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Hi all. My gallbladder has been successfully removed! I went in a week ago Thursday. I wish I had another amazing story with the doctor praying for me but I don’t.

The bottom line of my blog has always been things I’ve learned from life’s lessons. That, ultimately, I want to always consistantly share with you all about how I am learning and changing; seeing God’s hand.

Being “put under” is a frightening experience up until they put the stuff in your IV to relax you before being wheeled into the operating room. Coming out of it was really hard for me. I came to in quite a bit of pain and extremely nauseated. A sweet nurse was there and helped me for a few hours coming out of it. I begged her to tell me if I did or said anything incriminating but she kept saying I behaved.

For lessons learned?

#1 If there ever is a next time I have to be operated on, I want to know what’s all going in the IV and what could possibly go in.

#2 What some may consider a piece of cake type surgery may have had time to forget the actual events of their own experience because as time fades, so does the memory of physical pain.

#3 I found out who cares about me enough to check on me, bring me flowers, help me dress.

One thing that kept ringing through my mind the day of the surgery and for the days of recovery, is those who have cancer or chronic serious illness. How do they do it? Repeated operations, needles, pain, mysterious “a little something to help you relax” being given to them through IVs. How can anyone deal with that? How could a child with cancer and on going treatments deal with that? The nervousness of it. The waiting. The recovery. The pain. The questions and worries that go unanswered.

Imagine those that endure that….without God. How does that work?

I have no answers on any of that. So maybe a lesson wasn’t learned there but a compassion was given and sparked inside of me.

We are off to Tennessee for Thanksgiving. I’ll try to get some pics out for you. I’m curious to see the mountains this time of the year.

Homeschool is good and Bible quizzing is underway. We have some great people involved and overseeing it. I’m excited for another year of it. The kids are memorizing Proverbs.

I’m still writing my memoir. I’m about 20,000 words in. I find myself avoiding it most days. I’m aware it’s there and I know what to write, so I don’t feel that hurry to get it wrote down before forgetting it. Lol…

2 weeks ago, across the street. Beautiful!
Afghan I’m working on using only colors that leaves can be
Hubby got a deer last weekend.
Peanut butter fudge! Comment for this easy recipe

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    1. Thanks Bruce! I’m with you on your post of being tired of the happenings of this world by the way…
      Pb fudge
      2 cups white
      2 cups brown sugar
      1 cup evaporated milk
      18oz peanut butter
      Put 1st 3 things in a sauce pan and bring to a good rolling boil. Remove from heat, mix in peanut butter. Pour into a buttered/ greased 9×13 chill, cut and serve


  1. I’m embarrassed I totally missed when your surgery was!! But I’m so happy and thankful all is well for you!

    That Afghan is so pretty! I’m making an Afghan for my granddaughter right now. Just rolled up a ball of yarn to add to what is done and found a big snag in the yarn 😬

    Nice deer!! I’m assuming you’ll have it processed! I like deer meat!

    And those girls of yours 🥰 My grandma use to make the best peanut butter fudge!
    Enjoy Tennessee, sweetie!
    God Bless! ~Beth

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  2. I went through eight surgeries in the last two years and am now recovered. It was humbling and caused me to release my worries to the Lord. It also caused me to have much more appreciation for those who go into the medical profession and made me more aware of others dealing with medical conditions. And yes, I am much more aware of what goes in that IV before surgery — good advice.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading. I cannot imagine eight surgeries. I am glad you are recovered. I lived my life so incredibly blessed to not have medical problems. I know of a young woman with metastatic breast cancer. I pray so often for her as it is some battle she is in.

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  3. So glad you’re done with the surgery & hopefully feeling much better! ❤

    Great pics.. love the afghan! I'm an avid crocheter & knitter whose favorite season is fall, so I was drawn to it.

    Regarding writing your memoir.. I've done this myself & can tell you.. as hard as it is to write, it's going to be well worth it. You'll come out stronger & feeling validated. Somehow seeing your experiences in writing in your own words does those things. Just remember to take frequent breaks from it & practice good self care, if you don't mind some unasked for advice. ❤

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    1. Of course I don’t mind! Thanks so much. I’m trying to listen to God and just simply write it but the planner in me gets to over thinking it. How will I have it published? Who will be best? Who is my targeted audience? Yada yada yada. Then I get overwhelmed and run the opposite direction from it. Lol


  4. I am so happy for you about the gallbladder removal! I know that pain and it’s a nightmare! So yay! We are also in TN for Thanksgiving to spend it with my parents. I’m glad to enjoy the trees and colder weather! TX is getting cooler but not like TN. so this feels really nice and makes Thanksgivings feels more like Christmas is right around the corner! I hope y’all have safe travels and a blessed holiday!

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  5. I am relieved that your surgery went well. I had four surgeries under general anesthesia from 2017-2019, an I don’t like the anesthesia part at all. Or the pain after. I’m praying you don’t have to have any more surgeries.

    That fudge looks good. Unfortunately, I am allergic to peanuts, so I won’t be making any.

    Sending ((HUGS)) and love from New Mexico. ❤

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      1. “J” is doing amazingly well. I saw her yesterday for about an hour. She is allowed one day off per month to return to her home and pick up supplies for herself and her crew. She actually looks younger and healthier than she did when we last saw her, on October 21.

        I hope she writes a book about this experience. She has told me some fascinating stories about her experiences so far. I am amazed at what the Lord is doing in her life!

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  6. Glad you are okay! Praying you heal quickly from the surgery. It’s been 7 months now since I had my gallbladder removed. So glad I had that done. It’s so good to not have that pain anymore. Happy Thanksgiving! Blessings!

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      1. I was a little sore for a couple weeks. The first week I was moving slow and I slept sitting up just slightly reclined in my recliner. I couldn’t lay down, so that helped a lot. It was like being in the hospital bed. I didn’t really have too much pain. I never filled the prescription for pain pills. I’m allergic to NSAIDS, so I never even took anything for pain. I haven’t used any pain meds for 10 years, not even Tylenol. It was just sore and tender. Just be careful. Don’t lift anything and be careful doing simple things like putting on your shoes. Even cooking and lifting pans can hurt, so definitely get help with cooking, at least the first week or two. Go easy with bending movements. By the 3rd week I was feeling pretty good. I was actually surprised how fast the recovery was. The more time goes on, you will be so glad that bad gallbladder is gone. It’s so nice not having those pain attacks from the stones anymore.

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  7. Hi My Amy,
    I’m stealing your PB fudge recipe. I’m assuming, in the recipe you gave Bruce, that the first ingredient is white sugar. 😁
    Yay hubby on the — 6-point? Way to stock that freezer, and congratulations!
    Cool idea on the leaf-color-only afghan.

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