From Within


Am I the only one out there that feels like she doesn’t belong?

Everywhere you go, all that you meet, you just feel wrong.

Feel like the real you just gets overlooked or looked down on?

All because of the Rock you continually choose to stand upon.


Ever feel like you’re a square peg in this round world?

All laughing at you as you’re being hurled…

away from them because you don’t belong?

Can I be real? And show you where our thinking is wrong?


We are not meant to fit but rather stand out.

So when they look at us there should be no doubt.

That we’ve been transformed; no longer conformed to all that evil and sin.

But rather they should look our way and always see His love shining from within.



29 Replies to “From Within”

  1. Argh! Growing up, I always felt like I made some surface friends, but I just knew, deep down, that they wouldn’t like me if they really knew me. Of course, that’s true in a sense. In my flesh dwells no good thing, and who would like that?? Then God. He changes everything! 😊

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      1. I’ve thought about it but nothing ‘philosophical’ came to me, of course. I’ve been reading Exodus this past week and only this morning did I notice something that I had read a few times: the specifications for the altar was a square. That surely caught my attention, and then I searched for square references in the entire Bible and you can only imagine: the city, the New Jerusalem, is a square. We are really square pegs in this round world, as square altars burning as living sacrifices that really don’t fit in this round world, but soon God will fit us in that Square city, the New Jerusalem. Isn’t this amazing. I think it is. Thank you, Amy.

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  2. Exactly, why I get forced to leave all the churches out there. Because I’m extraordinary and they are just average, although they come up with all kinds of bogus reasons of why you must move on, of course in order to make you look stupid and not them.

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    1. Thanks. And thanks for reading. Some days it’s hard to remember we dont fit in this world. Like on our jobs and in the community. But somehow we must stand out and show them Christ. This is what I’m working on,…

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