tangible that I could know whether or not I had done it. So I have a policy that when I go to the store I never take the closest parking spot, and I never take the last of an item off the shelf. Someone after me might need it more than I do. When parking, I keep an eye out for someone unloading their cart, so when I walk by I can offer to take it back in. I almost always get a smile in return. 😉

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    1. That’s cool! Do you have an Aldi that you go to? Where you have to out a quarter on the cart to use it? I’m the woman who never has the quarter and am always hopeful there will be someone nice as you that will leave their quarter for the next person!

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