Good Gifts

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Been told you’re not good enough for so long

Shaking your head, kicking yourself each time you’re wrong

You’re your own worst critic is what they always say

Thinking they’ve got the cure to your years and years of dismay

No long talks, no jokes and no stupid little meme…

No one liners, no short story can ever fix your low self esteem

You think you’re broken, you think you’re odd

But I can assure you that’s not how you look to God.

And maybe He can’t change what’s been done, what’s been said

But He can change you, eradicate those nasty thoughts in your head

He will robe you in humble confidence, as you soar in His love

Shaping you, changing you, showing you that every good gift comes from above!




16 Replies to “Good Gifts”

  1. I am not sure about God not seeing me as odd. I am odd for a reason. God just may want this particular odd duck to reach the odd ducks of the world. I embrace my oddness.

    Actually, I liked this post. Very good.

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