Where is Your Treasure?

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Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. This scripture has been swirling around my brain the last couple days. Maybe I’ll do a poem. But nope! Nada, zilch. I’ve got nothing for ya. I do believe my new job and a few other new responsibilities have zapped some of my creativity. Where words and ideas would flow, now trickle and are forced to light. But my desire to write is still there. I’ve got many drafts but they have no ending. So today you get my ramblings…For I must write!

Back to the scripture. I think it means where you spend your money, your time, your efforts the most-is where your heart is. This is where you find your passions, your desires.

Have you seen them? Those that put everything they have into fitness, working out. They’ve got the latest smoothie recipes, newest workout clothes. Their talk is like another language as they speak of micro-nutrients, reps/sets, pecks and my favorite, triceps. I was this person for a short stint last year, until I found out I’m old and my body simply can’t keep up. I have accepted I’m 44 (I know, I know I’m not old) but my get up and go has gone got up and left! Can I get an amen in the house? I do still try but in a more reasonable manner.

How about the brand name only, gotta go to the mall every weekend, moms whose kids have every hair in place and million dollar clothing on their bodies…that they grow out of anyhow. What about them? They’re being such good mommies as they visit the library for every scheduled display and craft. And aren’t they the greatest for spending 300$ for a birthday party for their child? I tried to be one of these kind of moms…nope, can’t do it. Simply can’t do it. I came to learn it creates a want for more inside of my child that I won’t be able to control down the road…I do try to keep every hair in place though.

What about those who give everything they have to their job? I watched someone go down this road and it wasn’t pretty. This individual would show up early every shift. And stay late. He would learn the ins and outs to every facet in the company. He moved up the ladder quickly. But what ultimately happened was he woke years down the road and realized he wasn’t appreciated, and felt invisible to his employers. Once he climbed up as high as he could, he was then held down by their proverbial thumb. He took a pay cut and found a different company to work for and has a new outlook on how to be an effective employee without giving his right arm to do so…this was my husband and I’m proud of him for changing jobs. It was a big step for him. The kids and I enjoy a happier man in our home these days!

Yes I know, you’re thinking these scenarios are a balance issue. That we have to balance out our time. To have enough to go around. Yes that’s so true and I’m learning it firsthand these days. But what about your treasure? Your everything. Your deep down, so important to you, worth more than anything, treasure? What is it? Money? Acceptance? Material things-the latest and the greatest? Time?

Now that I’ve had some time and opportunity to rid myself of weights of my past…I’m learning that my love for God, my time with Him, my work in His kingdom is where my treasure should always be. AND I want to pass that desire to my children.

How about you? Can you relate? Do you find it hard to keep your focus on the real treasure freely within your grasp? Have you had similar life experiences where you’ve had to let up and prioritize?



15 Replies to “Where is Your Treasure?”

  1. Wow, Amy. You went pretty deep for just “ramblings.”
    God gives us these verses for good reason. There’s a lot to ruminate over with this one, both introspective and looking at those we love. When the question is asked, and then dissected, sometimes the answer is sobering.
    I always want my answer to be God, setting my mind and heart on things above. It’s not always so, but yes, we strive.

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    1. With this scripture swirling I’ve been walking around in a haze watching others, listening as well. Overwhelming in a way to see so many led by something so insignificant. I love you my Kathy! I pray you are well and enjoying life. Keeping busy?

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      1. Not as busy as you, my dear! 😊 Sometimes I think I have too much time on my hands, and I’m not a good spark plug when I’m alone. But, God leads me along, and I carry His joy with me always. I love you, too! ❤

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  2. I like your ramblings! You’ve got a lot of good thoughts here!
    Yes, if the kingdom of God is first place, the other stuff will fall into place or fall off the map, depending on where God decides it should go.
    Keep up the good work!
    Keep walking with Jesus!
    He will keep giving you the words to write at the times He wants you to write! 🙂

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