In Me!


My oh my have you been busy today.

Throwing everything you could think of my way.

When you weren’t whispering your lies in my ear.

You were telling me false stories raising my blood pressure with fear.


Chaos here, pandemonium there.

You never even gave me time to sit in my chair.

Like dominoes falling, so are the issues landing on my plate.

No worries, for I know it’s you who did orchestrate…


These problems to distract me, to hide me away.

From the revival going on around me. Pardon me if I may…

But I see you with the eyes in the back of my head.

Forever looming behind me, trying to get ahead.


I don’t have to listen to a single lie from your fiery lips.

For from the fountain of youth is where I take my sips.

The Spirit that raised Christ dwells in me. In me!

And with it, I’ve been given authority!


You old goat, you toad

Time to flush you down the commode!

Whatever is bound on earth, is bound in heaven above.

I bind you Satan. There’s no room for you for my heart is filled with Christ’s love!





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