Shutting Doors & Opening Windows

20180507_133241.jpgYesterday I wrote to you about trauma and the affects it leaves on us all. I talked about our minds and how we can end up entertaining thoughts of worry and being in a state of fear of the unknown because of the trauma we have faced. I ended with us to wait on the Lord, which is always the best course of action.

Today I’m reminded of a scripture that speaks clearly for itself. “Casting downs imaginations and every high thing that exhaulteth itself against the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” II Corinthians 10:5. It’s saying we have the power to take our thoughts or thoughts whispered to us by the deceiver, and do with them what we should. Cast them down.

For so many of us, we entertain in our minds way too much. Think of what you thought of just today. Sure most will sit and think about what they need to do. Some will think on others and what they need to do! Sit in judgment of others. Think of our greatest fears, like mine with the airplanes crashing. Think of things we did years ago that have no place in our lives anymore. These are thoughts that aren’t in line with the obedience of Christ, right?

And while it is human to have these thoughts and fears and judgements, it is also possible to take them into captivity, getting a hold of them and tossing them out like yesterday’s trash. Possible doesn’t mean easy. But possible does mean doable, with some practice.

I was talking with my five year old recently about her temper and how she’s going to have to try to not get so angry and she says…”I’ll throw that in the trash. There I threw it away, it’s gone” I kid you not! I didn’t teach her that. But she’s right, it can be that simple.

When we get to those places in our minds, we can stop and quote II Corinthians 10:5. We can change the direction that our minds are going. We can visualize a door shutting. Or throw it away. I’ve even heard of someone looking at the whole of it in their minds and imagining the worry getting smaller and smaller until it’s a teeny, tiny pin prick. Is it voodoo? Certainly not, in my opinion. I feel it’s taking those thoughts that don’t line up to God’s will and casting them down.

What I’m learning though is that it’s learned with obedience and recognition. It takes time. I’ve been thinking a certain undisciplined way for so long that it’s not going to change over night. But I’m hopeful of a future where I can have peace of mind from God with a little bit help.

We can close the door on unwanted thoughts and we can open windows to let in some good around us. Reading the Word, prayer, work, hobbies, or just slowing down and looking around us, are ways to open windows and let some fresh air in our clutter, busy, overactive minds.  Here’s what I found today in my yard when I took a look around! Spring has sprung! Thank you Jesus.





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