Bloggers Support Bloggers Award

wp-1533318535350..jpg Thank you Valerie Cullers  for nominating me for this challenge. It’s a wonderful way to brag on others and help get their blogs out there.

Thank the one who has tagged you for this challenge and link their blogsite.           2.  Add the official photo in you page.  3. List at least five bloggers you like.                    (Suggestion: You can list up to 3 bloggers that you’ve known for a long time and up to 2 newbies or more. It’s up to you though!)  4.  In 5 sentences or above, give a short description about why you  love this blogger.  5. Tag at least 3 bloggers to do the challenge. 6. Put #bloggerssupportbloggers in the Tags section so whenever a blogger is looking for new blogs to read, it will be easier to find.

My favorite bloggers will also be my nominees, although I’m sure a few of them don’t usually do awards and challenges…but to me this about bragging on my favs.

Kathy Wire has an awesome blog of encouragement. She is the author of a book titled “Maggie Tiggles” which I’m currently reading, but slowly because I have an addiction to blogging! Lol. Kathy writes wonderfully, but she’s also a great follower on wordpress, as she’s always sincerely reading other’s stuff and commenting always in a positive, encouraging way.

Matt at Jesusluvsall has a blog where he talks on his unique job of teaching English to foreigners entering our country. He gives us a new perspective into the hearts of those persecuted in their home countries. He writes on what they’ve been through and their triumphs in changing their lives.

Joe Vogan is one I always look forward to because he is photographer and he shares his work. He is currently taking pictures of churches, mostly old ones and writes a paragraph or two on it’s origin. Not the churches that could be considered cathedrals, but churches that may be on your city block or stuck in a corn field somewhere. I enjoy how he captures the sun above the church in some photos. It’s a nice break in my day when he sends out his daily post. He  has some awesome photos of animals and overseas adventures he has taken on his blog as well.

Julie Peters holds nothing back as she recounts her years of raising her children, holding a marriage together and facing childhood memories…and then comes down with an illness that causes major brain surgeries and side effects. She will cause you to laugh sometimes and she will certainly show you every fish she’s caught, but she will never ask for your pity, only your attention so that she may put a nugget of truth into your life drawing from her experiences.

Miss Hope is a blogger with a mission in mind. She carefully chooses her words, her sketches/paintings and her experiences. She has taken this year and has named it the the year of hope. She has been blogging awhile. She has alluded to what’s happened in her past but now has taken the plunge to give details of past mistakes, choices she made and choices of others. She is eloquent in her choice of how and who is included in her story as to not hurt loved ones. Her sole purpose is help others and to glorify God through her experiences.

Many didn’t get included because I have their posts saved for my upcoming favorite Post picks. Here’s a couple others though, you may wanna check out.

Linda at Amazing God Stories

Laura Bon

Wally Fry




15 Replies to “Bloggers Support Bloggers Award”

  1. Dear, thoughtful, generous Amy; thank you for the time and thought you put into this post. As God has so obviously called you into this blogging world, it is good for you to spend time in it. It seems you do wisely. I thank God that He included me in your world.

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