Your Say

Where are You tonight?

As the world’s not seeming right

While the bullies come out to play

Innocent people becoming their prey

Do You see them, what they’re doin’?

As cities lay in ash and ruin

How do we get away from all that?

When the problem always sits where it’s always sat

I see a wide river of prayers in the sky

Making their way to You, The Most High

Across your desk the petitions make their way

To get their answers and hear Your say

So where are You tonight?

While the brothers and the father fight

Peering over the edges of Heaven is where You’re at

Clutching Your heart, begging them, please don’t do that


6 Replies to “Your Say”

  1. Amy, your poems always get straight to the heart! That is the question many have been asking for centuries, ions even, through their struggles and pain. I love your answer. “He’s right there peering over the edges of heaven, clutching His heart, begging please don’t do that.” And whispering a prayer, “There’s a better way. And the price is paid in full.”
    Love love this one! 💜💕 🌙 💫 🌟 👶✝️

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