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Hi-ya! All is well here. The kittens are thriving. They’re supposed to live in a roomy cage in the barn, but most of the time they’re hanging by the door. Along with mama cat and our old lady cat named Tiger, the front door has become a pretty happening place. The girls are in kitty love. While my mama mouth is going throughout the day like this…”These cats are driving me crazy! They’re going to cost too much to feed.! Put that cat back outside right this minute…awe wait let me see it. Look at that face, awe. Ok ok get it outside.”

Our Bible Quiz team got first place the last 2 tournaments. Kind of a big deal for us since we weren’t always that good. We have the state finals in June to determine if we get a spot at Nationals. They’ve been learning the book of Mark. Tonight the preacher took his text from Mark and I could see the little kids along with the older kids quoting word for word as the preacher read the text. As this is going on, I can see the parents smiling looking around to the other quiz families to see if this same thing was happening with their children. So cute…but more than that. God’s word is being hidden in their hearts. Another quiz mom shared with me the other day, we quiz because what if our children find themselves without a Bible? That day could be coming sooner than we ever thought.

The last thing I want to share with you is about witnessing and working with those who are without God. I’ve been recently and purposely working with a family to help them find their way to God. My intention was that they would see our lives and how blessed we are that it would cause them to run to Jesus. I’ve tried and tried but to no avail.

My question to you is this; how do we know when to hang up the towel and move on to someone else? I mean, if you’re not given a flat out, “No I’m not interested in Jesus now leave me alone” response but rather a vague response that keeps you wondering if they’re really hearing you out. How do you know when to cut your losses and move on?

Surely I don’t mean to cut off communication, but to quit pouring into them what they seem to be rejecting.

I got my hopes up in the situation and have felt crushed that it doesn’t seem to matter to them about eternity matters. It’s so easy to get angry and walk away from them. To say, Geez, don’t you get it by now? But that is not the way of witnessing.

I’ve learned and need to remind the children constantly that they are memorizing the very word of God. That this God’s victory not ours.
We made 42 Mother’s Day Corsages for a fundraiser. We sold them for $15 a piece and raised a good amount of money.
I’m working on a sample blanket. But then I put it down for a while because…
I learned corner to corner crochet and simply cannot put it down.
Twin Donald kittens. One is Donald’s and one is from the nursing mother.
The one on your right is named peanut butter…lol
This is Mugly. Reminds me of Silvester the cartoon cat
We call this one Little Callie named after her mama, Callie. But could be a boy
See what I mean? Hard to stay angry for kittens being underfoot when they’re doing cute stuff…

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  1. Cuuuuuute kitties!
    Your reminder about memorizing the very Word of God for the victory of God is right on. It’s for His glory, and the memorizers get the blessing. (And yes, I wholly agree that we never know if/when we will no longer have access to our Bibles.)
    That reminder also goes, I think, for your work with the family. It’s for God and His purposes. If God led you to do this, He will guide you to continue or to end it. He does not wish us to give that which is holy to dogs, or to cast our pearls before swine (Mt 7.6). It’s hard not to let our expectations play into our decisions. As you pray, God will let you know.
    I love your updates, my Amy! Thank you!!! 😍

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  2. Congratulations on the Bible Quiz tournament winning. Memorizing scripture is a challenge, but not impossible. Maybe not so much with young ones. Their brains are like a sponge or computer. Once you’ve read verses, they’re tucked inside the depths of their soul…. inscribed on their heart. Faith comes by hearing… so they’re not only reading and memorizing, they’re hearing it as well, and you’re right, who knows if they’ll no longer allow the Bible here in our country. In China many churches have gone underground. They memorize chunks of the Bible at a time so they’ll never forget it. You can take the book away but not the Word. It is hidden in their heart.

    As far as your last topic, at least you tried to witness to them the love of Jesus and how their eternal destiny was a matter of great importance, to them as well as to you. That goes on your account (your treasure laid up in heaven). I am not gifted as an evangelist, but I did try my very best with my mom over the phone, and she turned cold on me and said if she wanted to go to hell, that’s her business and then handed the phone to my dad, who proceeded to tell me not to talk to her about that subject, and that was that. I tried with my son, and there was no convincing him. As far as he’s concerned, it’s a book of fairy tales. So, I let it go, and surrendered them both to the Lord. God knows what’s best for them. My mom has since passed away at 96 a few years back, but whether she recieved the Lord when that day came, only God knows… I pray every day that someday my son will understand and gain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He and his family. I hope I’m still alive when that happens. Anyway, thank you for sharing your stories. God bless. ❤🙏

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  3. Well thank you for your kind words and for sharing your story. Breaks my heart about your mom. My mom was alot like that but I’m not so sure about toward the end of her life. She may have softened some. I’ve always felt God in my life. I’ve never questioned his existance. Even when I was far away from bound by drugs. Many nights I would be driving drunk begging Him to get me home safely and I would promise to give my life to Him. But so many times I didn’t hold that promise. I guess with that in mind, it’s hard for me to comprehend that there many out there that believe he’s ficticious. It’s hard to fathom. Thank you as always for reading and commenting

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