Where Will You Be?

back-view-blonde-caucasian-female-260nw-649142758.jpgAt work standing behind a machine pushing that same old button?

Floating on a raft in a lake not a care in mind?

Sleeping off last night in a foreign bed, clarity miles away?

Flipping aimlessly through channels of make-believe.

Leaning over a mirror, straw to your nose?

Where will you be?

On a hillside, palm to your forehead shielding your eyes, looking upward expectantly?

Hands lifted in adoration for the Most High, in one accord with those around you?

Sharing God in a grocery line?

Where will you be when He comes riding on a cloud, shining like the sun at the trumpet’s call?


Will you be ready? Do you ever just wonder where you will be? Where your children will be? What will you be doing?

Inspired by the song Days of Elijah

Watch “Robin Mark – Days of Elijah (Lyric Video)” on YouTube



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