Grandma’s Words


My dear granddaughter, don’t forget me. Let the sound of my laughter ring in your ears. May you hear it in your own child’s voice. Look for me in your hands, for one day you will see my hands on your arms. Don’t let it bother you as you age, but rather identify with me as you see my traits in you.

My dear grandchild, remember I did things my way. I followed Him the way I was taught. Don’t fret and wonder over where I’m going, but rather remember where I’ve been. On your mother’s sofa holding and rocking you as a babe. Remember my good heart and my caring ways. Remember my years spent building our family to what is today. Never forget child, that families are messy at times. It doesn’t mean they’re doomed, just human.

Sweet child, remember my ways, my strength and determination. You see a grandmother when you look at my photos, but remember I was a child once-a daydreaming young lady once-an overwhelmed mother once-and a devoted wife once. I’ve lived a full and complete life, dear one. I know you’re sad; especially since you didn’t get your last goodbye. But I’m always there in your memory, in your sounds, your sights, and smells.

You have many, many years ahead of you. You are half the age I was when I passed away last month. Half to go. Not half done.

My parting words of wisdom for you is to do things the way you know is right. Spread that onto your husband and children. This is how you carry me on. Follow Him the best you were taught and know is right. And I’ll see you soon my dear granddaughter.


Published by

Amy Blount

I'm a stay at home wife and mother of 3. My oldest is 23 who lives at home because she is a delight and is autistic. My other 2 are in elementary school. They are all 3 girls. Raising an autistic daughter isn't the same as raising ones without. So it's like starting anew with some things. I will partly write about this. I have overcome many addictions with the only Savior Jesus for 8yrs. I will also write partly on addiction and how I see it and overcame it. I believe you will find my musings encouraging, helpful and sometimes a bit funny since I tend to be someone who holds nothing back. The purpose of my blog at first was to use it as an outlet, a way to get things out of mind and onto paper. But it has turned into a place I can go to encourage others with a short story, poem or to simply talk and try to relate. I just started blogging a month ago (April 2018) I wish I would've done it sooner! I promise to never try to sell you anything but Jesus' love. Be patient as this site may take on a few changes as I try to find my place in it and where I want it to go. I have many ideas swirling...stick around! Thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Grandma’s Words”

  1. Just beautiful, Amy! Comforting words to my grieving heart. My grandmother left a beautiful legacy, one I pray I can pass on as beautifully as she did. Her strength and love for others was like no other. Thank you my dear friend for caring for others like you do. You are a precious, rare jewel!

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