Whew! But It’s Worth It

Happy Mother’s Day to you mama’s out there in blogger land! You know, for me, Mother’s Day was always a dreaded holiday growing up. Many spent without my mom beside me for the fact that she had an addiction to tend to.

When I became a mother, it took on a new meaning. Getting a card, or a gift handmade just made me feel so special. Even already this past couple days my two little ones were whispering in the other room excited about giving me their gifts. I’m glad I can be there for them. I’m glad my oldest was able to help me some on a huge project I took on. And I thought I’d share it with you.

My middle daughter is on our Bible Quiz team. She has around 170 verses memorized. This has taken many months of work on her part. We are having a bake sale and we made corsages for the women at our church to raise funds to pay to keep our kids quizzing. Getting the word of God in their hearts is worth every dime spent. I had 30 corsage orders! They are fresh flowers, so they had to be done in one day so they wouldn’t die before. Fyi…it takes 10 hrs to make 30 corsages! And I’m grateful for my good friend Mandy who came help me finish them up. Thank you Mandy! I so enjoyed my time with you.  So while our kids were quizzing at their meet today, we were hammering away. I have to admit it was fun! Here are some pics of a few different ones we did.







This one is for our Pastor’s wife. It’s made to be long and go up the shoulder a bit. What do you think?
Ever wondered how many corsages can fit in your fridge?
She got 2 second place ribbons for herself today! Look at her face…makes 10 hrs of work worth it!

61 Replies to “Whew! But It’s Worth It”

  1. Look like you’ve been busy! I love the corsages! I’ve seen so many the past 24 hours.😂 I just got done shooting another wedding and it seemed like the corsages were everywhere!😂 You did a awesome job tho! I hope you have a fantastic Mother’s day!💕

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day! Beautiful daughter and corsages 💕. And I’m sure your bake goods were delicious 😋. Second place is amazing! While that I can be a child again to soak up so much 💕.

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  3. Beautiful corsages! Great job! Oh, I did Bible quizzing when I was a teenager, and I loved it! I was not quick, though. My sister usually beat me because her brain worked much faster than mine. I have always been slow on the draw. But, I loved learning the scriptures and participating on a team with Bible quizzers, and those verses I learned when I was young have stayed with me. Congratulations to your daughter for her hard work. Learning those scriptures will help her much in life.

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