Our Battle Cry

Do you hide in the trenches, sunken down low? Are your ever searching eyes darting to and fro?

Watching, waiting for just the right moment to steal the show. Running onto the battlefield with your ancient weapons, yelling behind you to your allies, “It’s a go!”

“Anxiety you go left! Depression go right and freeze them in their tracks! I’ll go down the middle and frighten them until we see their backs!”

“Go, go, go! Hit ’em where it hurts! Relieve them of their happiness and shock ’em with every curse!”

I wonder if you see where you’re headed, do you see what’s in your path? Look up and see your tactics have brought down God’s mighty wrath.

Fear, are your feet getting tired as you try to slog your way towards me? Jesus’ blood flows around you and will bring me to victory!

Run in retreat depression, anxiety and fear, I am finally free. For because I have Jesus you can no longer beguile me.

See my flag waving valiantly, my standard raised high? When you come in like a flood, you will always hear my battle cry.


Daily Word Prompt: Beguile


11 Replies to “Our Battle Cry”

  1. “For because I have Jesus you can longer beguile me.”

    What I believe you mean by that is awesome, but I think you mean “no” longer beguile me.

    The poem was great! Keep fighting the good fight of faith. I am cheering you on.

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      1. You are welcome!! 🙂

        I thought you would want to know. I have done that before, and I know that if I did that I would want someone to tell me. For, leaving out “no” can totally change the meaning of the sentence. But, by your sentence structure, it was pretty obvious what the intended meaning was, and by the subject matter of your poem, too, so I don’t think there was any mistaking of your meaning whatsoever. So, that is a good thing.

        It is hard being our own proofreaders, sometimes. The Lord helps me catch much in the writings he gives me, for sometimes my fingers go faster than my brain or vice versa. 🙂

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