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Always doin’ the right thing

How they love make fun as you sing

Always stickin’ to your word

How they snicker and call you absurd

Always standin’ up to heed the call

As they sit back and wait for you to fall

Always runnin’ to the aid of the hurt

While they figure a way to steal your shirt

You see, your standin’, your stickin’ and your doin’…

Makes them angry and want to see your ruin

But after so much, you wonder why is it this way?

Because evil has always fought good since that fallen day

Chin up dear helper and friend

For into the battle, yes He did send…

You and your good ways to always remind others

That on this earth, we should always be brothers

So keep doin’ what’s right, always show them the truth

Keep stickin’ to your word with wisdom and cooth

Keep runnin’ to always help the hurt and the lost

Keep doin’ the right thing no matter the cost

For God your Father always awaits the day you bring them along

To Heaven to join the choir’s eternal song

A challenge for you reader. I find the word always to be a way to make things worse. It can also make things or the way we see things better. Your challenge, along with mine, is to see how much you use always in your day talk. And when you do ask yourself, “Am I using always to magnify the negative or the positive?”


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