No, Not You

The fiery darts I’ve watched come your way, leaves me astounded.

How do you get knocked down so much but yet stay so grounded…

in God? Never once did you turn your back on Him.

While your heart would break, your light of faith would not dim.


If anyone I knew had a right to point and blame, it was you.

Crumble to the floor, lay in pity and stew.

But, not you.

No, not you.


And yet here you are again, blindsided, shocked and hurt.

But anger, hopelessness somehow you’re able to avert!


If anyone I knew had a right to throw up their fists, it was you.

Jaw set, ready to rumble, letting anger brew.

But, not you.

No, not you.


And if I asked you how do you do it, I know what you’d say…

“If I don’t keep my eyes on His love, I also will lose my way”





32 Replies to “No, Not You”

      1. You’re welcome Amy! I’m doing pretty good all things considered. No, God allowed all this to happen and He will see me through to the other side. Things will get better in a few months. Thanks for all your support and prayers!

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        1. The woman I wrote this about has been through it all. Lost one of her 3 sons in a car accident. You know about her other son as I asked for prayer for him. She lost her first grandson at 4 yrs old. She also raised her 3 sons financially for many years. Gid saw her through. And He still is seeing her through. He is seeing you through as well! God bless you

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    1. Thanks! I enjoyed yours today as well. I’ve been down the road you wrote about.
      I lost twins at 30 weeks with twin to twin transfusion. Love to read a post about that and about twins and the different types inuterine

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