Looking For Hope

This photo was taken by Ryan Callahan of Pike’s Peak of the Rockies.

Tragedy struck our town today.

Never did we see it coming our way.

Sirens screaming out their cry.

As hundreds of responders whizz by.


Innocent lives hanging by a thread.

As revenge settles in, faces turn red.

How could this happen? Who’s to blame?

Fingers pointing, anger boiling in the flames.


What do we do? How do we recover?

When we peel back the layers, what will we discover?

How does humanity explain itself after these hainous acts?

What is it that mankind lacks?


Tragedy struck our town today.

On a beautiful afternoon in the month of May.

Many heads will bow asking for strength to cope…

Looking for answers, looking for hope.


Lord, I have one request, one demand…

Forgive us of our sins and heal our land.

90bac073660c090bbdee5d288dc4532d.jpgI had half of this written when I read that was another shooting in Colorado by fellow Blogger Ryan Callahan’s home. Just 15 mins away from where his own children attend school. Here’s what he wrote about it yesterday…


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