Hanging on the precipice of something new.

Waiting, wondering just what will You do!

He who began a good work is faithful to complete it…I always heard.

I can’t wait to see the completion of your word!

Like a train full speed ahead with no breaks

is the unstoppable work Your doing, high are the stakes.

I must be strong and not run away.

No longer do I want a life of dismay.

I wonder with eyes so big just what will you do.

To make my life and heart no longer askew.

So Lord, I give you my life, I throw in the towel this day.

As I no longer wanna do any of it my way.

Your thoughts and Your ways are carefully planned.

On You and Your principles must I stand.

Hanging on the precipice now doesn’t sound so bad.

As I know your promises are permanent, ironclad.

Philippians 1-6 God Began A Good Work black.jpg


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