Who First Loved Them


Hey friends I know this one is a bit dark but I felt like telling the Devil off today!

Who do you think you are screaming lies into our children’s faces? Is it because you hate yourself, that you try to tell them to hate themselves?

You chose to fall. You chose to disobey the Almighty. Not happy with your circumstances? Is that why you propel the innocent to obey you?

Desperate, misunderstood children. Lost in a world where they can’t find their way out; you go and drag them into your alley of deceit.

You lie to them, make them think they are accepted and loved for the first time. You make your ways tantalizing, dripping with fun.

And once you get them trapped in your web, you leave them to fend for themselves.

Now spiraling, shameful haters of themselves; they can’t crawl up and out thanks to you…you miserable lout.

But you know what? We have a fix for your doings. We have a Way out of no way!

You may want to cower, you may want to flea, because He is the beginning and He is the end of you!

He will pull our children from the fire. He will pick them up, dust off their weary souls, and stand them upon the Rock. He will teach them to fight for their lives, fight for their sanity, He will show them how to love themselves by loving Him who first loved them.

So ya best be gettin on your way now…!


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