Purple Rose


Lift your weary head dear Purple Rose.

Breathe in the sights and smells through your nose.

Smell the freedom God always provides.

A way of escape, a place for you to run and hide.

To the strong tower, your lighthouse on a hill.

Whose arms are open while saying, “Know and be still”

Life can roll us over, chew us up and spit us out.

But through it all we’re instructed to continually praise Him and shout…

Victory ahead! Victory ahead!

Praise Him my friend, and He will lift you head.



18 Replies to “Purple Rose”

  1. Wow, Amy! Very sweet! 😊

    Purple Rose truly came up with a beautiful name that has a lot of meaning. It was nice to see it take on a poem form. I wish everyone knew how unique it is to her, her story I think can truly touch a lot of people. We can’t always tell happy stories (some of us are still trying to find ours), but we can help one another through the not so happy chapters of our lives. 💜

    God bless, Sister Amy!

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    1. Thanks. I wrote that specifically for her to help her ve encouraged. It amazes me that I found so many nice friends on wordpress. Her story unfolding means alot to me. And you’re such a wonderful supportive daughter. You two are blessed to have that relationship!

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