How Does He Do It?


How does He do it? Giving and taking away?

Does He point to the left and say “Michael, I want you to pick your best guys and go down there and get those demons of addiction off my child’s back!”

How does He do it? Bring peace to a heart and give a brand new start.

“Gabriel, I need you to swoop in gently and speak to my child. When you do, I will send a new peace in her heart.”

How does He do it? Put a broken family back together again.

“Here take this balm. Rub it over the entire family that they be reminded of love and healing. Fill in the cracks and make the rough edges smooth again.”

Do you ever wonder How He does it? Does He even need the angels to deliver peace, healing, and freedom? Does He simply think it and it is so?

Ever wonder if he has an office with golden walls; where he sits behind a desk made of the finest marble and pearl. Filing and shuffling prayers. Stacking the answered ones in this bin and putting others in the “not my will” in  another pile.

How often do we put Him in the box of our imagination like I did here today? As we try to see Him through human eyes, maybe we limit Him sometimes. I think His power and His essence are above and beyond what our human imaginations can come up with. If we can remind ourselves of that more often, then we have a chance at a larger faith in Him than we could ever imagine! Let’s not box God in, for when we do, we limit our faith in him. Have a great weekend.


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