It Is I

I hear your footsteps three steps behind me. You’re always there taunting and haunting.

I turn my head just the slightest to catch a glimpse of you out of the corner of my eye. For if I can see you, I could defeat you, or so I think.

I could slow down and let you catch…but it’s your final e.brace that scares me.

I can hear the clickety clack of your movie projector, running its familiar reel.

“Not this one again. Oh, how you know me so well. This will cause me to hide under the afghan, peeking through the holes.”

Run, I tell myself, from Fear and his re-runs of horror stories he forces me to hear, to see, to remember.

Now my feet are paddling in thin air, for Someone has plucked me up as a mother cat carries her kitten to safety!

I’m lifted up and set down upon a high, sturdy rock. “My child you have forgotten that it is I who will run for you. It is I that will fight for you. It is I that will hear for you, see for you and remember for you. Stay upon this Rock and you will be safe.” Says, the Lord.




9 Replies to “It Is I”

  1. Such a wonderful reminder that it is God who fights our battles. I don’t think we can even fathom His love for us! Always reaching for us, always there for us. “Eye hath not seen, not ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him” 1 Cor 2:9

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