Until That Day

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Bible says nothing new under the sun.

Can’t help to wonder, what about this one?

Boys allowed to call themselves girls.

Grow their hair out into long, soft curls.


Girls shaving their faces with their dads…

Fathers patting their heads as if they’re lads.

How do I explain this to my child?

This world has gone absolutely wild.


People storming the courthouses with opinionated signs.

Thinking it’s ok to go against all of  God’s designs.

Taking a life into their own hands.

Before that life has a chance to make it’s own demands.


The days of were Noah were more evil than these.

Not much longer of God’s wrath can we appease.

I imagine God on his horse, trump to His lips.

Minutes away from the sound of apocalypse.


But until that day how do we cope with all that’s around?

On every side there is trouble that surrounds.

How do we keep us and ours from being ensnared,

From the lies and confusion, how will we keep them spared?





4 Replies to “Until That Day”

  1. Thanks, Amy. This “transgender identity” confusion is bad and getting worse. I was checking out at the grocery a couple of days ago and the clerk was an older teenage boy trying to pass himself off as a girl, badly attempting to imitate a high-pitched female voice among other things.

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