Dear Loved One

Another repost y’all. Hard to get inspired when your head is full of a cold. 🤒 This one gets to the heart of the matter concerning those we love who struggle with drugs/addiction.

Dear Loved One, Where you going? Where to will you run? Haven’t you noticed the Devil has you yet again undone? He tells you the same lies, his whispers now a holler. Shouting to you that the drugs will make the problems smaller. When you look in the mirror loved one, what do you see? […]

via Dear Loved One — A New Life


17 Replies to “Dear Loved One”

            1. Man I read the 55 comments on your OSAS post. I wanted to put my 2 cents in but got nervous.

              I agree with you totally that we have to carry that cross daily. 2 things. The one woman said jesus died only once so we need to be saved and forgiven once or something like that. But we’re not jesus… 2. Acts 2:38 says it best because it says “repent” repenting means to ask for forgiveness and turn away from. To do a 180 and really try. Idk…been long night of coughing and I kept thinking about all 55 comments!

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