The Lifter Up of Mine Head

Your head is hanging down so low

Don’t even pause to see your reflection anymore

Once your eyes shined and sparkled so bright

Now it seems you live in perpetual night

That dark rainy cloud follows you closely above

Draining you of all happiness and love

Do you listen to those lies being whispered in your ear…?

Through steely lips, lies chatted with a sneer

Don’t you know that we are all flawed?

Our mistakes often leaving us appalled

I know you ran and hid in times before

With your tail between your legs, behind the door…

of your heart, you kept us all away

And with each new mistake, you’d run out of things to say…

Dear friend, I’ve come to share some news

Of a Savior Whose mercy each day, renews

Dead beloved, He sees where you’ve come short

Give Him the mess and let Him sort…

out the things that don’t belong

Put your money on Him, you can’t bet wrong

He is the God of light, the King of kings

He is the Creator of all things

Don’t listen to those empty lies anymore

Don’t you hide behind your heart’s closed door

Lift your head, beloved friend

Put your eyes on the Knower of the beginning and end

Take His hand and hold on tight

I guarantee He will get you through this night


17 Replies to “The Lifter Up of Mine Head”

      1. I thought about you a lot during my week in Pennsylvania visiting fami!y. Like I told you, after reading about your modest way of dressing, not wearing pants, etc, that is how I dressed the entire time that I was gone. It felt right! Even when all the other females were wearing pants. I felt more feminine, too, which was nice.

        I still wear jeans or shorts inside our house, but only my husband sees that. I need to buy more casual dresses and skirts before I can get rid of my jeans completely. It will happen! Thanks again, dear Amy.

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        1. How wonderful to hear!! It does help you feel more like a feminine woman. It also ensures less of others looking at your body, which is your husband’s and no one else’s. Wow Pennsylvania! Never been there

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