My Post Picks Oct 6th

wp-1531230537036..jpgHowdy y’all. Let’s get right to it. Read Jeff Rabs Fighting Goliaths and learn how to get back up when life knocks you down. Once you’re feeling better from that read his Carl, The Species Confused Cat...this is a hilarious read of Jeff’s love/hate relationship with Carl. Although, I doubt Jeff will ever admit to the love part!

Stu wrote about Things Left Unsaid last Sunday. He shares his heart in true Stu fashion. It is something we can all relate. This is a good read.

Oooh and don’t skip reading Alethea’s post Swaying Perspective! Make sure sure the insides of your sunglasses have mirrors in them while you read it. (You gotta read it to understand what that means) So good. Also check out her The Real Enemy bet you can’t guess who that is!

Jess at Still I Rise shares This Is What It’s Like To Love An Addict title says it all. And it hits home.

Daily Thankful addresses the craze over negative news and how we don’t have to get wrapped up in it titled Uncommon Sense

MomlifewithChairi is the place to go next and read Ana’s post on Being Thankful 

Kathy Wire writes What God Does Not Command/Ask/Suggest shows all good things come from above.

The Words We Speak by Bruce will touch your heart and remind us all the words we speak can impact in a positive way or in a negative way.

Today the Eclectic Contrarian wrote Poetic Flow 3.0  check it out. He says it doesn’t always happen but when he’s given the words to write for a poem it flows from God. Pray he keeps flowing in poetry because it’s helpful and touching.


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        1. Yes I thought so too. Can’t write something like that without experiencing it. Something I’ve been learning lately…the old saying takes one to know one. She had to love an addict to know those feelings. I feel like it takes an addict or a once before addict to know another addict. To truly understand what they’re up against

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